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  • State of Mind 2.0 -- 11 Lessons of the Most Productive People on the Planet

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    During this hour with Marnie and Christopher Pinckley, you'll discover:
    The Top 5 Lessons of the Most Productive People on the Planet The hidden benefits of boundary creation The secret to thinking like Einstein 3 Ways to stay in control of your environment How to tap into billion dollar ideas The #1 tool of all of the most productive people on the planet How to develop the self discipline to build an idea that will make history The #1 worst thing people do to stifle their level of productivity The 3 Paradoxes of Productivity The new definition of productivity and why it’s important for you to adopt it right now Chris Pinckley is an expert in accelerating your level of productivity. He coaches CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners to create rock-solid boundaries, laser-focused thinking, and amplified self awareness to become global leaders. Learn more at www.christopherpinckley.com.

  • Special Halloween Readings with Elizabeth Harbin!

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    Join us at 3pm central time! Call in to receive a very practical and insightful answer to your question! Elizabeth Harbin has a very down to earth way of relaying the information she receives in order to help you apply it to your life. 
    Who is Elizabeth Harbin?
    Elizabeth's first 25 years professionally, was in corporate, as a banker dealing with other people's money. She decided her next 25 years should be concerned more about her own prosperity and got involved with several North Dallas area metaphysical groups. After numerous metaphysical classes, she became a Professional Card Reader of Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards. She was hired for Eclipse Entertainment in Arlington Texas and has worked as a costumed Gypsy Fortune Teller for most of the major hotels and landmarks in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 
    A few of Elizabeth's achievements since she started her new career path are....becoming a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Huna student and teacher, Time Line therapy associate and certified in Radical Forgiveness. One of Elizabeth's career wishes was to act. This was fulfilled in the international web-series hit, Daisy Power! She played a grumpy Old Gypsy Card Reader, she is listed in the online IMDb! From 2009 to 2016 she created various classes of metaphysical learning.  And as of last year, Elizabeth created a new hypnosis system to assist young women in their goal of pregnancy!

  • Soule Xpressionz

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    This Show Has Been Established To Celebrate And Share The Success Of Women! This Show Will Encourage Women To Share Their Stories Of Wisdome To Encourage and Inspire The Next Woman!


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    ACC Global News Spotlights Ms. Andrea Strom-Rancourt on Empowered Women, Executive Coaching, and Wellness in the Workplace & at Home  
    Quebec, CA- With worldwide economic impacts, we’re finding an increase of longer arduous work put in by both men and women, namely women. In this day and age, it’s difficult to maintain a work-life balance than in years previously observed. Enter Andrea Strom Rancourt’s coaching method, a holistic method to assist executives and their employees with preventing “burnout” and engenders work efficiency therein creating a “better return of investment”.
    Andrea Rancourt received her B.A. from California’s Berkley University, and received her Master’s degree in Adult Education in 2008. She is also a certified coach, who also holds certification with Myer Briggs personality type assessment, and Interqual assessment facilitator certification. She offers both corporate coaching and individual coaching, in English and French and helps to bridge that proverbial gap in communication with both employees and upper management..
    Andrea states she is most proud of the life she’s created with her family and how she positively affects people’s lives. Andrea seeks to inspire women with her journey of being a hard working mother accomplishing her dream of getting her master’s degree. “I think a lot of women would find that a huge source of inspiration for themselves”.
    For more information on ASR Coaching visit www.asrcoaching.com

  • January Jones-Live a Life of No Limits

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    Meet: Maureen Sharphouse who is a highly experienced and hugely effective Transformative Life Coach, Success & Mindset Coach, and Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP. I am also a Motivational Speaker. 
    I am a member of the International Coaching Federation, and have run a vibrant coaching and mentoring practice since 2010.
     I don't believe, however, it's solely due to my high level of training and experience that accounts for my high level of effectiveness as a coach. I believe it's because I am an authentic and 'real' coach who has experienced rock bottom and completely transformed my life.

  • "Find Your Friggin' Joy" : Author Belinda Farrell

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          Belinda Farrell has overcome major life challenges—the suicide of her son, complete financial loss, and healing a degenerated spine without surgery.  By using ancient Hawaiian techniques and accepting responsibility for every aspect of her life, she was able to rise from the ashes and now she’s sharing this invaluable information with others in her new book, "Find Your Friggin’ Joy". “This is a no nonsense book for those who are willing to take an active part in their healing,” explains Farrell.  In Find Your Friggin’ Joy, Farrell takes readers on a journey using ancient Hawaiian teachings that invite the reader to forgive themselves and others, unplug from their old non-productive stories, and step into the frequencies of their Higher Self.
         Belinda Farrell, author of the book Find Your Friggin’ Joy, graduated with a BA in Spanish and English from the University of California at Berkeley and is trained in hypnotherapy, past life regression, NLP, Hawaiian chanting, and ancient Hawaiian healing (Huna). Belinda trained with Anthony Robbins (author of Unlimited Power) and has effectively used these skills in her own life. She has completed 18 firewalks. When Belinda was forty-eight, she collapsed with herniated discs and spinal nerve damage. Threatened with paralysis by her medical doctors if she didn’t have surgery, Belinda instead chose to apply the ancient Hawaiian healing practices she had been learning the previous three years, which are covered in this book. Her back completely healed, including childhood scoliosis. For fifteen years she has been sharing these healing practices with others, offering Reconnective Healing and Huna classes and taking clients to Hawaii to teach Huna and swim with wild spinner dolphins. 
    Guest writer: Minister Mary Elizabeth Jackson.

  • Jill Lublin: The Profit of Kindness

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    Our Guest: 
    Jill Lublin is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, Kindness and Referrals.   She is the author of 3 Best Selling books including Get Noticed...Get Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic.  Her latest book, Profit of Kindness, is being published by Career Press in January 2017. Jill is a master strategist on how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace.  She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm and has over 20 years experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media.  Jill teaches Publicity Crash Courses as both live events and live webinars and consults and speaks all over the world.  Visit publicitycrashcourse.com/freegift and jilllublin.com. 
    Our Host:
    Svetlana Kim is a Speaker, Consultant, and Award-Winning Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, and co-author of The Last of the Four Musketeers: Allen Joe’s Life and Friendship with Bruce Lee. 
    Svetlana is a host of the Radio Show called "To The Stars Through Adversity." http://www.blogtalkradio.com/svetlanakim. The White Pearl and I:  A Memoir of a Political Refugee chronicles her journey from Russia to the United States, where she arrived with only one dollar in her pocket and not a single word of English at her disposal; today, she is a leader among her peers in the business world, and has been honored with numerous awards citing her commitment, skill, and integrity.  Simon T. Bailey, Bestselling Author, shared Svetlana's story in his book titled "Shift Your Brilliance."(SoundWisdom, 2014) Please visit her website at: svetlanakim.com. 

  • Team Clarity Week 30/46: Chapter Seven Intro: Pricing The Priceless

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    Episode 30 turns Team Clarity's attention onto the illusion of pricelessness.  In this class, we explore the law of diminishing returns when we choose to use force over power.  Join us to explore how to reduce the cost of time, money, reputation, respect, love (etc.) by learning how to price the priceless.
    Take notes to enjoy your own ah-ha's as well!
    Team Clarity is on a year-long journey led by Christina Ervin. Each week Team Clarity shares this journey with you for two primary reasons:
    They want those they hold near and dear to know about the changes they're making on multiple levels.  As they change, by listening to these classes, people who know Team Clarity members may opt to change along with them. To share their stories with you. Follow their stories and life lessons to awaken all sorts of ah-ha's for you too! While you listen and before you go . . .
    Join Christina in her next class.  Click this link to explore how to join us today. Click to access on all our on-demand shows. Music: Aretes and The Complex by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

  • 9 Creative Ways to Personalized Your Emails

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    Join author, blogger and coach to women in business Sharon Michaels as she share nine creative ways to personalized your emails. Personalization helps to get your emails opened and read. It's all about Women Enjoying Success!  
    Sharon shows you how to do business successfully! Sharon has been a woman in business for over 25 years - she is a coach to entrepreneurial women, author of empowering books for women, radio host and executive producer of not only this radio show but also Entrepreneurial Women Radio. Sharon's mission is to empower women to greater personal and professional success.
    Purchase your copy of Sharon's paperback and Kindle book on Amazon.com How to Give Yourself the POWER to Succeed  
    Go to Sharon's Amazon.com Author's Page to see and purchase all of paperback and Kindle books: http://www.amazon.com/Sharon-Michaels/e/B001K7V2K4/
    You'll want to subscribe to Sharon's Newsletter: Unlimited Success For Women
    Read Sharon's blog - http://WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com

  • Louise Rouse

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    Louise Rouse

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