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    Office Politics

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    Issues in the office. How to handle office gossip. How to get ahead. How to beat the game.

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    Join us for the rescheduled discussion with our guest Lea Sims, CMT, AHDI-F who will share information on the newly updated RMT and CMT exams and the new CQE, as well as roll-out timelines for updated preparation resources.

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    Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

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    Whether you are a leadership consultant, HR professional or peer manager, you are in a position to influence leaders. Some of these leaders have different priorities regarding treatment of the human beings who are their constituents (i.e. Human resources), or have shutdown their own self-awareness or "emotional intelligence."

    Let's discuss how we got to treating people like a "resource" and what we can do to bring back "leaders". Howow we can influence others toward a character-based approach to leadership.

    Our panelists, Tara Alemany, Shawn Murphy and John Ikeda and I will discuss questions such as:

    * What is your observation in leaders - aware and desiring to be character-based or not?
    * What is your opinion how/why this happened?
    * What have you found that has worked to influence leaders toward a character-based leadership approach?
    * What more can we do?

    This will be an open discussion on what our community has experienced. We want to create a shared-experience, story-based approach to leadership developmen. We all have a need to share the challenges we're having advancing the cause of authentic, character-based leadership.

    We will also be taking questions and comments from listeners, so if you have something you want to say, be sure to tune in real-time.

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    The power of the body and the mind.

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    Bully Boss Radio - ROAST 3 - Followers of Bullies - INTERVIEW with bipolar hubby...

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    Show hosts Rebecca Michael, D.Min. and Lee Ann Marino Ph.D., D.D. will explore in this 7 part Pilot series on 'Abuse in the Workplace' or bullying as follows for weeks 1-7 below- listeners may listen in archives later 24/7 or calll-in live during showtimes from Sundays for the next 7 weeks from Nov.14 / 2010 - Jan / 2011 Week 1- Intro to us both and test Week 2- What is 'Abuse in the Workplace' (referring to good workers here- not slackers etc) vs. difficult people? Who tend to become the targets of workplace bullies? Week 3- Who are bully bosses and what are toxic work vs. healthy work environments? How can we bully proof ourselves and our workplaces? Week 4- What are the Health and Safety issues of bullying in the workplace (ie: PTSD,workplace violence, suicide, sick leave, retraining good employees costs etc) and toxic work environments and what are the financial costs of keeping bullies on the job? Week 5- Followers of bullies at work- What are the character traits of people who follow pety tyrants and corrupt leaders? Bullies hire and keep on only other smaller bullies and unethical cowards- and corrupt a healthy environment with low staff morale and a hate culture that breeds more violence- until this organization implodes from the rot within. The best workers are true servants from the heart and not these compromised slaves turning a blind eye to corruption. 6) Workplace bullying and the Law- various countries including Canada are bringing in legislation under the OHS Act to eliminate bullying- How to bully proof yourself and your workplace? How you can practically help to promote healthy workplace and eliminate bullying... 7) How to cope with bullying- helpful tools n tips. Name it, take leave of absense for health, make a business plan with documentation and EXPOSE bullies!! Dr.s Gary and Ruth Namie have an excellent book we recommend at amazon.com called 'The Bully at Work'! Please pass this BTR Show page!

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    Human Resources and the "In God We Trust" Standoff

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    A good Human Resource Department has to be aware of all the issues and environmental upheavals that happen outside of the workplace, one of the main reasons because it eventually always leads to the interior of the environment in the workplace. 86% of American's either grew up in
    America taking "Pledge" for granted, or for those who decided to become citizens, learned as part of the docree to becoming an American Citizen that you had to believe this as part of America. As a Human Resource Professional, acknowledging the professional title of providing resources to the employee's of an organization, and yet holding back what one belief's as an American is difficult. America is the country that believes in "Freedom of Speech", but is it right to let Government politics play such a significant part in what most Americans were ingrained to learn as part of their heritage. This will eventually be the talk around the water coolers and in texting frenzies at work, and discussion in the meeting rooms. What are your thoughts? Speak Out!!!!!!

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    see if can use g mail phone

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    Wall Street Journal Guide to Landing New Clients

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    Wall Street Journal's Sarah Needleman offers tips for landing new clients in today's market.

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    Feng Shui Diva Radio: Find a Job Faster with Feng Shui

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    If you’re unemployed and looking for a job or employed and looking for a better job, the feng shui techniques in this program can help you in the area of your career and finances. Topics include how the direction your bed is pointed can give you an edge or an obstacle when you're looking for a job, how to use water fountains in your home for prosperity, how energy patterns and annual energies affect your finances, how to tell if your home is in a 20 year money lock, how to use The Law of Attraction, and more.

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    Become a stone Inspector

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    listen to the first 30 minutes of a live seminar given by Dr. Fred. The entire class is four days long.