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JaiKaur LeBlanc

Women's Grace & Grit ~Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Life


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Welcome to “Women's Grace & Grit: Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Life”. Each week I offer information and inspiration for creating a life happier and on purpose as a woman. As a woman you have all the wisdom and strength you need for meeting the changes and challenges of your life when you call upon the guidance and support of your spirit and soul. When you learn to trust yourself as a woman and make your choices with integrity to your deepest values, more happiness in your life and your relationships will be yours. * Learn how a dynamic relationship with your spirit and soul support are essential for your happiness and successful relationships as a women in contemporary life. * Update your beliefs and your choices for navigating with ease and success the changes and challenges of your life and your relationships. * Learn how to call on your spirit and soul for clarity and courage as a leader in your life and in your relationships. * Learn how to hear and trust the wisdom of your body. * Learn to engage the grace of your life with your grit for creating a life you are grateful for! *Learn to discern and decipher the wisdom and guidance your spirit and soul are providing you everyday. Contemporary life requires we make room for the mystical in how we engage and respond in our life. Women’s wisdom and women’s leadership guides not only her life and those she loves. Women’s power and presence are essential changes for a world understanding relationship as what is powerful and control not so much. Come listen and be delighted by all that beckons to you as a women in contemporary times, when you have a relationship with your infinity and destiny as a woman.

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if you were to look at your life with the eyes of your soul for reclaiming the "mistakes, the wrongs, the different" as footprints of your soul, how would you reclaim the story of your life? One less flawed and perhaps more truly yours? Or perhaps a story of becoming conscious of family patterns you were the chosen one to make conscious and evolve? Truth be told, looking through the eyes of your soul renders many wrongs, differences, failures as the jewels of your life from your soul's perspective. Join me as I share how claiming your life as a holy journey will change much of what you now despair or are discouraged by. And how your challenges are holy catalysts for claiming the awesome powers and resources of your spirit and soul. Interesting times do not come withour the means to navigate and be victorious in them, if you know how to translate the language of your spirit and soul.
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