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Working Knowledge

Working Knowledge


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This show covers workplace and business management issues in a way that helps you put the fun and function back into your workday so you can get through it! Targeted at both business leaders and their teams, Working Knowledge Radio Show highlights best practices for dealing with people and process in the workplace. The show also incorporates work-life balance tips, since how well we're doing personally also impacts our behavior in the workplace.

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Locals in Dallas, TX are buzzing about this young crooner who mixes R&B with contemporary gospel to make an inspirational message that's not just for church folk. Guest Artist Moodini of Sonar Records will be joining us to share how and... more

Do you dream of opening your own business, but wonder how you can get started ? Guests Karlton and Katherine Knowles of Church Plates delivered meals will be on the show talking about their innovative strategy for turning hot... more

I know our episode titles lately have been asking a lot of questions, but this one most all of us can relate to at some point in our lives. We're talking about numbness. Challenges at home, work, with our sense of purpose or with our... more

Ever wonder about the effects of the web on human intellectual growth and development? Join us this episode as we explore the impact this technology has on both smarts and wisdom. Learn ways to keep your brain strong while... more

OMG, IDK! (Translation - Oh My Gosh, I Don't Know). But my best guess is "Yes, "it's definitely having an impact on the value and use of clear, audience-friendly communication. This episode will cover how various forms of Short Messaging is... more

Last week, we covered organizing your space. This week we'll talk about organizing your mind to increase effectiveness while maintaining peacefulness. We'll explore alternatives to using common self-criticisms such as "I'm a mess,"... more

Do you find yourself constantly looking for lost things? Is frustration piling up with the items on your "to-do" because you can't find what you need when you finally have time to do them? This episode will share several helpful tips and tools you... more

It's so much easier for some to criticize another's big dream, than to dream big themselves - ever notice that? It's enough to scare dreamers into hiding. This episode will encourage you to trust in your dreams in the face of criticism and... more

Remember growing up in school, you always marveled at the people with the best grades and best all-around performance only to find that as adults they may not be doing all the great things you assumed their intelligence would... more

Ever feel like the definition of good manners is subjective in these modern times? Do you frequently think, "they'd better be glad I'm ___ or I'd really give that rude person a piece of my mind!" Well, you are not alone. There have been recent... more
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