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    How to Get a Raise-Avoid These Huge Mistakes

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    When it comes to How to Get a Raise, there are several huge boners people commit when approaching their boss. In this episode, author Ryan Shaffer goes over the BIG Mistakes people make and what you can do to avoid them and not leave worrying their might be repercussions.  

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    Trial by Jury Fight Night

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    National Liberty Alliance Common Law Grand Jury Due Process Deliberate Competition Seeking Higher Quality and Lower Cost Alternatives to Crime Made Legal by Criminals AND their Marks (Victims)

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    Turning the Curve

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    Today’s episode of “Making your work count” will feature the creator of Results-Based Accountability (RBA) and my good friend, Mark Friedman.  
    Mark Friedman is a speaker, consultant and author of the book “Trying Hard is Not Good Enough: How to Produce Measurable Improvements for Customers and Communities”. Mr. Friedman directs the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute (FPSI) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has provided training and consultation on Results Accountability around the world. 
    We will be talking about the key concepts of RBA and focusing on using RBA’s “turn the curve” thinking as way to make a difference with your work.  

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    SOBA Radio New Jersey Episode 4

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    We are a state-wide association, focusing on the State level law enforcement professionals, from the boots on the street too the supervisors in the office we will be a collective voice. SOBA will establish a Political Action Committee and Fund to help promote and finance the campaigns of political candidates who support public safety and the issues that move the professions forward. We will strive to improve the relationship and to share ideas between government leaders and our membership. You can join SOBA and maintain your activity within your union, whether it's the FOP / PBA or any union within the state we will work too support our membership.   

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    "Me" Work & "We" Work: Designing Workplaces for the 21st Century

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    This week, Arin sits down with Jim Hackett, CEO of Steelcase. Jim discusses the importance of thoughtful actions, the incredible value of the servant leader, the significant shifts in workplaces, collaboration and company needs in the 21st Century and how Steelcase is responding to them by building a workplace you didn't even know you needed. 

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    Principled Pluralism with Joseph DeMott

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    On this episode I will interview Joseph DeMott. Joseph serves as Project Manager of the Inclusive America Project at the Aspen Institute, an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, DC. A Michigan native, Joe received his BA in Philosophy and Theology magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame, where he earned the Joseph A. Cavanaugh Award for “evidencing high qualities of personal character and academic achievement in theological studies.” A student of Hebrew and Arabic, Joe received his MA in Comparative Religious Studies magna cum laude from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed language courses at the American University in Cairo. He has been deeply involved with the Inclusive America Project since its inception in October 2012.  
    The Inclusive America Project, run by the Justice and Society Program at the Aspen Institute, seeks to positively engage America’s growing religious diversity in order to build a more pluralistic, inclusive, and harmonious society. The project works through a 25-member Distinguished Panel, which is co-chaired by Hon. Madeleine K. Albright and Prof. David R. Gergen. This past June, the panel released Principled Pluralism, a white paper containing recommendations and best practice examples for advancing religious pluralism in five key sectors: youth development, higher education, media, religiously affiliated organizations, and government agencies.

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    Sorting Out "Life Stuff" During Your Internship #59

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    Join Eric Woodard of Great Intern and Mark Babbitt of YouTern for a no holds conversation about all things related to internships!   Our guest for this episode of Intern Pro Radio is Kinsey Holloway of The Washington Center. We will be discussing the "life stuff" students often need to deal with while performing well as interns, including living arrangements, adapting to a professional environment and leading an independent "adult" life while tackling what is, for many, their first work-related experience.   We invite you to join in the inspiring discussion, either by dialing into the show at 347-843-4970 or by using the #InternPro hashtag on Twitter. Join us at 9pm ET/6pm PT on Tuesday, September 10!

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    Engaging in the Workplace

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    During this episode we discuss the role emplyee engagement plays in job satisfaction and overall productivity.  Our guest host shares her experience with increasing staff morale and how she implemented an active engagement  approach which lead to better organizational outcomes. 

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    Are you looking for a job in United States of America ?

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    Are you looking for a job in United States of America ? Instant Money Staffing is now hiring  We are looking for individuals who want to start working immediately           

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