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  • The SUNday Morning INspiration with C Maria Wall (Wheat and Weeds)

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    Know the difference between wheat and weeds? 
    This Weeks INspiration:
    Matthew 13:24-30
    The Parable of the Weeds
    He put another parable before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field, but while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds[a] among the wheat and went away. So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also. And the servants[b] of the master of the house came and said to him, ‘Master, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have weeds?’ He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ So the servants said to him, ‘Then do you want us to go and gather them?’ But he said, ‘No, lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them. Let both grow together until the harvest, and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.

  • Experiencing God: How To Walk In The Power Of God

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    Experiencing God:  How To Walk In The Power Of God
    Are you close to God?  Do you want to be close to God?  How close do you want to be to God? 
    Do you want to walk in HIS POWER where you can change lives or do you just want a causal relationship with Him where:  if you see Him, or hear from Him or not it doesn’t matter? 
    Or do you want an intimate relationship with Him where you walk in HIS POWER where you heal the broken hearted and set the captive FREE, where He is all you think about when you arise in the morning, all through the day, before you go to sleep at night, and even when you go to sleep you are dreaming about Him and/or His activities?  The decision is yours.   
    Please join us every Sunday evening at 4:00pm EST by dialing 714-816-4636 or go to www.blogtalkradio.com/woman2womantalkingtomen and listen via internet.  If you missed us live go to my Facebook page: Prophetess DyAnne Dempsey and listen to the recorded broadcast.  I pray God will touch, heal and deliver the lives of all who listens.  God bless!!!

  • I AM XENA: Featuring Cynthia Tamlyn

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    Join us as special guest, Cynthia Tamlyn, shares her Xena story and how she is moving forward to equip, empower and protect women and children.

  • Speaker Training: The Parts of a Great Presentation

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    During this hour with Marnie and Linda Olson you'll discover:
    1.      What you must discover before you start planning. 
    2.      Where you must do first if you want to end well. 
    3.   The most important person at each event to connect with and why. 
    4.      The one part of your speech you must never forget to prepare. 
    5.   How to deliver a few key points (of value) with clarity. 
    6.   How to get your audience to remember what you present. 
    7.   What “less is more” means to a speaker. 
    8.   Why a powerful closing is critical to your success. 
    International speaker & trainer, Linda Olson is a voice that empowers your voice. Her vision is to influence one million people annually for the Kingdom through Christian Speakers Get Paid, a Speaker training program. As a professional with more than forty years as a speaker, trainer, counselor and coach, Linda is an expert in helping ministry leaders and entrepreneurs break through to fulfilling their dreams. ChristianSpeakersGetPaid.com

  • Transform YOUR life w/Coach Tamarra: Conversations with my Younger Self - Part 4

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    TRANSFORM your LIFE w/Coach Tamarra; Conversations With My Younger Self - Part 4 -  Getting READY to get READY: FEEL the FEAR & Do It Anyway- How many times do you find yourself hesitating, pausing to get yourself fully together before taking the next step? How is it that everyone else is out there just "doing it" while here you are standing still, unable to move forward? FEAR can be a dream killer! On the one hand, it's the number one reason why we are stuck in the rut of "I CAN'T DO IT". Fear is also an awesome motivator as well that propels us further because the uncomfortableness of where I am right now is about to take me out... be my demise. And we're just NOT HAVING ANY OF THAT!
    Tune in as our panelists talk about fear... how fear has played a role in their lives and steps that one can take to FEEL the FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY!

  • Women's Leadership Virtual Roundtable | How To Build Powerful Relationships

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    Join our live-broadcast roundtable discussion with influential global leaders about the importance of relationships. This conversation will shift us from wrestling with the concept of “networking”, which we resist, to feeling inspired to build and nurture relationships, both professionally and in our personal lives.

  • Life Training: How to Dump Your Junk

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    During this hour with Marnie and Georgia Schaffer you'll discover:
    How to distinguish between being upset and loading on emotional trash. Three things you can start doing today to clear existing emotional trash. How to evaluate your needs to differentiate between needs and wants, why it matters, and what you can do to reverse harmful tendencies. Two questions that can help you overcome grudges, insecurities, hurts, or unrealistic expectations. The constructive and destructive roles of anger, and how you can move toward healthy handling of yours. The importance of forgiveness as both a choice and a process. The steps to take if you are overwhelmed with emotional trash. The best way to minimize the likelihood, frequency, or intensity of the occasional emotional meltdown. Georgia Shaffer is an award winning author on relational issues, a Christian life coach, a licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania, and a professional speaker. Her books include Taking Out Your Emotional Trash. Learn more at www.GeorgiaShaffer.com

  • Blood & Honey; Secret Herstory of Women/Slavic Women's Experiences of World War

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    Danica Anderson, PhD, forensic psychotherapist discusses her new book, Blood and Honey; Secret Herstory of Women; South Slavic Women's Experiences in a World of Modern-day Territorial Warfare delving into topics such as the narratives of Bosnian women war crimes and war survivors narratives, including her mother's concentration camp survivorship of WWII.  Danica will share how the Balkan War changed standards making rape a weapon of war along with how the silencing of women and the violence they endured also silenced reverence for the Moist Mother Earth.  We'll learn about the Slavic round dance called the Kolo, danced in these confict zones by the women as they keep alive deeply embedded biological processes supporting the manifesting of female social collectives inclusive of men and remembering the children. 

  • The Wild Feminine for 50+ Women w/Marilyn Steele

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    Dr. Marilyn Steel, Jungian psychologist, author, speaker, and shamanic dreamer will define and discuss The Wild Feminine and why she's chosen to mentor to PrimeTime (50+ year old) Women.  Her book, The Wild Feminine: Stories to Inspire and Embolden was chosen as one of The Spirited Woman Foundation's Top Book Picks and she'll share some of her teachings including the importance of dreaming your journey, what "new science" has to do with women, the Feminine and the Soul, and how important Nature is to our healing and creativity.  If you'd like to learn to access your Feminine Power and birth your Wild Feminine, don't miss tonight's show!


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    Rita Emmett is a "Recovering Procrastinator", a Professional Speaker and author of: * THE PROCRASTINATOR'S HANDBOOK * THE PROCRASTINATING CHILD
    * THE CLUTTER-BUSTING HANDBOOK and * MANAGE YOUR TIME TO REDUCE YOUR STRESS: A Handbook for the Overworked, Overscheduled and Overwhelmed
    Together, these books have: > sold 310,000 copies
    > been discussed in 422 newspaper, radio and TV interviews, including with Katie Couric > been published in 34 countries
    Rita plus her husband Bruce and their 5 children were all born and raised in the Chicago area. They believe in the positives of raising children as Cubs fans because it teaches how to handle disappointment, how remain eternally optimistic and how to have extreme hope that things will always be better next year.
    Rita presents Keynotes and Training Programs on subjects such as procrastination, clutter, and stress. (not how to INcrease, she advocates DEcreasing them. But you figured that out already, didn't you?) During our interview, Rita will discuss, "WHILE YOU TAKE CARE OF OTHERS, WHO TAKES CARE OF YOU?" Rita believes that most of us know it's important to take care of ourselves, but after a full day of taking care of everyone else, there isn't any time or energy left for self-care, right? And if there ever has been a time when we needed some kind of help to prevent burnout, it is now. Join us for help to make some changes in getting the care we deserve.
    Rita publishes a free monthly "Anticrastination Tip Sheet" with tips and ideas to help people blast away procrastination and clutter habits and manage their stress.  Sign up at www.RitaEmmett.com.

  • Author/Speaker Training: How to Create Original, Intriguing Books, Blogs, Presen

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    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Sam Horn, you'll discover:
    Develop powerful, one-of-a-kind titles using the magic of intrigue. Three keys to establishing real-world relevance so people pay attention. The power of “Did you know” questions to quickly earn respect. Create the “next new thing” so you have a competitive edge. How to illustrate your ideas with TRUE stories so they come alive. How to keep things concise in a world of INFObesity. Why offering options is always better than giving orders. The value of turning “Aha’s” into “Ha-Ha’s” so people laugh and learn. How seeing speaking as a sport turns nervousness into confidence. Why never again to give an elevator speech – and what to do instead. An exercise that helps you express your inner genius and legacy message as a writer/speaker/consultant so you stand out. Sam Horn is the Intrigue Expert a TEDx speaker, and a positioning and messaging strategist who helps people create compelling, one-of-a-kind presentations, pitches, books, brands, businesses, campaigns and causes. She is a popular speaker and her books POP!, Tongue Fu!® and Got Your Attention? have been featured in Fast Company, INC.com, BusinessWeek, Forbes and The New York Times. Learn more atwww.SamHorn.com.

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