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    At The Table - Stocking the Bar & Signature Cocktails

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    This week's discussion focuses on Stocking the Bar and Signature Cocktails.

    At The Table explores the essence of lifestyle in the areas of design, homestyle, entertaining and hospitality. Hosted by The Savvy Host, Housewife Bliss and The Daily Basics featuring special guests each week.

    At The Table explores the essence of lifestyle in the areas of design, homestyle, entertaining and hospitality. Hosted by The Savvy Host, Housewife Bliss and The Daily Basics featuring special guests each week.

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    Ladies Chat

    in Women

    Ladies getting together via internet to have a good time in Jesus name ! Laughter, Empowerment, Fellowship, Fun and Lady chat

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    Style Buzz

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    We all know them, those girls who always pull it together and look Fabulous. What's their secret? Simple! They have the right tools and know how. Everything is easier when you have the right resources at your fingertips. Knowing what pieces match well with your own personal features and style will help you shop smart. Versatility, line, shape, color, texture and pattern are all things to consider when planning your perfected look. Image is everything! It not affects how we think, feel and act, it also affects how others react to us. Helen, of Miss Helen's Image Consulting can show how you can go from drab to fab in no time at all. Tune in as she teaches you how to mix and match pieces from your wardrobe, where to get great deals and introduces you to local resources who are available to assist you with your updated fabulous look. Accessories are the finishing touches that will pull our outfits together and with the help of Melissa from Signature Collection we will learn how to accessories for all different looks. Melissa, an expert in this field will explain how to create a cohesive and harmonious image through the use of accessories. Stay tuned every Tuesday to learn tips and tricks from professional and experts in the world of fashion!

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    real talk

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    how do u feel

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    Believe it instead of leaving it behind

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    Discussing how to believe in your own abilities!

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    What is Elevate Radio?

    in Women

    Elevate Radio - where our mission is to elevate women to life a life that matters.

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    POD*Radio Presents: "The ELITE DIVAS of POD"

    in Women

    This is #1 in the DIVA series to let our fans and our haters get to know us just alittle bit better. Hosted by: Mz. BoNa~Fide D.I.V.A U'niQue. Call-ins welcomed.

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    SwagHer Talks with Thais Mills of LipServiceInk

    in Women

    SwagHer talks with literacy advocate, Thais Mills, owner LipServiceInk and Enticing Objects.

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    Making Love Better

    in Women

    This week we welcome to WomanSphere Yanni Brown. She is the author of "Making Love Better Begins Within: A Journey In Love Lessons Learned"

    She will be sharing her amazing story of heartache, pain, the quest for love and finally TRIUMPH!!

    Join us as we support a fellow sister who has shared her story with the world and is changing the FACE of love through her work.

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    Having More In Your Relationship With Dad

    in Women

    Do you have any of these thoughts or feelings about your relationship with your Dad?
    • Dad just doesn’t understand me.
    • I can only take dad in small doses.
    • My relationship with dad is so surface.
    • I can never do it right when it comes to dad.
    • I love dad but we just don’t see eye to eye.
    • I wish I knew my birth dad.

    If one of these statements represents how you see your relationship with your dad and deep down, past all the hurt and upset, you really would like to have a more loving, understanding and intimate relationship, then do not miss this 4 week series as our guests tackle these very same issues.
    You’ll go away with clarity and the possibility of having more in your relationship with dad than you ever dreamed possible. Yes, regardless of how you currently feel about him, there is possibility for more…come get your relationship on track in time for an awesome Father’s Day and every day after.

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    Your Ex: to pursue or not to pursue

    in Women

    After their infidelity, a drawn-out break-up, and even the start of a new relationship, the ex now wants to reconcile. Ideas and opinions on how to decide if you want to try again.

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