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An open forum for women and men to openly discuss, expose, and resolve everyday relationship issues. Nothing is out of bounds.....& everything is fair game. Ever felt like you were the only one who doesn't understand the opposite sex? Well you are not alone! In today's complex world of love & relationships, there are too many factors that determine the health & longevity of a successful couple. Do you have any experiences to share? Have you yourself found yourself on either end of the stick? Come and speak your mind in this open forum. Your identity will remain private, unless you yourself, make it known.Also, if you ever want to suggest a topic for the show, or are interested in being booked for the show, e-mail us at womenvsmenradio@gmail.com.I hope to talk to you soon. Stay safe......& stay loved.

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Am I still sexy? Do I still turn him/her on? Have I let myself go? Have you been doubting yourself, your spouse/significant other and your relationship? Do you find yourself disconnected from the person that you love? Are you trying to figure... more

First there were chat rooms, then we had the almighty MySpace. Now , just when we thought we couldn't get any more involved in each others lives, comes Facebook! Social media has been an extremely efficient tool in connecting with... more

If the answer is yes, then you are part of a growing number of people who have developed the lustful desire for someone they can't have! Whether either of you are in a relationship, the age gap is substanial, or 2 siblings ( brothers, sisters,... more

We have all heard that ex's cannot be friends because of bad blood from the past , but what happens when someone finds themselves in that predicament where they want to continue a "friendship" with an ex ? What if that friendship... more

Women have always wondered why many men seem to be attracted or "lured' to dysfunctional women. Many men have taken it as far as leaving the woman they are with, & starting completely new realtionships with these other... more

With all the STD's & health risks associated with unprotected sex, why are the numbers of grown adults climbing at an alarming rate? Is it the temptation of the "natural feel"? Is it the relaxed attitude towards open sexual relationships?... more

Ever wonder why men feel the"NEED" or "DESIRE" to lie? Many people do as well. On this show, we will explore the many different faces of the lies men seem to tell. Often times men feel the need to lie to "PROTECT" or "SAVE... more

they say that your future is determined by the decisions you make today........but what about the mistakes from before? Too often people have a not-so-proud of past that they are ashamed of or try desperately to keep secret. So come... more

They say that people will be who they want to be.......but what if who you want to be is not socially acceptable? This is the dilemma that many relationships are experiencing in todays society! I need more! It's not enough! Why can't you be... more