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  • Can You Get Married And Keep Your Individual Identity?

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    Marriage is a blend of two people, but in some cases one person, usually the female, finds themselves disappearing after they become someone's spouse. Have you ever felt that marriage took away your personal identity? Are you waiting to get married before deciding to define who you are? Today we take a look at a recent magazine article and examine a few cases with couples in conflict over just how much of yourself do you surrender when you become part of a married couple

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    Part 4: NABWIC Presents the Top 4 Radio Shows To Date 2015

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      Talk is hot! 

    Talk is also widely diverse -- as diverse as the construction trade and the women who are making their mark on the industry.  Getting a handle on what's on the minds of other listeners around the country is a tough job. The results have proven fascinating to our listeners. Every week Blog Talk Radio spends 30 minutes talking to dynamic men and women who discuss relevant topics concerning issues resting on the minds of our listeners.
    During the last three weeks you've heard the top shows in countdown order. This week's show features our top show for 2015 year to date.  
      A conversation with Florida State Representative, Mia Jones tops our list at #1, representing the "Best of the Best" in our Blog Talk Series.   
    Our listening audience made their voices heard and have said that specific episodes are worth hearing again.  So here they are, our top Blog Talk Radio Shows brought to you by the National Association of Black Women  in Construction (NABWIC).
    Enjoy and forward this to a friend so they can tune in as well.
    But join us next week for a fresh series of live talk for August! 

  • "Women's Grace Grit & Gratitude: Why I'm Not a Fan of Being Nice"

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    Welcome to “Women's Grace Grit & Gratitude: Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Women”. Each week I offer information and inspiration for women to live happier and on purpose. As a women you have all the wisdom and strength you need for meeting the changes and challenges of your life when you call upon the guidance and support of your spirit and soul. When you learn to trust yourself as a woman and make your choices with integrity to your deepest values, more happiness in your life and your relationships will be yours. 
    In today's episode, I share how women are afraid of their anger, defaulting to being fake nice instead. Yet, anger is but information that something is off, and ignoring this information so as not to make waves or others uncomfortable never ends well for women. Learn how to engage your anger for what it is-an essential ally-and learn how to truly care for yourself and others by updating what it is to be nice!

  • Ask Your Questions: Legal Alternatives for Survivors of DV and SA

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    The National Latin@ Network and WomensLaw, a project of NNEDV, are excited to announce a partnership for a series of Blog Talk Radios on general questions relevant to domestic violence and sexual assault law in the Latin@ communities. The first of this series will take place on July 29, 2015. In preparation for this first segment and future segments, we would like to invite our community to submit any questions pertaining to domestic violence and sexual assault laws, specifically as these issues affect Latin@ survivors. You may submit your questions by filling out this form. While we cannot provide legal advice, as each case is unique, we hope to provide some useful legal information.  

  • Women’s Ministry Training: How To Be A Safe Haven For Other Women

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    During this hour with Marnie and Pamela Lau you'll discover:
    The definition of authenticity in woman-to-woman relationships. The #1 thing that holds women back from truly investing in other women. Practical steps women can take to start and form deep friendships. How social media and technology has both helped and hindered intimate friendships. Why it's harder for women of the younger generation to create meaningful connections with other women. The five patterns women need to internalize and practice in their relationships with other women. The importance of cross-generational relationships and the biggest hindrance in making them work. Ways to build time into your life to make friendships a priority. Pamela Havey Lau is the author of A Friend in Me and Soul Strength. A graduate of Liberty University and Colorado State University, she has taught writing at George Fox University and speaks around the country at conferences and retreats. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and their three daughters.www.PamelaLau.com

  • UNIA: Building A Black Global Business Network

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    Marcus Garvey was a man ahead of his time, whose vision was unfettered by the opinions of those around him. His imagination saw international shipping companies, publications circulating throughout the world, farming and industry on the continent of Africa, and so many things the restricted minds of men and women just two generations out of American slavery could barely fathom. But he built what he envisioned and proved that the genetic memory of many centuries of successful nation building was stronger than the few hundred years of repressed aspirations. Today we look at the rebuilding of a movement, during a time when global connections are ossicle with the mere touch of a few buttons on a computer. Minister Rahim Aton of the United American Progress Association discusses an upcoming convention which has the potential of recreating and solidifying a global business network

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    The Sandra Bland Incident, Session One

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    The Sandra Bland incident has garnered so much attention over the past week or so that I decided to reach out to some ladies.  I wanted to get their opinions as women who now live in a world where they no longer get the respect/protection they once received.  
    I broke this show down into two categories: I wanted to get the ladies' perspectives on how/if Sandra Bland could have handled things differently.  I also wanted to see what they felt the arresting office could have done differently to de-escalate the situation if at all possible.
    I'm joined by Crystal from Michigan, Lee from Florida, and TeAndra from Mississippi.
    the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  "No experts.  Just opinions."
    Show No. 501
    Scheduled for 65 mins.

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    Keepin’ It Real Even when It Gets Really Hard!

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    Evangelist Cynthia Diggs is a business woman, empowerment speaker, and founder of Cyndi 4Real Ministries… Realistic Expectations about Life. Cynthia works with women and teaches them how to expect positive results when dealing with negative situations. and still “Keep it Real”. The reality is that hard times happen, and it isn't about if but about when they do. Cynthia gives real, honest and straight-forward help for those who need it.
    Website: www.cynthiadiggs.com

  • Haz tus Preguntas: Alternativas Legales para Sobrevivientes

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    La Red Nacional Latina y WomensLaw, un proyecto del La Red Nacional para Terminal la Violencia Doméstica (NNEDV), se entusiasman en anunciar una colaboración para una serie de Blog Talk Radios que abarcaran preguntas generales sobre las leyes alrededor de la violencia doméstica y sexual en las comunidades latinas. La primera conversación tomará acabo el 20 de junio del 2015. En preparación para este primer segmento, invitamos a la comunidad que manden sus preguntas sobre las leyes pertinentes a casos de violencia doméstica y sexual, específicamente sobre situaciones que afectan a sobrevivientes latin@s. Puede enviarnos sus preguntas a través de este formulario. Mientras no podemos proveer recomendaciones legales ya que cada caso es único, esperamos poder proveer información legal útil. 

  • Wombanist Views Grandmothers & Matriarch Feature

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    Wombanist Views welcomes Robyn McGee, author of Hungry For More: A Keeping-it-Real Guide for Black Women on Weight and Body Image" to discuss her latest book Dear Nana:  Grandmother Tales of Love, Secrets and Going Home, which continues exploring the enduring power of family. Robyn is currently teaching Women's Studies and the Humanities at El Camino College Compton Center.
    We will discuss her latest book, as well as the role and significance of grandmothers -- matriarchs-- in the populations of African descent; as well as the recent massacre of church-goers- grandmothers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina. 
     Wombanist Views, created, produced, and co-hosted by Cherise Charleswell, is dedicated to broadcasting the voices of women who are doing positive and exciting things in their communities around-the-globe.
    Call In: (347) 945-5922
    Time: July 30, 2015
    3:30PM (PST)/6:30PM (EST)

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