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Job Search is a self-help matter Your every effort to find work is very, very important to your country. January 2009, the month when President Obama was sworn in, we saw the largest layoffs in one month than ever before in... more

Work for Life is what you want to seek. Find the work that you are passionate about and the rewards are more than a paycheck. Doing work you are passionate about keeps on giving, even when you are in between paychecks. Doing... more

Calling all consumers. Your expertise is missing throughout America. Find the will to do your shopping thing, please. You will see the results and you will be proud of yourself. This fiscal year ends 8-31-2011. Give a major boost to... more

Life today is what you can expect in life tomorrow. Make a commitment today to your future, or else. Your future takes money, whether you have money or not. It is therefore to your advantage, starting today to learn how to make your... more

Newly unemployed? It can be devastating, Financially, emotionally, socially, physically, and yes there can be a spiritual devastation for some. Why you, right? Know now, this is not about you. Blame US greed. Start today by... more

Tell me how you spend your day. I will tell you who you are. You are what you do daily. Believe this or not believe this. Keep it up and see what happens. Keep on doing what you always did. And Keep on getting what you always got. Author... more

Consumerism, is not a bad thing. To the person who is addicted, money to shop is the cure. Blake shows you how to obtain money to indulge in spending. Then you can shop til you drop. Turn your spending into a charitible mission. Shop,... more

Finding a job is and is not like working on a job. You must decide to search every day. You must choose priorities that keep you engaged in job search. Your chose of appropriate dress is up to you. You get to choose whether great customer... more

Do you have a plan to work the rest of your life, or do you have a work for life plan than will make you a millionaire? I know talking to others about your dreams and goals can be a little uncomfortable. And when your dreams include being a... more

Joblessness is tied to politics. That said, Go get hired, or get left behind. You have to stand up and fight now. Go and ask for a job. Sitting home at the computer is not enough. Get hired and start working harder, and smarter than... more
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