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Women in Business Radio is a woman-focused radio program designed for the woman involved in an entrepreneurial activity, where ever she is located in the world. She can join us online as we broadcast some challenges that we face and at the same time, we bring solutions that can be used to resolve any situation we may encounter. We hope that through our broadcasting you will be motivated, educated and empowered to run successful businesses and at the same time support your family, community and you. Thanks for joining us. http://www/cpcwomeninbisiness.blogspot.com

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Join Dr. Cheryl Cottle and her guest Dr. Carol Soloway on Women in Business Radio on Monday 4th August at 11:00am EST as she introduces her new segment on how one's chronological age is different from their biological age. What makes the difference? Does it have an impact on how our health and fitness affect our health and balance as entrepreneurs. Is it achievable, or does it requires a woman with particular attributes to have one's chronological age out weighs her biological age? When a call for participant was made to reach women with the experience Dr. Carol Soloway wrote me reminding me of our interview just a couple weeks ago. She reminded me that she got married at 60 and she was also an author. and added that she believes that being mentally active, facilitates optimum health. Dr. Soloway also reminded me that she has had the experience (and is living it) and will love to share her perception and experience. This topic is dear to me, because I have met women who does not look like their chronological age; looking years younger, but it is rare. I was drawn to the topic after reading and seeing a photograph of 4 women taken in 1916 in Washington D.C at the "Convention of Former Slaves." They were age 104, 105, 110 and 125 year old. They looked quite fit physically as well as mentally fit. The image of these women begs me to ask the question, what is responsible for their great health and longvity? And why is it that women today are not able to reach those ages? I met a woman who has been a guest on my Women in Business Radio show, and when I saw a photograph of her and the discription pointed out that she was in her 70's only a few weeks ago, I had to investigate whether it is a doable for all women. What is the secret of life? Is it a secret?
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