Another Look Inside

by Woodrow627

 - Thu, Feb 21 2008

I'm floating...
No one is around...
no one to speak too...
no ground to walk on...
no shape of any kind to spark an imagination...
The feel to not exist...
I cry...I cry.. just to see my tears.. just to give me some since that I exist!!!
Wake UP!!!!
L..i..v..e.. a little please...
I cry... it's dark yet I see my tears...
Why... why are my tears so easily seen in total darkness..
Oh... that's right... I'm alive... but what's the use when living just means pain..
Oh Man... who dares create the allusion, that to prove ones existence he must feel pain?...
why must the things that brings us happiness must bring pain?

Oh "I Am.." was it your plan to make Love pain and Pain love..
Oh "Man.." was it your idea to make Pain love and Love pain...

in pain all I see is Darkness...in darkness all I see is Night...
In night love is made and making love is forced... Night...

Night... what are you made of?
Your made of nothing but the pain in which man afflict upon themselves...
the result of that pain...Tears
the Creation of tears...Stars
The ending of Stars...Black holes
The inside of a black hole... matter to a singularity
that singularity...our souls

each unique..
creating an endless flow of praise and worship...
Happiness, Joy...Love...and all with no pain
Where does all this Dwell... Inside the word of "I Am"

Every living thing cries... and from that pain something is created..
the sky.. Rain
The Rain.. Plants...
the plants...animal
Prey... death
humans...self destruction
self destruction... "I Am"
"I AM"... salvation

All this... All this activity within all living things...
playing over and over...
the more we think about it...the more we fall..
the more we try to control one another...
the more our own souls rebells against existence...
you cry everyday...
I cry every day....

Our time together is coming to an end...
just remember...
Whenever pain hits you... don't fall..
cause behind all the pain... within all the darkness
something exist... Calm...
Your personal pain helps you to create
...your personal Oasis...
One with "I Am" One with "Man"

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