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Every Monday we are live. Send job seekers you know to listen to The WFL Show for Job opportunities and Job Search material. The place and time to advance careers. There is nothing than man can't do. Email: The right Attitude, Abilities, Attire and Actions gets you hired in less than 30days. Buy my theme song, Get A Job. The CD is by The Silhouletts for $23 Visit

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What is Job Corps? Job corps is a government training program to help 16 to 24 year olds improve their lives. On today's show I hope to give enough young people information about improving the life they have made up to this day. It is not too late to build a better future for yourself and for those who care about you or for those who actually depend on you. Decide today to start your career and get the help you need. Job corp is an income based government program. 1. Read the "what is job corps link. 2.Call and get the started. 3. Call in on show day and share the good news about enrolling or to get information about choosing a career.
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Starting your own business while working is the best thing a working class citizen can do. We all know a few more things today, than we knew a decade ago. One thing we know is nothing is guaranteed. Another thing we know is the average... more

Have you worked worked most of your adult life. Have you ever been without work for more than a few weeks at a time. Are you a real go getter when on the job or are you not? Likely you proved yourself on your last job. You knew what... more

Every sign of a good economy is sprouting up all around for all to see. If you are not feeling it, it's you. Being stuck is a rut is what's happening for most job seekers. You've given up on getting hired. The motions possibly is still in your... more

Keep doing what you do daily and continue to end every day like the day before. Job search has to be a job if you expect to ever have money to spend for the wants you have in life.Keep doing little or no job search daily, and you can be... more

What every your desires, it all comes down to you. How you handle your desires is about you. Whatever you desire today, once you prepare for it, and once you begin to live out loud your desires, your desire becomes reality. Prepare for your... more

Whatever your desires when it comes to your chosen work for life, you have to be prepared if it is to materialize. Being prepared in Attitude, Attire, Applications, Appearance, Abilities, and Communication that matches your goals. Doing these... more

Welcome veterans and friends and family of veterans. The Work for Life Show will spend 4 weeks helping veterans prepare to get hired. Our next 4 shows are our way of thanking you for your services to this country. Well trained experienced... more

We got jobs America. Get one in less than 30days. Here's a bakers's dozen job search techniques you can use. 1.Register with your local government employment office and use the many services there for job seekers. 2.Make... more

Today's show addresses job opportunities in any city America. We're going to look at jobs in our cities that impacts our lives daily. Places that impacts our lives daily are the places you want to be sure you do not leave out of your job search.... more

We need jobs. You need a job now. Get the ball rolling. Ask every politician, "Where are the Jobs". They make laws. They are paid to make laws. Politicians have to job to keep US with jobs. Politicians need to be forced to defend... more
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