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    2012 what is God saying now

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    God have something to say to has people now

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    Women & Money This Week: Does Investment RISK Freak You Out?

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    Can you afford to RISK anything when you put your hard-earned savings into an investment other than a CD? Thousands of people lost huge amounts of money in the last downturn and have foresworn ever investing in stocks. *Ever* Again*
    That losses were not a HUGE, horrible mistake on your part and do not mean that you should just quit the whole investing thing.  You mustn't quit.  If you do, it will have cost you twice.  You wil have lost money twice.
    Join me, as we talk about RISK.  The costs, the benefits, the perceived mistakes and what steps you need to take next to position your savings to weather most storms that are, simply, as much a part of life, as when you burn the mashed potatoes because forgot you'd left the burner on.  Seriously.

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    Sistaz that are Doin it for themselves!

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    Today we will be discussing women with their own businesses, and those aspiring to be sucessful business women.

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    Testing the show on my own.

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    They Should Have Never Gave These Groupies Money

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    It's 2012! Happy New Year Everyone!
    I discuss the latest episode of "Love And Hip Hop" that I saw and give my input on how I feel about this NEW brand of TV, and how it displays black women.

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    ODM: Can Money Buy Love?????

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    Though this is a topic that must seem to know the answer to, it seems that Love is not nearly respected by most as it once was. May be due the the quality of life that most Americans are focused to live has allowed a NO to become a YES when it comes to responding to this question. 
    It is hoped that we can re-discover the value of love through this show and bring to light that which encourages others to sell their love to others in return for things that moneny can buy. 
    This show will be an open-call show, all listeners are encourages to  call in and share your view/opinion dueing the live broadcast. 

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    What Hollywood Actor Does to END Obesity for our Kids!

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    Chris Casamassa is the President Red Dragon Karate and is doing his part to end childhood obesity!  www.reddragonkarate.com

    Chris started his martial arts training in 1969 at the age of 4 and has been actively seeking knowledge ever since. He made his first degree Black belt at the age of 10, and recently reached a milestone at the end of 2004 when he was awarded his 8th degree Black Belt in Red Dragon Karate, He also has earned his 1st degree Black belt in Shorin-Ryu under long time mentor and friend Steve Fisher


    Chris Casamassa has also created a unique and exciting program for kids called: KICKNFIT
    Kick-N-Fit is a 30-minute high energy fast paced circuit-training workout consisting of fun martial art movie style moves, along with Yoga & kickboxing drills that work every major muscle group The KICK-N-FIT Program burns fat and builds healthy muscle fast.

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     ARRIVING AT THE NEW YEAR!  SECURE, SEXY and SPECTACULAR" is the 3rd week of our 3 part series. Hosted by Suzette "Ms IMPERFECT" Alvaro,   Angel Richards, Speaker and Clarity Coach and the Talented THEOPHANISTYLE Tifini Lewis, Stylist and Radio personality (Jayeverydayradio).  As three Women come together from the East and  West Coast pulling from the Vaults in their lives sharing their honest truths. Encouraging woman to Embrace the BEST part of themselves and clarifying that women determine their own worth. With the New Year approaching it is essential to get healthy from the inside out and allow your true BEAUTY to shine! Let's Arrive at 2012 TRANSFORMED together!

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    Women's magazines

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    I will be talking about the stereotypes incorporated into American women's magazines, especially the whitewashing of different ethnicities.

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    Occupy Justice for All

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    Media reports on Occupy movements around the country would have us believe that gender men alone stand at the helm of leadership at Occupy sites across the country.Yet behind the scenes, women, transgender people, and people of color are working hard within the movement to insure that issues of gender and racial justice get on the Occupy movement's agenda and stay there. 
    In this month's show, we will speak with women organizers working to insure that the many different voices of the 99% are fully represented in this burgeoning movement for economic justice.
    Guests: Jillian Johnson, North Carolina, Kanene Holder, New York City, Paulina Gonzalex, LA.

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    Holiday Boot Camp: Dealing With The Crazies

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    How many times have we tried to create the perfect holiday, with the perfect food and invite the perfect people only to have someone or something come along and totally destroy our holiday spirit. Well this show is all about expectations, perspective and how we can have an amazing holiday in spite of any imperfection or any uunexpected CRAZINESS that happens. So join us if you are interested in enjoying the holiday in spite of CRAZY!! I can't wait to hear from you:)  Don't forget to visit me at www.theraewilliamscompany.com or at www.theraewilliamscompany.com/blog where we can continue the conversation.
    Your Bud In Bliss

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