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  • The Female Entrepreneur Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser

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    "We Can DO IT"  Positive Connection for Women Leadership Conference Dallas, TX
    The Female Entrepreneur focuses on personal and business development of female entrepreneurs under the umbrella of having fun in business, motivation and building our perseverance.
    With diverse topics ranging from developing business tools to staying focused on your vision, this weekly show is devoted to working through and beyond obstacles and hurdles that women entrepreneurs deal with every day. Whether you are challenged by money, time, fear or lack of support, The Female Entrepreneur is committed to providing  solutions while having fun.
    WOMEN DO BUSINESS DIFFERENTLY THAN MEN: As women, we tend to juggle more than most men in business. Learning to balance our lives, feel fulfilled, make money and keep everything around us working can be quite a challenge.
    Show host and creator, Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser, described as a tenacious, passionate, radio show host, professional and entrepreneur has worked with the small business community, since 1993.
    Janice has coached and mentored more than 10,000 small business owners & professionals nationwide.
    Her career in ministry & business is driven with a desire to assist small business owners.

  • Having the Last Say: Capturing Your Legacy

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    Those of us on the Feisty Side of Fifty are grappling with a number of important questions. How do I make sense of life now that I’m in my third act? How can I share the lessons I’ve learned with my loved ones? How do I leave a bit of myself—my legacy—for generations to come?
    Alan Gelb, bestselling author, has come up with the go-to guide for capturing these important concepts through writing one small story. He is joining us to share all about his book, HAVING THE LAST SAY, and how each of us can craft a lasting legacy. If you are a boomer with thoughts and life lessons you want to share with generations to come, you’ll want to be certain to tune in for this one!

  • Build Your Life Again

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    Roz Bazile is a life coach, author, mentor, and entrepreneur. Her coaching programs empower women to live fulfilling lives after they have faced major life challenges. Her signature coaching program, Still The Lady, was birthed to address the unique needs of former pastors’ and ministers’ wives after a devastating divorce from her husband who was a pastor. She navigated the painful and humbling process, rediscovering herself and her purpose. 
    Unemployed and transitioning from a large home into a small apartment now as a single mom, in less than five years Roz was able to purchase a home, put her kids through college, and start multiple businesses. She now helps other women who need to rebuild their own lives and live out their life’s purpose and dreams on their terms.

  • I am Xena Radio Featuring Julie Stephens: Empowering Women

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    I am Xena Radio Featuring Julie Stephens:  Empowering Women

  • 5 Things I've Learned About Being a Widow

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    In this episode of DivaTalkRadio, I will share the 5 things I've learned about being a widow. On March 19 of this year (2015), my darling and most loving husband died in my arms after battling liver cancer. While I thought I was prepared, the realization of his death put me in a total tailspin. From personally witnessing what the body goes through as it is dying, the shutting down of organs, the color changes of the skin, the smell...smell of death and dying; to feeling alone, afraid, panicking, and losing hope of growing old together. The experience was hard and continues to be hard today.  Through my faith and close friends, I'm slowly walking in GRACE and learning about myself everyday. I'm learning that there are days that I feel on top of the world, then other days that I'm paralyzed and not wanting to get out of bed. However, through it all, I am a survivor. From this episode, my desire is that you will experience HOPE in that no matter what obstacles you are facing that you, too, will become an OVERCOMER! Be sure to join me!  xoxo Kelli Claypool Host of DivaTalkRadio

  • Women's Ministry Training: Listening Past Her Words to Her Heart

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    During this hour with Marnie and Cherrilynn Bisbano you'll discover:
    The different types of listening? (active, passive, hostile, inviting) How to listen with your entire body. Why people sometimes assume you are not listening and how to indicate that you are tuned into them. Distractions that cause you to become a poor listener. What to say and not to say while listening. What you can do while listening without jeopardizing the communication. Non-verbal signs and why they are important. Confirming you’ve heard correctly without sounding demeaning. How to become a better listener. Cherrilynn Bisbano teaches communication skills at various religious and commerce events. She was a Multi-Media Specialist with the Rhode Island Air National Guard for 10 years where she was the liaison between generals, senators and non-government officials, holds an Associates Degree in Communications, and was an instructor with the Military Leadership Academy for three years teaching professional and interpersonal communication skills. Learn more at www.WomenSpeakers.com/speaker-profile/1092

  • 09-02-15 SPOTLIGHT!!! with Najmah53

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    Najmah53 is a social activist, performing artist and radio host who addresses social issues on relationships, women's issues and Islam. Go to www.Najmah53.com for a more indepth look an Najmah 53 and her creativity.

  • 09-02--15 Cultural Pearls and Global News Gathering with Nimat Shahid

    in Women

    Cultural Pearls: Niamat Shaheed presents Global News Gathering from different time zones and addresses issues and topics with a Qur'anic perspective.

  • How To Be A Fit Mama with Kenya Moses

    in Women

    Kenya is the founder of Be A Fit Mama, Inc., and is dedicated to the empowerment of women. Her wisdom as a Women's Wellness Expert & Professional Dancer has proven to be an asset to numerous media publications, including, eHow, Livestrong, SF Examiner, Essence Magzine.

  • 09-02-15 Music & Moor with Latifa Ali

    in Women

    Latifa Ali is a film and radio producer who brings various guest and discussions to the airwaves addressing the creative arts of the day.

  • Colorism and the Business of Show Call In - 347.215.8933

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    There is a long history of colorism or shadism in the black commuity. It is in fact a problem that exists for many people of color in various groups around the world. The impact of it has been particularly painful for black women. It has created divisive rhetoric among black women and false perceptions have lead to a perpetuation of even more oppressive behavior. This show is going to be a part of an ongoing dialog that will explore these issues. Tonight's focus is as a result of a discussion in the Misogyny Exposed group about whether or not Kelly Rowland's career would be as great as Beyonce's if she wasn't dark skinned, which was suggested by one of the commenters. So the focus of this discussion will be on show business. There will be other areas explored as well in subesequent shows around this topic.  Please listen to the first two broadcasts found on the Episodes page "A Discussion About the Film Light Girls" and "A Dark Skinned Women's Revenge: An Interview With Rashida Marie Strober". Please call in with questions and comments. 347.215.8933.

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