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Finding a job is hard work. But there's a job for you. The ideal job for you. Believe in yourself. Wrap yourself in hope. Move forward in faith. Do not stagnate. Work daily. Behind you is what was. Presently is what is, ahead is what you... more

Money matters always. When you are jobless money matters even more. You can relieve yourself of worries if you organize your money matters. Plan and gain the knowledge you need to organize your money matters. Gain and use the... more

I wish for you and yours absolutely nothing but the best holiday season. And if you are doing job search go in peace, be safe, and prosperous.

The handyman can. The Handyman can always find work. Identify your skills. Gather your tools. Solicit customers. Place a Bid. Do the work. Get paid. Leave a call back number. Happy holidays. Believe it. Achieve it.

Have you set priorities for your job goals? You do know priorities are important. A lack of priorities could keep you jobless too long. Do you want a job, or do you want money? These are two totally different animals. Decide which is... more

Tis the season of giving gifts. Those who have less cash on hand this season will make purchases, only if the price is right. Those who are of an entrepreneur spirit can buy or prepare gifts this season and sell at low prices. This is a great... more

Republican Policians run amuck are coming to a theater near you soon. They will get you. They want what they want. Nothing less. If you are not living in that 2%, watch out! President Obama put the plan on the table. Extend unemployment... more

The holiday season is upon us. It's Christmas time. Here in America, this is the biggest event of the year. Holidays are carried in the hearts of Americans. Those not so good holidays stays with us throughout adulthood. Make this holiday... more

The republicans voted no, against a tax cut today. Do you hear them now. The tax cut for people earning 250,000.00 and less was voted down. You know that republican word, no. They are proud of and have been using it more and more... more

Recognize there is always room for improvement. Improve yourself to enhance your opportunity for getting hired. Getting the job you want sooner rather than later. Self improvement is a continued must in life. What improvement have you... more
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