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    Angie Christine was born in Brooklyn New York. As a youngster Angie would gather her friends at her house and tell them stories she would make up on her own. She appeared in a commercial for a local record store in Manhattan called Disco Mat back in the late 70's. As she got older and went to high school she was performing, and writing for her dramatic arts class at Sheepshead Bay high school in Brooklyn Ny. After college she joined the NYPD police force in Brooklyn and decided to leave New York after 9-11 . Divorced and raising a daughter, Angie moved to Newport News Virginia to start a new life. Angie Chirstine decided to write her first book after the closing of her employment at Circuit City. In 2009, The Fireman was released and everyone loved the story. She decided to release another book titled Opposites Attract. In April 2010, she and a friend headed south to Atlanta Georgia to the Monique Show where she presented the actress and talk show host with copies of her books. Monique gave Angie the biggest hug and shed a tear because of the fact that Angie added her to her dedication page in her second book. Her 3rd book titled Tantalizing Pleasures is also a big hit. Soon you will see this brilliant writer/actress in a documentary movie titled Lifeschoices which should be release some time soon. 
    Angie Christine is currently working on her 4th book titled The Fireman's Revenge.
    Angie's books can be purchased on Amazon.com: 

  • A Life-Changing Journey With 5 Amazing Women: Week 23/53 Quality Relationships?

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    Episode 23 finds Team Clarity wrestling with the question: "What are quality relationships?"  As they explore answers, they discover powerful ways to clearly communicate needs, wants, goals and dreams.  Join us to learn what these communication skills are and how to use them.
    Join us for a year-long series with five entrepreneur (known as Team Clarity), led by Christina Ervin.  Each week Team Clarity shares this journey with you for two primary reasons:
    they want those they hold near and dear to know about the changes they're making on multiple levels.  As they change, by listening to these classes, people who know Team Clarity members may opt to change along with them. to share their stories with you. Follow their stories and life lessons to awaken all sorts of ah-ha's for you too! Before you go, please...
    following this series by clicking on the Follow button near the top of this page. following us on Twitter Music: Open Those Bright Eyes, Unity and World Vice by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

  • Ep.34: Suicide Prevention - How Can We Discourage the Act and Empower the Person

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    Ep.34: Suicide Prevention - How Can We Discourage the Act and Empower the Person
    Call-in #: (646) 668-8630
    September is National Suicide Prevention Month! When it comes to suicide prevention, every second count! 
    Here are some harsh facts:  An American dies by suicide every 12.95 seconds. More than 1.5 million years of life are lost annually to suicide. Veterans comprise 22.2% of suicides. These facts are staggering and hit home for so many.
    On this weeks episode of The Southern Warrior Sister Tribe Radio Show, hosts Princess Fumi Hancock, Marlas Triplett Sells and Maxine Holt Donaldson will explore this issue that touches so many lives and offer resources for those who are considering suicide and the victims they leave behind. Yes, the person who commits suicide is never the only victim.
    This week we are:
    Raising Awareness About Suicide Providing Education and Resources Decreasing the Stigma Surrounding Suicide Discussing the Mental Health Affects And lots more ... Be sure to join us!
    Call-in #: (646) 668-8630
    BLOG: www.southernwarriorsistertribe.com

  • The Movement

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    I am Lady J Wilson and my story is simple.
    My desire is to empower men and women to become all they can be in this life by knowing who they are. We will discuss areas that we can all relate to; Wealth Creation God's Way, The Criminal Justice System, Life Transitions, Marriage and Divorce, Business Wisdom for Non Business People, Where is the Church today, Health Matters and much, much more.
    Listen to our show, become enlightened and go to the next level!!!

  • Financial Breakthrough: How To Release God’s Blessings Into Your Life!

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    During times of financial famine; where overdue bills have piled up until it seems impossible that you will ever be able to pay them and get out of debt; when your finances are low and there never is enough income to provide the basic necessities for your family; when you live under such a heavy bondage of debt that spirits of fear, doubt and hopelessness attack your mind, you are promised God's provision!  Not just enough to get by or to meet your needs, but that you will have plenty and be fully satisfied!
    Join us every Saturday night at 7:00pm EST to learn how to Financial Breakthrough.  Dial 714-816-4636 and you are live on the air with Prophetess DyAnne Dempsey or listen via internet by going to: www.blogtalkradio.com/woman2womantalkingtomen.  If you miss the live broadcast, please go to my Facebook page: Prophetess DyAnne Dempsey and listen to the recorded broadcast.  I pray God will bless, heal and deliver all that listens to this message.  Thank you for your support!!!

  • The SUNday Morning INspiration with C Maria Wall (The Saintly Sinners)

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    Beware those folks who are Saintly Sinners! They are those who "MAN" worship as the salt of the earth when in essence they are worst than those who sin outwardly. These people are the true wolves in sheeps clothing. Stop buying into hearsay, deceptions and lies!  Satan is sending his sugar coated sinners to the people more and more each and every day! Stop buying into the smooth talk of satans sharpest sinners. 
    This Weeks INspiration: 
    Romans 3:23 
    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

  • HE is Already There

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    How is the view from where you are standing? We will be discussing what happens when you view things through your own len.
    Connect we us:
    Email: Info@thevoiceinme.com
    You spoke, we listened...New classes on Finance coming soon...

  • Phoenix and Butterfly Welcome AfroDisiac @Afro__Disiac to Rainbow Rendezvous

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    Meet our special guest,  AfroDisiac.  We will be interviewing Afrodisiac about her work, what she is currently working on, her life, and how she balances it all.
    Our Hosts for this episode will be Phoenixstar9 and Butterfly! Feel free to call in and ask questions, or just listen to the show.
    She is an Artist, Designer, Model, Queer Performer  From San Francisco but is currently living in LA
    Check out her work /videos http://www.hub.com/users/cherry_juiceboxxx/videos
    Hella Brown ~Real Sex In The City: http://www.pinklabel.tv/on-demand/?scene=hella-brown
    Pink and White CrashPad Series : https://crashpadseries.com/queer-/?episode=episode-107-afrodisiac-and-j-bird
    Twitter~ @Afro__Disiac  Instagram~ @Afro__Disiac

  • Controlled Remote Viewing Radio Show: Daz Smith - RV & Everything Eight Martinis

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    Live:  September 6, 2015 6pm Eastern / Midnight UK Guest Call In:  (646) 546-9546 Host Teresa Frisch and Guest Daz Smith discuss RV and Everything Eight Martinis   "What is an 'eight martinis' result?  Well, this is an intelligence community in-house term for remote viewing data so good that it cracks everyone's realities.  So they have to go out and drink eight martinis to recover."  - Ingo Swann
    Daz Smith has been Remote Viewing in the UK since 1997. Daz trained in the Military technique called CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) and is a graduate of Lyn Buchanan's (P>S>I) Operational Certification Program. This certification program is designed to challenge viewers to produce CRV work in a style and at a caliber that meets or exceeds new industry standards. 
    Many examples of Daz’s Remote Viewing projects and participation can be found on this website.  This includes large projects including four-plus  years of work at The Farsight Institute for Courtney Brown on the Climate change project, Multiple Universe Project and the (current) Mysteries project and others. Daz has also worked over 200 missing person cases to date (July 2013) for the U.S. police forces in cooperation with the Findme Group, client projects and private Remote Viewing consultation group work
    Photographer, webdesigner and author of three books, in March 2009 Daz created and published the first Remote Viewing magazine – Eight Martinis, State of the Art of Remote Viewing.  www.remoteviewed.com.
    SPONSORED BY:  Aesthetic Impact    www.aestheticimpact.com
    FOLLOW & LIKE OUR SHOW on Facebook Controlled Remote Viewing Fan Page
    FOLLOW & LIKE PWI Radio on Facebook    

  • Spiritual Warfare: How To Get That Demon Called Satan Off Of Your Back

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    Have you ever wonder why it seem you just can't get ahead in life especially in the areas of finances, relationships, rearing children, getting along with parents and your siblings, addictions of any kind, and whatever else that may be hindering you from being happy?   It is called Spiritual warfare.  
    The day has come when God’s people must walk in such a close, intimate relationship with Christ that they KNOW His voice, or they will be deceived by false teachers and prophets and be led astray. 
    Join us every Tuesday night at 7:00pm EST to learn how to DEFEAT THIS DEMON called SATAN.  Dial 714-816-4636 and you are live on the air with Prophetess DyAnne Dempsey or listen via internet by going to: www.blogtalkradio.com/woman2womantalkingtomen.  If you miss the live broadcast, please go to my Facebook page: Prophetess DyAnne Dempsey and listen to the recorded broadcast.  I pray God will bless, heal and deliver all that listens to this message.  Thank you for your support!!!

  • How to use LifeWave Patches for Menopause Symptoms

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    I have a LOT of women coming into my office looking for natural alternatives for menopause.  Initially some are concerned if natural treatments will be able to relief such severe symptoms such as fuzzy thinking, hot flashes and/or insomnia.
    I love using all-natural LifeWave acupuncture patches on all my patients because it is very quick, effective and my clients can do it for themselves! These patches work with your body, which means that it can actually prevent or reduce the severity of your symptoms rather than just relieving them temporarily! And the great news is you don't have to worry about all those side effects that so many prescription drugs have. 
    Join me as I interview Dr. Dennis Lobstein, LifeWave Expert, Doctor of Health and Exercise Science and Master of Asian Medicine as we discuss how to use these powerful, all-natural acupuncture patches to relieve menopause symptoms including: 
    hot flashes sleep disruption mood swings menstrual irregularity low libido Have questions? Tune in LIVE to have them answered by the doctors themselves. Curious about past LifeWave shows? Visit www.patchtrainingteam.com/lifewaveradio. 
    Know someone who is suffering from these symptoms? "Share the love" by sharing this free interview / Q&A Session with someone you love! 

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