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You need a job? Think Job Creation: Self-employment or 9 to 5. You have two options: 1) Prepare you to be hired. Create a job for you. Get out there and go business to business asking for the job you want. Show the business owner you... more

22days left to find work. Decide the location where you want to work. Find out the title of the job you want to be hired to do. Switching occupations will add more work to your schedule, but now is the time to go for what you want.... more

Federal Railroad Administration is hiring. (thanks DD) Listeners, You are in the right place to claim job success; follow the instructions; research, plan and follow through; and... more

Start right here, right now, claim a job, get a job. Are you ready to work? Then plan, plan, plan. Research, research, research, research. Focus, focus, focus. Read and follow instructions; Research labor market to find jobs available and... more

Tomorrow night, President Obama will give the will give the State of the Union Address. We will hear the plans for jobs again. Last year we heard the plans for jobs. But guess what. Republicans have continued to say they will do... more

30 days to Get A Job starts January 25th. Listen in at 11:30AM CST. Listen to my archived files before then and get fired up and ready to go. 1)Dealing with Setbacks; 2)Goals and Career Choices; 3) Read and Follow Instructions; 4)... more

What is your job plan? Where there is no plan, the rates of failure are heightened. Today is 1-6-2011. No plan? Guess what? You do have a plan. Your Plan is to fail. You end each day with the results of your daily efforts. Oh ye of... more

2011 Job Creation is in the hands of entrepreneurs. Bealeader says this is an OK thing. We'll show corporate America entrepreneurs can create jobs in 2011. Entrepreneurs can energize the economy. No brag, just fact. I'm Bealeader @... more

There is enough value in something you do well. And you can get paid to do it. Job search is the way to find someone to pay you to work. If you have been looking more than 30 days there is need to change what you are doing. It is... more

What you know you are good at doing, place value on that, and get paid to do it. People generally are good at doing what they have a passion for. What's your area of passion? If you had all the money you need, you would do this... more
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