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Welcome to Women of Prayer! We are excited you chose to join us! If you are searching for a discussion on living a POWERFUL life of prayer...LOOK NO FURTHER! Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend. Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to him. So meet with us each SUNDAY @ 8am CST as we discuss the power, the responsibilities, and the privileges of prayer! Musical Intro. & Exit by David Nevue

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In the physical body, when the artery is blocked by 70% or more there maybe symptoms that can cause a heart attack. Each year in the United States alone there are hundreds of thousand people who suffer a heart attack and even die. This is unfortunate because most cases are preventable. In the spiritual body, when the artery is blocked by sin this also will lead to death if left untreated. Listen to this show as we unclog our spiritual arteries with a true knowledge of who God is and what He can do in and through us if we let Him!
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Did you know that childhood labels such as ?stupid,? ?lazy,? ?fat,? or ?ugly,? could become self-fulfilling prophecies, spilling over into our adulthood. Deeply rooted distortions are ruining relationships and stealing joy. What can we do to... more

This show helps us to face our fears of intimacy by pealing back the layers of the evidences of emotional enslavement. Do you... Fail to recognize or acknowledge your feeling? Allow a return to a clearly dysfunctional pattern of relating? Take... more

This show focuses on considering the lessons of the past in order to move forward. Lets push beyond our current emotional patterns to a new day! On our journey towards emotional healing we learn to face our fears and stop veiwing... more

This show features Pastor Branner as he visits to help us dive even deeper into the topic of codependency. Listen in as we define codependency, share how often we fall into these types of relationships, discover how these relationships... more

I once read and article that featured an interview with Tina Tessina, PhD, a marriage and family therapist, and she defined codependent as making the relationship more important to you than you are to yourself.? I crossed out, "than... more

As a continuation of, "Living Fearless in Relationships! Part 1" we dive deeper into the characteristics of healthy vs unhealthy relationships! On our journey towards emotional healing we discuss hidden emotions sometimes used to... more

Meet Jack and Jill, a young couple that had been together for several years. To all, they seemed practically inseparable. However, Jill was growing weary of the relationship because of Jack's expectations, but she said nothing. She was afraid... more

Have you ever found yourself not having the right words to say...on anything? Is it hard for you to express how you feel... what you are thinking? We wonder how many of us realize how much this lack of expression spills over into our prayer... more

This show focuses on the powerful process of removing the word "alone" from our vocabulary by experiencing a presence like no other! We are not talking about mediums or whistling tea kettles, its much bigger than that! We are talking about... more

With approximately 7 billion people on this planet, why do we find ourselves at times feeling alone? Why is it that we hear people say, "I dont need any body" , "I like being alone," or "I am fine by myself?" Is it true? Can aloneness be God's... more
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