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Women Talk & Empowerment Show "LIVE" . Show. REAL WOMEN, REAL ISSUES, REAL STORIES.REAL TALK. We cover all types of Talk Subjects From Family Issues, Current Events going on around the world. You will not find no suger coating or watering down talk or chat sessions going on here. We are about REAL TALK, REAL STUFF, REAL PEOPLE. REAL LIFE..REAL EVENTS AND MORE..CONTACT US TO BE A GUEST ON OUR SHOW 919.213.1341

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Women Talk & Empowerment Show Live! Today we will be talking about cleaning off the plate. Ladies we wear so many hats during the day,week,month and year. That sometimes we are doing so much and never taking the time to say wait a... more

We would like to welcome everyone to today's show, Get ready to take notes for this is going to be a mind blowing show the will push you forward...Our Host welcomes to the studio today Star Bobatoon founder of Star Points. You can... more

Join us as we introduce Frederick Douglass The month of Feb. is Black History Month, All month long we will be here to talk about some of the great Black Americans that changed history and the community.

The month of Feburay is Black Histoy Month, Join us as we introduce those Black Americans that have changed history and who has made an impack on their city/state and the community. This afternoon we honor and introduce to you:... more

Today we are paying tribute to Dr. Martin L. King Jr. We will be playing bits of his " I Have A Dream Speech" along with stories from some of the youth in our program that wrote poems.

Welcome to our Special show broadcast..As we talk about the subject matter What is postpartum depression? With our host Shareta Berry. You can visit our site at http://womenteencenter.yolasite.com/

Tonight ladies we are going to be creative and give you some tips on how to create your own personal bathroom spa for that perfect me time that we all love so much for under $20.00 or less with our Host Shareta Berry.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time for the community to come together and build awareness and a movement towards safe and healthy relationships for all individuals and... more

Welcome to our end of the month Empowerment session,
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