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Welcome to Women of Prayer! We are excited you chose to join us! If you are searching for a discussion on living a POWERFUL life of prayer...LOOK NO FURTHER! Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend. Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to him. So meet with us each SUNDAY @ 8am CST as we discuss the power, the responsibilities, and the privileges of prayer! Musical Intro. & Exit by David Nevue

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Anger has been described as being a, "Misunderstood Emotion" in which many of us have never learned to handle. Anger seems to rule us, push us around, and make us do and say things that we later regret. Yet truly believing this puts us at... more

?When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,? is an old phrase with lasting meaning to encourage people to make the best out of any situation in which they may find themselves. Many may feel that because of what they have been... more

Do you want a break-through from your thoughts and emotions controlling your every actions? This is the first week that we will begin to discover the tools needed to become free from ANGER, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and... more

Now that we know that truth therapy works, we will move forward in understanding what makes it so different from other therapy methods that we might heard of or experienced. On this show we take the time to assess our... more

On our journey through the workbook entitled, "Learning to tell myself the truth," this show answers several questions about our internal monologue. What is an internal monologue you ask? A fancy way to say self-talk or the conversations... more

W.O.Prayer is excited to embark on a workshop series based on a life-changing book entitled, "Learning to tell yourself the truth" by Dr. William Backus. "Dr. Backus founded the Center for Christian Psychological Services, was a licensed... more

Whether shouted out loud or whispered in the recesses of the heart, generations have asked in some form or fashion, "Why can't we all just get along?" People want to know, because it is hard to understand senseless hatred, terror, and... more

Some people say that it is impossible to live a godly life. These people try, and try, and try and they can not seem to pull things together, make it over the finish line, or quit fumbling the ball. Their inner conversation often consist of phrases... more

Have you ever gone to erase a pencil mark and the eraser made more of a mess? Have you ever wondered why the first signs of a hiccup bring most people into sheer panic? Measure your heart rate the next time your GPS mentions... more
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