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Welcome to Women of Prayer! We are excited you chose to join us! If you are searching for a discussion on living a POWERFUL life of prayer...LOOK NO FURTHER! Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend. Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to him. So meet with us each SUNDAY @ 8am CST as we discuss the power, the responsibilities, and the privileges of prayer! Musical Intro. & Exit by David Nevue

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Who is Anna? There are a few verses concerning her in the Bible but we must think, she did enough to be mentioned. So who is she? What impact did she make? Listen to this broadcast as we find out!
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Many people have been introduced to Christ and are aware of His life, His love, and even His legacy but how many of us have studied His lot? So many years ago, arriving in the darkness of obscurity Christ was born to die. Listen to this... more

So many people are hurting. Slow down enough to take a look around you, so many hearts are aching. People are in pain, physically emotionally, mentally, financially and on the edge of despair. One day there is a suicide, the next a... more

In today's society a successful marriage is a dying art. More and more has the phrase, "till death do us part" become a cliche. Whatever happened to lasting relationships? Listen to this broadcast as we discuss a couple that stood by... more

A miracle has been defined by Merriam-Webster as, "An extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs." This could be anything from an avoided accident to a complete healing from cancer. If a miracle is a fulfillment... more

There is an example of a particular woman in the Bible that did not lose faith. Through what seems to be a seriously degrading test, her persistence passes with flying colors. This dear woman can teach us all a thing or two about not only... more

Can there be peace in the midst of a storm? If so, how is that possible? If not, what kind of God do we serve? Listen to this episode as we discuss Christ's restfulness, peace, and tranquility. It is ours for the taking! "Peace I leave with... more

The world of the codependent can be very rocky, unsteady and insecure. In many cases this person relies on other people for support to find balance within their life. We search over here, we grab over there but it seems as if no matter what... more

One of the identifying characteristic of a health relationship is that the people involved have the ability to establish health boundaries. So what are boundaries? Think of a fenced in backyard. A fence is designed to keep things out and at the... more

For so many years, many of us have been chasing after things to prove to others that we are ok, that we are something, that we are enough. Some of us live our entire lives doing what other people believe we should be doing and find... more
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