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Every Monday we are live. Send job seekers you know to listen to The WFL Show for Job opportunities and Job Search material. The place and time to advance careers. There is nothing than man can't do. Email: The right Attitude, Abilities, Attire and Actions gets you hired in less than 30days. Buy my theme song, Get A Job. The CD is by The Silhouletts for $23 Visit

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Work for life is here for Houstonians without jobs. We help any job seekers anywhere. Job ready seekers with the help of Work for Life will be on a job in 20 days. Work for Life teach you to get your skills updated and get your resume in... more

You have a job today, but your lifestyle requires more and more money. Join Work for Life today and start your own business while working. Bring in more money while building a pathway to a retirement with finances to maintain life... more

Long term unemployment is not impressive on a resume. Long term unemployment is long term not paying into social security and it will show up in retirement as a negative. One thing for sure, jobless individuals have come to... more

One thing for sure, all Americans who are jobless now know change will happen whether we are ready or not. What better time than today to set a plan in action to have a career in 90 days. You know from experience getting someone to... more

Work for Life provides job readiness material for job seekers. We give job seekers information on who's hiring; assist with getting up to date job titles; provide links to assist job seekers in preparing the best resume possible. We will get... more

Looking for a job without a plan is like trying to tell time on a clock without hands. Narrow job search and search by industry, zip code or occupation. Once you know the job you desire, get an up-to-date title and go for it. Develop a plan... more

Everyone has an idea about why the economy is not where it should be. Everyone don't have a solution to what needs to be done for the economy they want. Everyone must put on their listening ears and determine how to be part of the... more

Work for Life is all about making money in the career of your dream. We believe in the concept of "You working for money and money working for you". Work for Life encourages people to take risk and gain successes. Work for Life helps... more

Thank you for your understanding on my last show. Work for Life is a job readiness show. Job readiness is essential to finding and keeping a job. This show is most important because it will give you enough in this one show to... more

Millions of company managers hire all kinds of employees every day. Listen in and gather names of companies where your chances of being hired are great. 300 CEOS agreed to hire long term unemployed. You have to ask, seek and know... more
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