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  • A Muslim Woman's Worth with Saleemah Hadi

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    Saleemah Hadi presents A MUSLIM WOMAN'S WORTH.  Addressing topics that surround the recitation of Qur'an and ideas reflecting the Sunnah of PROPHET MUHAMMAD.  Her invited guest include Imam's and pioneers in the Muslim American community.

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    Wealthy Wednesday Joelle Amouroux-Huttner Burn-out expert, EFT Practioner & Coac

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    Wealthy Wednesday Radio show hosted by Luci McMonagle, an Abundance Success Coach, is for Empowered Professional Woman like you that is ambitious, conscious and are determined to make a difference in the world. Like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WealthyWednesdayRadio
    Joelle is the Burn-out expert. She is an EFT practitioner as well as a coach. After a successful career as a Top Executive in the big Pharma, she suffered a Total Burn Out. After her recovery, her two sons were diagnosed with Autism and she used her new coping skills to deal with this new reality. She realised then that she needed to share her story to help others avoid Burning-Out. She trained as an EFT practitioner and a life coach with Tony Robbins and created her own company over a year ago. She helps people avoid Burn-out or recover from it, by helping people regain their self-confidence when their life is out of control. Joelle guides people through steps to help them re-define their own personality, their likes and dislikes and what makes them really happy on a daily basis. From them, people can define their purpose and then can decided what are the steps needed in order to never go back to this dark space. Joelle runs a 12 week program called “12 weeks to self-confidence” combining tapping and life coaching techniques to create the most effective transformation for her clients. You can find Joelle at www.joellespractice.com or on Facebook www.facebook.com/joellespractice.com.
    Listen today to find out how to receive 2 FREE tapping (EFT) sessions from Joelle!

  • 5 Catastrophic Mistakes You Can Avoid During a Tough Discussion or Disagreement

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    Do you cringe during tough conversations or dealig with difficult people? Do your palms start sweating? Do you look like a deer in headlights? GET READY...
    The Wise Woman Expert Panel is here tonight supporting and empowering women - the Wise Woman Way. 
    Learn five mistakes you potentially are making that are keeping you from healthy resolution.
    Our body language speaks directly to the sub-conscious mind and before we even say one word, we can potentially increase our chances of a more favorable outcome OR demolish our chances of being heard, understood or respected.
    Are you ready to become your most powerful resource - to be understood and respected for  who you are, what you do and your personal contribution to the whole? Get your FREE coopy of "Beginning Your Inner Journey to the Wise Woman Within".
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  • Domestic violence part 1

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    The most taboo issue to speak on is domestic violence in relationships. Both men and women have suffered through this yet it still continues.  How can we stop it or make more people aware? Join us for part one of this speacil,with your host Ms Shawnta and Co host Diva Shante. 

  • International Businessman Akbar Muhammad: Bridging The Cultural Gap With Africa

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    Philosophically African Americans relate to the continent of Africa as a homeland, but culturally, when it comes to customs, attitudes, behavior and expectations Blacks in America are Americans. Certain behaviors in terms of manners and respect are often perceived as missing on both sides, and these cultural misunderstandings can get in the way of establishing ongoing business relationships. International businessman Akbar Muhammad, a longtime representative of the Nation of Islam residing in Ghana, explains some of the attitudes and behaviors that must be addressed and resolved in order for Africans and African Americans to build the necessary trust and cooperation to establishmutually beneficial business relationships.

  • "Pink Viagra" - What You Need to Know (with Su Robotti from MedShadow)

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    The MedShadow Foundation seeks to prompt discussion between patient and health care provider about side effects, long-term effects and the risks and benefits of medicine. This includes asking deeper questions of the physician or pharmacist, looking at the pros and cons of prescription drugs, and if appropriate, exploring other options. Their founder, Su Robotti, joins me today to talk about the recently approved “Pink ”. Join us to hear more.
    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 
    Plaid FB: http://www.Facebook.com/PlaidforWomen 
    Plaid TW: http://www.twitter.com/plaidforwomen
    Su Robotti, Founder
    MedShadow Foundation

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    Going to the Dogs with Pet Adoption

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    Marty and Jake (and Teddy, Fifi and Sodapop before them), I am a proud pet parent! Dogs (and cats if you are so inclined) are unconditional love and tons of fun. However, they are also time, money, responsibility and commitment. Once you decide to get a dog, I encourage you to adopt. There are tons of good and loving dogs (and cats) out there in search of a good home.
    Jake would love it if you would listen to this show. If you are looking for a pet, he would love it even more if you would adopt and do for another pet, what I did for him. Listen, for Jake. 
    Website: www.getittogethergirlmedia.com
    Facebook: Get It Together Girl

  • Are we putting too much pressure on women to "succeed"

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    Join Johnnie and his inspiring and insightful special guest, Jean Nitchals as they discuss if the impact of our society's definition of success: money, status, titles is sending the wrong signals to women in the world today. How might diversity "quotas" be holding us back from tapping into the potential of women?  Are we able to be confident in our own vulnerabilities to allow women to feel safe reevaluating their personal career decisions and ambitions?  Could this gender neutral topic be one we can all benefit from and have a more mindful approach to work/life balance? Due to the overwhelming number of listeners that joined the last time Jean joined the show we graciously welcome her back! Her experience working in a fortune 50 environment as a finance wizard, long track record of as a proven change expert, entrepreneur and business owner, master in creative problem solving and  international duathlete will certainly make for a rich and healthy conversation.

  • It's YOUR Turn Radio Show-Heather Lehman

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    Hello everyone and thank you so much for being here! I’d also like to thank you for being open to learning new things. Every week it’s YOUR Turn Radio show features a new guest. Each guest has been handpicked by me for you! Each one is a trustworthy expert and our focus is YOU the listener. I am your host DENISE DOMINGUEZ and our beautiful guest today is...
    Heather Sayers Lehman has mastered the art of overcoming. Heather left a childhood home of drug addiction, public assistance and chaos during her senior year of high school. In her 30s, she decided it was time to get her shit together! She gave up her hardass, emotionally distant and heavily cerebral ways to embrace a new life of passion, empathy and happiness. Heather coaches frustrated professionals who want to get their shit together in their personal lives also and become tuned-in parents, get into shape and maintain better work-life balance! She helps successful thinkers become more insightful feelers. Find more about Heather atGYSTCoaching.com and BusyasaMother.com.

  • The Blessing in the Breaking

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    When a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, it is a blow for everyone — the patient and her loved ones alike. The shock of the diagnosis, the treatment options, the myriad of decisions to be made and the potential changes to everyone’s future can be overwhelming. The caregivers, who are vital to their loved ones, often find that this new journey requires great sacrifice, but they routinely rise to the challenge.~ Patient Resource.com. Tune in Thursday October 15,2015 at 6:00pm(EST). My guest; the amazing, enthusiastic and talented Keisha Pooler. Keisha beleives  "When words possess a pulse, they will always speak." Mrs. Pooler, promises that breathing life into language is more than a goal, it is a gift.  As an educator, author, inspirational speaker, spoken word artist, community caretaker, and breast cancer thriver, Keisha’s mission is to assist in society’s rebirth through the art of speech and spiritual empowermentAn award winning educator, she is a former 2004-2005 Morrow High School Teacher of the Year for Clayton County Public Schools. Also, she has twice been listed in Who’s Who Among America’s Educators and was twice named a Class Nobel Educator of Distinction, senior member of the Nobel Prize family, as testament to her work as both a mentor and teacher. Dail 646-716-7541 to join the conversation and find out how others who have experienced a diagnosis can assist Keisha.

  • WPH: Guest Tarri Bain Will Be Speaking On How Women Can Make Money Selling Fish

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    Tarri Bain an avid fish hobbyists will make an Appearance on Women's Power Hour Podcast. Tarri will discussing how women can make money while enjoying the second most popular hobby in the United States just behind Photography. Tarri has been keeping fish for quite a few years now. So, ladies come, listen to Tarri talk about this stress relieving hobby called fish keeping. Call in to learn how to make extra money selling fish on Craigslist, Aquabid or even eBay sales platforms. Call 1-347-677-1837

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