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  • Relationships: Do you accept "Whatever" in your relationships?

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    We will have an engaging conversation about habits that we create in our relationships and then want to change the game without notice or communication. 
    What are you accepting in your relationships that is not bringing you JOY?
    What must change inside of you for you to have your desired relationship? 

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    Moving Forward in Faith with Terri Schrews featuring Pam Taylor The MomCourager™

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    Today’s Show:
    Terri’s guest today is Pam Taylor, The MomCourager™. Pam specializes in helping moms defeat overwhelm. She does that by encouraging women to embrace who God made them to be, so they burst forth as vibrant women of God, fully walking in their passions, strengths, and gifts.
    This MomCourager™ is passionately in love with Jesus Christ and delights in walking intimately with Him. She spends her time encouraging, nourishing, equipping, mentoring, and connecting women to be influencers for good in their world. Pam has lived as a missionary to third-world countries and was a single homeschooling mom to her two (now grown) children. Pam received her training at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute but she’s proudest of her unofficial coach training from the school of life’s experiences. Pam is blessed to have two articles published in Georgia Shaffer’s book “Coaching the Coach”.
    Links for Terri Schrews:
    Website: www.MoveForwardinFaith.com  
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheSpiritualGrowthCoach Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerriSchrews1   
    Links for Pam Taylor The MomCourager™:
    Website: http://www.momcouragementcoaching.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomCouragementCoaching
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MomCourager

  • Women Warriors - T.H.A.N.K. and Grow Rich

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    On Women Warriors this week (August 20th, at Noon ET) our special guest is Lisa Ryan, gratitude expert, best-selling author and motivational speaker.  Lisa will be discussing the topic of “T.H.A.N.K. and Grow Rich”.   Join us to find out some great tips on the power of gratitude.
    Lisa Ryan works with organizations to help them keep their top talent and best customers from becoming someone else’s.  She achieves this through personalized employee engagement and customer retention keynotes, workshops and seminars. She is the author of six books, and is featured in two films including the award-winning, “The Keeper of the Keys” with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul. For more information, please connect with Lisa at her website: http://www.grategy.com .

  • Healthy Sistahs Rock and Here's Why with Tangie Henry

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    The last time I interviewed Tangie, we got a chance to touch on some amazing aspects of being a woman. Today, we're going back to the core of what healthy truly means and how to get there, why you should get there. Today promises to be an amazing show filled with inspiration you cannot afford to miss.

  • Let's Get Physical with Debi & Elissa on Productive Play

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    Mompreneur Mother and Daughter Debi Dutton and Elissa Sungar, founders of If Not You, Who.org are here with Productive Play and how important physical activity is for your preschooler. Debi and Elissa are here on Word of Mom Radio every 3rd Wednesday a month to share great tips, ideas and activities to better prepare your kids for kindergarten.
    According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture the prevalence of obesity for children ages 2 to 5 since the early 1970’s has almost doubled. The National Association for Sports and Physical Education recommends that preschoolers accumulate at least 60 minutes of structured and another 60 minutes of unstructured physical activity a day. These two facts led us to the topic of our radio show today for Productive Play - putting physical activity into the everyday life of a preschooler.  But while kids under 6 love to move - we need to encourage fitness in a fun manner.  On our show, we share some balloon activities and other information to help preschoolers develop a joy for movement  because it offers so many lifelong benefits.
    Join us at 10amPT/1pmET and LIVE on your time in archive here on the show for Mompreneurs - the new business woman!
    Thanks to our show sponsors Best-Life-Solutions and Safety First Bags. Meet all our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace. Please take a moment to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and email dori@wordofmomradio.com for information on how to become part of the WoMRadio family.
    Word of Mom Radio - sharing the wisdom of women.

  • Why me? Why doesn’t life come with a magic pill? with Jenese Joseph

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    Show Topic: Why me? Why doesn’t life come with a magic pill?
    Special Guest: Jenese Joseph
    In this interview we are going on an exploration of the relationship of emotional intelligence to my life and how it make me or anyone else a better leader.  An exploration of the method and how it help me with mine or anyone’s need for security. Relationships. Significances, and the need for challenges and excitement? To establish if this way of thinking and acting helps anyone to get to the point where they can make some progress in life and dare to dream?
    Show Notes:
    Hashtag: #PassionDivaRadio
    Call in Number: (347) 637-3175
    If you want an easy way to show you love and appreciation for the show, you can check out http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/Love

  • Abuse and Betrayal-What's the difference and how do you deal with it?

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    I'll never forget the day I heard those words: "So, you've dealt with your anger toward your abuser, now what about your anger toward your BETRAYER?"
    There were adults who knew that as a child, I was being abused. Out of their own fears or just apathy, they did nothing. They CLAIMED to love me, yet they stood by and were not moved.
    Jesus had many betrayers.
    Until you take a look at the fact that you may have betrayers in your own life, deal with your anger and seperate from those who would kiss you and call you their friend (like Judas), you will be a magnet for more betrayers. Tune in and learn how to overcome these emotional saboteurs.

  • Reinventing Yourself for a Comeback - With Dianne Barker

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    Dianne Barker was born with a silver pen in her hand, so to speak. She landed her dream job at 18, writing for the local newspaper while attending college, and wrote her first book at 24. In 1986 her book Twice Pardoned was # 1 on the national Christian best-sellers list. Then her life took an unexpected turn, taking her out of the publishing loop for over 15 years. Today she will share her story—her early success, her long stay in Overwhelm City (she calls this period the “Shrunken Life”) and how she reinvented herself to make a comeback. You don’t want to miss this story!
    Dianne Barker is a conference speaker, freelance journalist, radio host, and author of eleven books including the 1986 best-seller Twice Pardoned (life of Harold Morris and first book for Focus on the Family Publishing).
    Her new book, I Don’t Chase the Garbage Truck Down the Street in My Bathrobe Anymore! Organizing for the Maximum Life, gives practical strategies to organize space, time, and family chaos while encouraging personal renovation—purging interior garbage (inferiority, low esteem), and submitting fully to Christ, gateway to balance and abundant living.
    A graduate of East Tennessee State University, Dianne hosts a weekly program on the Christian station WHCB Radio, Bristol, Tennessee, 91.5 FM, “At the Library” on Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. www.whcbradio.org. Dianne is a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and Christian Authors Network. Dianne’s passion is investing her life in people, encouraging wholehearted surrender to our faithful Lord, who is so worthy of our devotion and praise! www.diannebarker.com

  • Living and Fulfilling Your Purpose Victoriously with Kelli Claypool

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    There is a DIVA in all women, just sometimes we lose track of who we are and how powerful we were created to be. Sometimes, we just have to dig deep in order to find ourselves. Our Host, Kelli Claypool's description of a "DIVA is...the good four-letter word! A confident woman who is strong in her faith, blessed by her family, and who encourages others to rise up to their greatest potential". So, slip on your favorite stilettos and plan to join us in this refreshing episode of DivaTalkRadio. NOTE: Men, you are welcome as well, but only if you have a DIVA in your life that needs a little encouraging!
    For more information about our programming or to be a guest on DivaTalkRadio, please visit www.DivaTalkRadio.com.  Also, let's be friends on Facebook!  www.facebook.com/DivaTalkRadio www.facebook.com/DivasThatPray

  • The Inspiration Club: Join us to #causeinspiration.

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    Each week throughout the summer, women from around the world will stop what they are doing and join a conversation about inspiration. Why? Because this will energize, motivate and fuel us WAY more than chipping away at an ever-growing To Do List.
    At Tiara we believe you are the leader in your career and your life. We believe that you are more effective and fulfilled when you come from inspiration (instead of over-responsibility, over-analysis, over-fixing). This 30-minute show will shift our focus from "what's wrong" to "what's inspiring". We will leave feeling energized, supported and clear on our top priorites for the next week. 
    What will happen in these 30 minutes? It's hard to say!
    Each show will feature Tiara Leaders, Coaches and Community Members sharing stories, tools and tips designed to help us leave feeling inspired. The content will be based on what we are seeing as trends in our online Summer Inspiration Club throughout the week. 
    Join us because you know it's vital to #causeinspiration in your own life and for others!
    Tiara International LLC is a global company that provides women's leadership development for organizations and individuals. Visit our website to learn more.

  • El caracter de la mujer virtuosa: Control Propio

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    Email: virtuosas_fabulosa@yahoo.com
    Facebook: Virtuosas fabulosas
    Practica la deciplina personal, y manten las emociones bajocontrol. Son indispensables el buen jucio y el sentido comun(Marilyn Jensen, p.39.).
    Cuando deberia aprenderse y enseñrse el control propio?
    Cual es un de las cosas mas dificiles de controlar?
    No tengo derecho a decir lo que quiero cuando se me antoje?
    Que dice el libro de proverbios acerca de enseñar y preparar a los niños?

  • Blogging & Beyond: Writing Outside The Box

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    During this hour with Marnie and Deb Potts you'll discover:
    How to know if and when it’s you should start blogging. Why being a “blogging sponge” can be a good thing and how to soaked and squeezed without drying up. Why blogging is the newest and most advantageous writing genre. Places to find blogging inspiration. The most critical blogging support systems and technology to use. How blogging is the key to multiple doors of opportunity, benefits and blessings. Deb Potts – Encouraging and Equipping for Exceptional Life. Deb loves to connect with people in coffee shops and auditoriums; in speaking and writing; with humor and candor. Learn more at www.DebPotts.com.

  • Protecting Our Young Women

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    How do we help our young women develop and grow into fearless leaders despite their adversities? As we continue to bring you perspectives of powerful women who are making their own history, we will have Ms. Korinn Carter of Chasing Dreams Not Boys as our guest this week. She will share her story as to how she was "protected" and still allowed to grow into her own. Join us as we get pointers on how we can continue to "build up" our young women and reaffirm the work that many of us are doing each day to PROTECT OUR YOUNG WOMEN!

  • Real PCOS Stories: Martha

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    In this episode of the PCOS Challenge Radio Show, Martha shares her stories of her struggles with weight and other symptoms as well as her successes as a woman living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Martha is currently pregnant!


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    If there was ever a time that the Church of the Living God, and its body needs to hear God's voice more and more, is right NOW!
    Many have walked in total rebellion, disbelief and doubt, when it comes to hearing God's Living Voice today."
    Many have even gotten to the point, of simply disbelieving or adhering: It is to the point of refuting, dishonoring, disrespecting the Voice of the Apostolic Propehtic, doing what they choose to do,and walking after their own hearts.

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    The Renee Richards Show - presents - Teaching Tuesday-shadow work - Jun 10,2014

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    This is a program about Debbie Fords work bless her soul, the dark side of the light chasers, and the book "the shadow effect with debbie ford and Marianne Williamson, this work is essential in the progression of our soul/spiritual work, as we walk along the path, at some point, we must learn to accept and integrate all parts of ourselves. This will be followed by a 10 miunte love yourself meditation. thanks R.R.

  • Latoya Crawford former News Correspondent Shares her Thoughts on Black America

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    You dont want to miss this weeks show on #IAMMERADIO, we are ready to see what The Beauties of I AM ME University #Ibeauty #MissSweetHeat and #Tiff have to say about whats going on in Ferguson. How it is affecting the community there, as well as the affect its having on the Women that have to deal with loosing Black Men to this type of violence. Also dont miss our POWERFUL Guest Latoya Crawford. She is  such an inspiration to our children. We want to hear from an Educator about what she's sees on the front lines with our kids, also she will share her story"The LATOYA CRAFORD STORY" with us on #IAMMERADIO 8/20 at 8pm Eastern. We cant wait, be there to listen at BlogtalkRadio, or call in to 845-241-9898

  • Sister2Sistah

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    Sister2Sistah Talk is an open forum created to provide a powerful view of women and their role in life, the lives of others, and in our communities.
     Our mission is to motivate, empower, and educate women while increasing their potential in areas of personal and professional development. 
    We will discuss topics that involve women as it relates to stepping out of limited self-beliefs, self-worth, submissiveness, abuse and victimhood.
     This assembly provides a safe and nurturing environment for all women regardless of status, ethnicity, or spiritual beliefs.
     Problems here can be delivered. Yet we will aim to bring forth solutions.

  • The Joshua Generation: If Black Men Had Been Where They Were Supposed to Be...

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    Intentional Ignorance
    On Wednesday, August 6, I broadcasted a show here on The Joshua Generation called "Introspection: The Seventy-Two Percenters."
    Though the show's intent was about the stereotyping and stigmatizing of Black women as single mothers, one "Brotha" called in to the show with the apparent intention of further stereotyping and the degradation of Black women.
    It became pretty apparent that the "brotha" either called in to degrade Black women intentionally, or he was intentionally ignorant enough to believe what he said had any validation to it.
    He also let us know that one of the main problems Black women have is that we are constantly being thrown under the bus by Black men. But worse than that, he did what his kind are typically prone to do.
    He was not reading or listening to the show before he called in to do nothing OTHER than degrade Black women as wives, mothers, and as the women who birthed an entire world.
    The question: "Are Black men to blame for Black women's suffering, pain and struggling?"

  • Interview with the Marriage Coach: Ms. Tiffany Kelly

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    Tiffany Kelly,entrepreneur, author,  and owner of T.K. Coaching, discusses her new book " The Marriage Covenant."
    Tiffany, Get in the Game; approached is second to none when it comes to coaching and leading couples to the next level in building their relationships. 
    She is full of zeal and motivated to encourage others to overcome every obstacle that stands in their way.  
    Tiffany Kelly, will empower you with her new syle and reasoning in our interview with A Marriage Coach.

  • Women Making Sense of Sex (and everything else)After 60

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    Priya Magic of Women in Full Bloom engages in lively honest conversations with women from around the country and differnt walks of life about the in's and out's of life for us women in the transition years after menopause from 55-65.
    There's much talk these days about women over 50! Have you heard about or even felt the over fifty Invisible Factor? Many of us begin to get the feeling that as we step into that over 50 age we become invisible. Lumping all women over fifty into one category is another way of the culture making us invisible. 
    Over fifty is a vast realm that we as women know has many nuances that are in and of themselves and entire world. The passage from the end of menopause into the early sixties is a very unique one and deserves much care and attention as any other phase of life. Just as the passage of 40-50 is unique, 50-60, 60-70, and 70-80 and on are all distinct journeys. It is time to step out of the realm of the invisible and be seen and heard for these distinctions!
    Hear what your sisters are going through. Laugh, Cry, and feel the support of honest and vulnerable sharing from other real women who are facing the challenges of Relationship, Work, Family and Passions as we all move into being 'Older" women! Let's do it together and have fun with it by sharing what were are going through together.
    Priya's style is engaging, intimate and offers you chance to let down and get real!


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    alexi wasser's popular blog imboycrazy.com comes to life in podcast form! call in and ask alexi your love, dating, and sex questions! A pep talk, in the form of a slap in the face, in the form of a blog...and now a podcast! xo

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