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Every Monday we are live. Send job seekers you know to listen to The WFL Show for Job opportunities and Job Search material. The place and time to advance careers. There is nothing than man can't do. Email: The right Attitude, Abilities, Attire and Actions gets you hired in less than 30days. Buy my theme song, Get A Job. The CD is by The Silhouletts for $23 Visit

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When looking for a job, narrow job search by industry, zip code, occupation. Once you know the job you desire by an up-to-date title go for it. Develop a plan and make it happen. Visit to update your job title and fo search out other jobs you currently qualify for based on skills, education and work hisotry. Use the internet search engines to locate companies based on industry, zip code or occupation. Job search in same industries result in less research for you the job seeker. Also providing a resume for the job you want is less time consuming when you are searching in the same industry. Compile a resume to match each individual job you seek. Compile a master application. Prepare to discuss the position you are applying to get. Practice interviewing. Wear the right outfit.
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Everyone has an idea about why the economy is not where it should be. Everyone don't have a solution to what needs to be done for the economy they want. Everyone must put on their listening ears and determine how to be part of the... more

Work for Life is all about making money in the career of your dream. We believe in the concept of "You working for money and money working for you". Work for Life encourages people to take risk and gain successes. Work for Life helps... more

Thank you for your understanding on my last show. Work for Life is a job readiness show. Job readiness is essential to finding and keeping a job. This show is most important because it will give you enough in this one show to... more

Millions of company managers hire all kinds of employees every day. Listen in and gather names of companies where your chances of being hired are great. 300 CEOS agreed to hire long term unemployed. You have to ask, seek and know... more

Need a job? Believe you are doing all the right things? You're doing what you did that last time you didn't have a job, back in 2003. Job search changes based on supply and demand. Job search is looking for a needle in a haystack. Yes,... more

Everything you have or do not have is the direct result of what you have done or have failed to do. That said, if you want to be successful you have to identify goals, make plans and follow through. Look around! Inside your home... more

Think jobs, think working class. Think taxes, think corporations. Neither is paying taxes. Paying taxes is a working class responsibility. Paying taxes is a business responsibility. Getting taxes paid is a politician's responsibility. Working class... more

America's Black History Month didn't just pop up because Blacks wanted it. Pay Tribute to America's Black History Month and Grow new Finances. Financial and Social gains is the way to pay tribute to lives lost and struggles Blacks and... more

Black unemployment is double digit in America. Blacks are the biggest consumers on the planet. Every American Black History month, Black events are showcased sharing accomplishments made by Blacks to America's economy. This is all... more

Faith and work wins everytime. Stock markets are soaring. Working class was oppressed and lost their way. Working class Americans need jobs and want jobs. Detoriating cities destroys people. Under Bush/Cheney Americans lost their... more
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