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The Great Kanadian

The Great Kanadian


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This show is about life my ranting and raving i will try to get a few guest to come on. It will be coming out once a week and it should be lots of fun.

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My topics for tonights episode of The Great Kanadian are mighty mouse you might be surprised, senatoe inappropriate spending, the last supper why wine and bread and was tge devil invited, letter to a grandma of an autism boy,... more

This episode of the Great Kanadian I am redoing my disasters and dipshits show that i did not capture the audio of due to mic issues. The topics are George Zimmerman, an adult dancer gets kicked out of a stadium,Lac-Megantic... more

This episode i will discuss a new game i invented why we are all gonna be screwed by the kids of tommorow. And of course the weiner face and don't forget about the douche of the week and i will take a look at the stanley cup finals... more

This episode of the great kanadian I will finally tell everyone the secret origin of the name of the podcast. What i notice of the youth of today and it is disconcerning and douche of the week.And of course the stanley cup finals and... more

This episode of The Great Kanadian we will looks at this culture we live in with people getting bigger, more fast food aka the culture of lazy. plus douche of the week she be fan ucking tastic.

This episode of The Great Kanadian i will be discussing Canadian music not the greats but the up and comers.And my opinion of health care vs smokers and obama care why should you care. Is world peace achievable and what your car... more

This episode I will discuss the nhl playoffs a little bit and takes some gabs at leaf nation, the new huggies diaper in development,what is wrong with this city, how could a teenager 14years ago knew about the police manpower shortage... more

This episode i discuss my new changes to welfare, the issue with the world, douche of the week, and the tax system. and whatever else i get into.

This episode I will be discussing what your options are when you have a receeding hairline and going grey what do you do? And of course i have debating with bums which i never got around to last week and of course douche of the... more

This episode of the Great Kanadian I will discuss debating with the drunk/homeless on right and wrong. Why we had a surprising last minute intro into douche of the week. The nhl playoff picture and my picks for the cup and my... more