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Begin at the Beginning.

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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The first episode of what, we hope, will become a long-time podcast, covering various pagan and spiritual topics. An introduction to the cohosts, and a discussion about where a seeker can begin his/her spiritual journey.

Some of the other ideas I have for upcoming podcasts include:
  • Male/Female Mysteries, and their place in modern life
  • Shape-shifting/Aspecting, Otherkin, and Animal Spirits
  • Sacred Sexuality, the Hieros Gamos, Tantra, the Great Rite, and Sex Magick
  • Masks, and their use in solitary, and group, ritual
  • Norse Mythology
  • Celtic Mythology (Pan-Celtic, Irish, Welsh, etc.)
  • Greco-Roman Mythology
  • Egyptian Mythology
  • Angels and Spirit-Guides
  • Channeling and Mediumship
  • Crystal Healing
  • Pendulums, Dowsing-Rods and Ley-Lines (Oh my!)
  • Crop Circles and UFOs
  • Pagan Fundamentalism, Traditionalism and Eclecticism
  • Celtic Reconstructionism
  • Hellenismos/Hellenic Reconstructionism
  • Kemetism/Kemeticism/Kemetic Orthodoxy

Are there other subjects that you think need to be talked about in the context of modern paganism? Drop me a line.

If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast, to discuss any of these subjects (or any other relevant one), let me know.