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  • Denise Rosier, Heart of Praise

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    Born in Japan, and raised in California, Denise is an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. Her music has been released on 5 solo studio albums, and are featured on various compilation albums and television. Denise's first album Only A Whisper Away was released in 2001, and from there her music has taken her to audiences as far away as Osaka, Japan.  Her inspirational albums One Heart (2013), and EVERYDAY (2016) have garnered 6 Positive Music Award nominations, and 4 wins. One Heart yielded award-winning congregational favorite "Spirit Is In This Place".   EVERYDAY received a nomination for “Best Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album” at the 2016 Independent Music Awards, and "Heart Of Praise Vol. 1" is nominated for “Best Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album” at this year's 2019 Independent Music Awards.  
    Heart Of Praise Vol. 1 arose from a desire to build a catalog of praise music that New Thought could call it’s own. The first song Denise wrote was “Spirit Is In This Place” which won the Positive Music Award for New Thought in 2016, and has since found a home in congregations across the country.  From there, Denise has continued in writing the joyous soundtrack of progressive spirituality. 

  • Praise PhD with Marnie Swedberg and Special Guest, Marla Hartson

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    Praise PhD with Marnie Swedberg and Special Guest, Marla Hartson
    You can praise God now, even in the middle of the valley of the shadow of death. God wants you to take your eyes off your surroundings, and focus on Him. Marla Hartson learned five levels of praise while spending a year in her recliner during cancer treatment: 1. Praise for Today (what she knew before cancer), 2. Party Praise, 3. Praise for Preparation, 4. Red Sea Praise, and 5. Psalm 22 Praise. Come learn how to praise God from the middle of your valley.
    About the Author: Marla Hartson speaks to encourage cancer patients, survivors, care givers and the ones who love them. Topics include: - Laughter, My Favorite Side-Effect Medication- How to Help a Cancer Patient- Praise PhD
    "An encounter with Marla touches your soul and changes the way to look at life and how to deal with struggles."Michael P., VP of Education, Project Management Institute Central Florida Local Chapter
    Order your copy of Praise PhD from Amazon

  • The Power in Empowerment: Why I Do What I Do

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    When combined powers come together, that force becomes a source of change.  Change in ourselves, families, communities, and yes, the whole world abroad.  Our positive chat room works with empowering the inside of each individual first, and then we share outside styling techniques and tips to enhance beautifying the outside.
    Although the word empowerment is used often by a diverse group of people, in this episode our chat room dives into the actual meaning of the word Power and the many ways we use it in our everyday living practices. 
    It takes power to achieve any goal, our listeners will walk-away with practical suggestions to keeping their power stations replenished - won't you join us?
    Meet us over on our FB pages too: General Business Happenings: thriftydeevah | Everything Pop-Up Shopping: thriftydeevahvintageboutique | Girl Chat Room: thriftydeevahgirlchatroom.  Join our email list at: www.thriftydeevah.com.   Lastly, email us at: office.thriftydeevah@gmail.com. 

  • Dealing with failures and successes of a start-up: How to think like a winner

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    We are continuing our discussion, Conquering the Fears of Starting a Business, with Yvonne Jones, a personal business coach and relationship marketing strategist.  She is also the founder of  50 and Wiser Coaching and the 50 and Wiser Community on Facebook.  
    Yvonne was listed on HuffingtonPost.com as one of the “Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros on Twitter” and on GetApp.com: “One of the Top 15 Most Influential Customer Service Experts to Follow on Twitter.”
    Recipient of  Alignable's 2018 Small Business Person of the Year for Stuart, Florida, she is helping us peel back the onions; a process that will allow us to embrace our passions and confidently launch our dreams.  
    Join us, Thursday, May 2nd at 3:30pm, PST/6:30pm, EST for the second of this three-part series.  Feel free to call in during the broadcast, at (646) 716.8344, with your questions or comments.    
    If you are interested in connecting with Yvonne, she can be reached at 772.342.1034. Visit her website https://50andwisercoaching.com and download one of her e-books.

  • PYH 114: Sexual Abuse 3

    in Women

    Receive healing and become whole putting that in the past and going forward to a bless life.

  • Reasons Why Sports Matter in a Mother's Life

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    Reasons Why Sports Matter in a Mother's Life with Mina Samuels author of Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year: A Practical, Personal, Inspirational Guide for Women Athletes
    In her newest book, Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year: A Practical, Personal, Inspirational Guide for Women Athletes Mina Samuels shares daily wisdom as a spiritual running buddy for women on the run—which is all of us. Through entries for each day of the year, she explores the questions that confound us: How do we find balance in our lives and what nourishes and empowers our inner strength and resolve?
    Mina Samuels, a former human rights attorney and activist, began her career looking to bring more robust citizenship into the world. Her specialty at Human Rights Watch was to help incarcerated children. Today she works to make a day-to-day difference in women’s lives.
    For more information visit: https://www.minasamuels.com/
    For more information about BITEradio products and services visit: http://www.biteradio.me/index.html

  • Building and Entrepreneurial Team

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    The HBA is a global nonprofit organization comprised of individuals and organizations from across the healthcare industry committed to:
    achieving gender parity in leadership positions facilitating career and business connections and providing effective practices that enable organizations to realize the full potential of their female talent Today’s theme is “Building An Entrepreneurial Team.” Our HBA EU Region has an Entrepreneur Affinity Group that defines Entrepreneurship as a mindset, embracing everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit – no matter what their role in an organization.  It is about an attitude and an approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, emphasizing critical thinking and continuous improvement, and driving innovation.  Providing insight on this topic, we have three leaders from our EU Region,  Julie Adrian, President, Europe Communications, Syneos Health?; Darius Hughes, Head of Vaccines, Pfizer, and Jeanne Bolger, VP Venture Investments. Program Moderated by Julia Kelly, Sr. Director, Account Mangement, IQVIA.

  • Gumbo Talk: Girls to Women

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    On this episode a panel discusses what it takes to make a woman out of a girl. Girls to Women is something that will change the world in a way that Boys to Men become secondary. We will delve deep into what women are to the society and how girls are an important part of creating balance in this world.
    We are inviting a few good women to help us attempt to unravel this dilemna

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