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An Economic Boom and You Can't Get a Job? Ask Yourself Why Not

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur



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US Stock markets are doing better than ever before in the history of tracking. The companies have enough money to put every American who want a job, on a job. Consumers are spending the money, otherwise companies wouldn't be increased their profit margin levels. We still have too many millions of Americans jobless. We have people for the first time in America that need to work and they don't think they will be hired. And guess what, they are not being hired. I blame the individual who remains unemployed. I know no one can take a job, but everyone can do the job search thing until these managers are worn down and they will begin to hire the applicants to stop the traffic. Right now job search traffic is on line and file 13 is nothing more than a click away every day.

You have to depend on human contact if you want to sell a product, your skills. Do you think companies reach such high profit levels by doing everything on line? No way. Managers, CEOs, are out there hustling getting to know the competition and finding out what to do different to get a bigger share of the market. Yes some is online but also on phones, at events, at places of business, you name it.

The job you want is yours but you have to do everything possible to gain that job. If all you do is online and then you sit and wait, you are allowing an economic boom to pass you buy. The money to hire you is in a bank account right now drawing interest likely in another country. Convience someone you can do some things they will be most pleased with and you'll get hired. We're in an economic boom and you can't get a job! Ask yourself why not. Then make some changes in your daily job search plan.