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Women Warriors, is focused on providing insights and advice to Busy Women. Co-hosted by two professional coaches, Diane Dempster & Lynn Anderson, Woman Warriors features inspirational guest speakers that provide products and services that support Women Warriors. Key advice from the show's guests will be provided each week. Guests from all aspects of a woman's life will be showcased such as coaches, yoga/health instructors, time management experts, image consultants, stress management, leadership, and more. Join us weekly for a half hour discussion at noon ET on Wednesday.

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On Women Warriors this week (August 6th, at Noon ET) our special guest is Carol Carter, a leadership and workplace communication expert. Carol will be discussing the topic of ?3 Fatal Mistakes That Keep Good Women from being Great Speakers.? Join us to find out some great tips to help you communicate more effectively whether at home, in the workplace, or for major events. Carol helps to transform and equip employees and managers to tackle TODAY's workplace challenges. She speaks regularly to teams, to camera (she runs an online leadership course called Transform Your Leadership, and to a variety of audiences. There was a time … back in 2010, when Carol would stand up to speak in front of groups, and would start to sweat, shake, stammer and make spaztic movements. It was very career limiting. Carol joined Toastmasters March of 2010, and in August 2012, she stood on the World Stage at the Toastmasters International Convention International Speech Contest Semi-Finals, speaking to over 500 people… and placed 2nd! Out of almost 30,000 original speech competitors from 114 countries around the world, 86 Semi-Finalists participated in contests the same day as Carol. About half of them were women. 9 finalists emerged … only 1 was a woman – the woman who beat Carol. In the audience for her contest and three others, Carol watched woman after woman make the same fatal mistakes, and she's here today to share 3 of these, so we can be more effective as speakers and world changers, whether it's on the stage, in the boardroom, or that PTA or City Council meeting. Carol has a new book coming out ?Before She Speaks: Speaking Tips For Women Who Want to Be Heard and Remembered?. You can find out more about Carol and her company at
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Join Women Warriors this Wed (Nov 16th) at Noon ET to learn about ?The Pursuit of Pleasure? from our special guest Shannon Taylor. What pleasures are you pursuing and why? Shannon has some great insights to share with you... more

Our guest for this week's Women Warriors Show (Nov 9that Noon ET), will be owner of the marvelous Atlanta Art House, Debi Lamb. Debi will share her insights into how she transitioned into her passion and how she is making her dream a... more

This Wednesday Nov 2ndat noon ET on Women Warriors we will be discussing how Women Warriors can ?Make the Holidays Healthy and Happy? with our special guest, Hanna Goss. Hanna will share how getting from Halloween to... more

Our special guest for this week's Women Warriors show, Wed, Oct 26th at Noon ET, is Brenda Strickland. Brenda is a life coach, educator, musician, and spiritual teacher. Brenda will discuss the topic ?Living from Your Purest Essence.?... more

This week on Women Warriors, Wed, Oct 19that noon ET, our special guest is Dorothy (Dotty) Pritchett. Dotty will discuss the topic of establishing communications with backbone and heart to help our Women Warriors as the... more

Our guest on this week's Women Warriors Show is Tanya Mack, business transformation architect, who will be discussing the topic of ?Building Trust within Teams.? Join us at noon ET on Wed, Oct 12th. Learn about the types of... more

This week on Women Warriors, Oct 5that noon ET, join Lynn and Diane as they celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Women Warriors. They will be discussing the topic of the importance of ?Celebrating Even the Smallest Victories.? They will... more

This week on Women Warriors, Wed, Sept 28th at Noon ET, our special guest will be business owner, Diane Bogino. We will discuss the topic of "Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone." You will hear from Diane, who discovered some... more

This week on Women Warriors, Wed Sept 21stat noon ET, we will discuss the topic of ?Busting the Myth of Work Life Balance and Making Time Work for You.? Our special guest will be Certified Professional Coach, Michele Brant. Michele... more

This week on Women Warriors, our special guest is Susan McMullen, nurse, speaker and writer. Susan will share her insights on the ?Importance of Taking Care of You as a Caregiver.? Join us this Wednesday, Sept 14th, at noon ET to... more
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