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Every Monday we are live. Send job seekers you know to listen to The WFL Show for Job opportunities and Job Search material. www.blogtalkradio.com/workforlife. The place and time to advance careers. There is nothing than man can't do. Email: wfl@workforlife.net. twitter.com@workforlifebea The right Attitude, Abilities, Attire and Actions gets you hired in less than 30days. Buy my theme song, Get A Job. The CD is by The Silhouletts for $23 Visit getajob58@aol.com

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Learn what you need to do to get hired. If your biggest concern is no one is hiring, stop saying no one is hiring. This is not true. If you think you can, or if you think you cannot, you are right. These are the words of Henry Ford~the first successful maker of the automobile. Aren't you glad he kept trying. Stop thinking no one is interested in hiring you. Stop thinking your ideas for a business or for an invention will never work. Everything we experience today once was but a though in the mind of someone. You either want it or you do not want it. You either want it bad enough to make it happen or you do not want it bad enough to make it happen. Contact me and express your concerns with me and with others. It is time to make your dreams reality. Explore my archive files and find the help you need. The better life you seek begins with you reaching out and making each day better than the day before. We all get 24/7 to make life happen. Your destiny is largely in your hands~ Frederick Douglas. Let's talk this Labor day and begin to plan your best Christmas holidays ever.
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A great idea for a new business or to expand your existing homebased business, might just as well be a lousy idea if you are not taking the opportunity to bring that business idea to life. The trinity to bringing your business ideas to life is Time,... more

More time than not we go to work entry level doing whatever we can find at the moment. The way around this is to search in an area of empoyment you are passionate about from the beginning. If you have ever seen anyone performing a... more

A great idea is just another great idea unless that idea is brought to life. Bringing business ideas to life takes time, money, and abilities. These three things can be at your disposal with the right business idea. Operating a business is... more

Communities say a lot about the people who live there. The homes, the lawns, the car, the children, young adults and older residents sends a message to those who live in the community and a message to those visiting the community. To build... more

Find yourself involved in what it is you are most passion about. Follow your passions and propel prosperity. Life's stress comes in when daily activities are not living up to our expectations. When daily activities are not resulting in adequate... more

Success begins from the bottom up. A successful community is made up of successful people. Citizens who want successful communiites must do what it takes to build success. Residents must build up their surroundings to inspire... more

Lack of wealth plagues some communities more than other communities. There is no reason for any American community to not build wealth. Every city receives government funding. Government funding is in the hands of governors and... more

Develop wealth and add quality to your life. Life should be about more than making a living. Your work for life should bring you passion. Your work for life should pay you passionately. Your work for life should take you into a quality... more

Past history of America reflects entrepreneurs who found a place to provide for and teach others. These entrepreneur skills are a major missing element in today's socoiety. American's take too many skills for granted today. All of which... more

There is nothing we cannot accomplish America. There is a massive cash flow in 2015 America. There are baby boomers retiring by the tens of thousands monthly. There are more jobless skilled people in America today than ever before. The... more
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