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    Stirring It Up

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    Discussing Zimmerman Gun sale, Prince Death, Trump effect.

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    What is Jealousy

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    Jealousy is an emotion that is typically associated with negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity. Jealousy is often a combination of anger, sadness and resentment. The experience of jealousy may include fear of loss, suspicion or anger about a perceived betrayal, uncertainty, loneliness and distrust.
    Jealousy has been scientifically defined as the fear of an anticipated loss of a valued aspect in a human relationship. Jealousy is often mistakenly confused with envy. Envy is the emotion that occurs when a person desires a quality, achievement or possession that another party enjoys. Envy does not refer to the relationship connoted by jealousy.
    The most often discussed and researched jealousy is romantic jealousy. In romantic jealousy, one partner becomes jealous if the second partner spends time and gives attention to an outsider. The jealous person believes that this attention detracts from the attention that he or she should be receiving from the other partner.
    Jealousy is often associated with vengeance. Studies have shown that people with high levels of jealousy often have a strong desire for revenge. Aligned with this finding is the fact that people with lower forgiveness scores also have greater vengeance scores. This fact may help people identify others who are jealous of them and most likely to perpetrate acts of revenge. Through early detection, these acts of revenge may be thwarted.

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    being a Black man in America

    in Women

    Detective June Robinson will talk to us about his experience as a black man in law enforcement. 

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    Vision Boards are a powerful tool to create.  
    Join us on 1/28/17 at tthe Womens Club Bellflower, Bellflower
    Contact us at aladyoftheiam@gmail.com

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    Don't send a MAN to do a WOMAN's JOB

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    You might have noticed gender IS a big issue in this year's election. I'm here to argue that World Peace may require a woman's touch.
    While Hillary Clinton might not be able to wave her arms at a rally and start a riot, let's think about all the God-given feminine equipment she has to reduce war and famine on the planet. After all, if the only tool you have in your toolbox is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail, and if there's one thing our over-taxed planet DOESN'T need, it's more hammering.
    Because of this past week's newsworthy revelations, I was tempted to call this show, "HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN," but I think it's time, for perhaps the first time in history, to put women first.
    Call in!

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    let us reason together part two

    in Women

    part two with our guest La-Starr who will be sharing where she is now, after sharing her testimony of escaping the cult she was in. this is where you can ask questions and have them answered by La-Starr

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    Boom Goddess Radio: Recorded Live at Vivace

    in Women

    Co hosts talk with dating coach Carolyn Bushong about relationship issues. Recorded at a luncheon with an audience of mature women.

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