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Consumerism and Investing. Which is better? Depends on who you ask. Which one are you? One does not exist without the other. You can be both. Really you should do both or neither. Whether you are on a fixed income, working class, a... more

Today is another opportunity to change your work for life. Start today with a new attitude. How you live your days is reflected at the end of your every day. Attitude that supports your thoughts rules your days. Bring what you desire to your... more

Invest in you. Increase your money for the future. You need money for the best future possible. The more money you earn, the less money you have? You spend money. You save money. You hide money. You gamble your money. You loan... more

Thank You Notes are noticed. A note at the right time might get you a second interview. A note might encourage a second look at your application. Ask at your local employment office if you could mail out thank you notes using... more

5:30PM CDT: Blake talks how to invest and increase your money. Learn to invest in yourself. Politicians are passing laws on your future. Politicians look out for #1. You should too. Change your social security to financial security. Tax payers... more

Theme song available ... Read the newspaper classified section .....Post your job search on blogs.... Leave job search message on business voicemails..... Call businesses and ask for a job ..... Visit businesses... more

You supply the job search discipline, and I'll provide the information and resources. Click here for list of top 100 Military Friendly Employers. Military skills to civilian jobs can be found at . Visit your... more

You are the boss now. Your job is to find a job. You have to perform well. Meet all the objectives. Be sure everyone involved are doing their parts. That dream job will be the result of you working at going to work. Are you working at going to... more

Every listener, every host, who reads this, Tell other listeners if you know a company whose hiring. OK. 5-11-2011 40 RN's VA medical center, Houston Houston, VA medical center Nursing managers 70,000.00

Get hired if you are willing to job search and willing to ask for job leads. Ask. Get to know people who might have connections in the work you want to be in. Ask. You need as many job leads as you know people. The more people you... more
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