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Not looking? It's not that you are not looking, you don't have the money? It's not just the money, but you can't spend what you have to be told NO? So it comes to you are not looking? How long did you look for work? How many places did you look for work each day? What was your process in finding a place to try and get hired? How long have you been unemployed? If you want a job in 30 days, I can help you make this happen. Did you drop out of high school and have been asked for your diploma and you never returned? I can help you get the GED. Do you feel you need some training and then you would be more employable? I can help you make this happen. Think about the training you could have had in this time you have been jobless. Let me help you out. If you want to got to work in 30 days, I can help you make this happen. If you want to first get a GED in 6 weeks and then find a job in 30 days, I can help you make this happen. If you want to get some short term training, and you don't know what, and you don't have any money, I can help you make this happen.
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The first job we get we usually are around 18years old. We go out looking and we take the first job offered. We work on that job until we are laid off, fired, or the business shuts done. Again we do the same thing, and again and again. This is... more

There is jobs in them thar buildings America. Everywhere you look, there are jobs. Our inability to get one has to do with our desires. Whatever we desire, truely desire, we obtain. If you desire to not be told NO, you make that a reality by... more

The job you want or the job you need is within reach. If you are newly unemployed chances are you haven't been beat down yet, and this is a good place to start today, now. If you are long term unemployed, chances are... more

Your job is to get a job. I want you to let me be your partner. You have to Ask, until you are heard. You have to be bold and Seek the job you desire. You have to prepare and Knock on doors to get the job you desire. Everything short of... more

What's your excuse for not having a job? A bad economy? No skills? No money for jobsearch? No transportation? No one is hiring? No one will hire you because you have too much education? America is in an economic boom.... more

Today is the 260th day of the American Economic Boom. If you don't believe in economic booms, ask somebody. If you don't know what an economic boom is, you better ask somebody. How about asking your elected official? Profit... more

America is in an economic boom. The economy is strong, very strong. Companies have money to invest and the profit from investments are bringing in lots of return on every dollar. People have money to spend and many are spending. If... more

Take these steps to finance and support your job search. Make job search as easy for you as possible. Whatever bill you know you can't pay, you want to contact the creditor and discuss deferring payment while unemployed. Having... more

Learn the importance of using a master application. A master application is important to job search. Using a master application results in turning in a great application every time. A great application increases hiring opportunities. You... more

I am somebody. You are somebody. We are the people of this wonderful land of opportunity, America. We are fighing unnecessary fights and the time to unite is now. We are too busy being political to grieve the deaths of Americans... more
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