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    Child Entrepreneurs Mimosas & MastHERminding with Lisa!

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    Kickstart your week every Monday with  Lisa Paolo & Kellie Kuecha!   Learn their insider secrets of how these two powerhouses raise a combined 9 children and run successful businesses working from home 100% of the time!  
    Lisa Paolo is first and foremost the mother of five children.  She was the Principal of a Middle School of the Arts in New York City.  Lisa was the youngest administrator appointed in the city of New York at the age of only 31.  She is currently implementing programs for children  that teach them to THINK!  To learn more about Lisa Paolo and get her free CD, visit  www.LisaPaolo.com  
    Kellie Kuecha is a marketing and branding expert specializing in women’s success. She is the CEO and Founder of The W.O.M.A.N. Club an online social network for women, Kellie Kuecha World Enterprises LLC where she leads events, seminars and trainings around the globe.  You can connect with Kellie @ www.KellieKuecha.com

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    God's Late is Always On Time

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    Today  TaMara will teach a powerful word about how to align ourselves with God's CLOCK and CALENDAR.   We live in a world where we have been taught to believe the CLOCK and the CALENDAR is the final word on the matter.

    Jesus told Martha and Mary regardless of the situation He was there NOW…which meant I AM ON TIME; believe my CLOCK and My CALENDAR.



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    Welcome to WeFlyy International

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    Coach Alissa introduces prospective members and listeners to WeFlyy International. She'll speak briefly on a number of topics that relate to the membership based opportunity for Christian Women who want to achieve higher levels of success in their lives. 
    Join her for this broadcast to learn more about WeFlyy International and what it takes to get from where you are to where you want to be in your life. 

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    Ask Cynae? Perfect Results 2012

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    Creations by Cynae specializing in Precision Haircuts & Coloring applications for women. Natural haircare for men, girls and boys. Licensed Hairstylist for 20yrs, new to ATL via Detroit,Mi. Ask?

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    Sassy Sensuous and Succulent Women w/ Cyndi Harris

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    Today's episode is called " I Believe In Love." As a relationship coach I have encountered so many excuses about why it is hard to find a good man.
    Well, I know there are plenty of greats guys out there looking to meet an amazing woman. So, if you have become a bit cynical about love. Listen today and find out why love is still alive.
    "Sassy, Sensuous, and Succulent Women" is a group of women having fun and experiencing life at its most lavish, lucsious, and luxurious best. Women who are enjoying the sensual and sexy moments in their lives with no apology, living in the moment and preparing the way for their lives to bring them the best and only the best: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spirituality.
    Are ready to receive allow yourself to come out and play too. Join us for 30 minutes of shared wisdom.
    For additional questions or to set up a private consulation with me. You can reach me at http://romancesexandlove.com or check our my videos at http:youtube.com/21stcsexgoddess.com

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    Wish it, Dream it, Do it! 'Your Inventor Mentor'

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    Join host Rebecca P. Cohen of RebeccaPlants.com for Wish it, Dream it, Do it!  In this episode, Rebecca interviews Julia Rhodes of KleenSlate Concepts and author of The Right Sisters: Women Inventors Tell Their Stories about why the American Dream is alive and accessible for women today.

    Wish It, Dream It, Do It! is a 30-minute radio show with inspiring interviews of people who have found their passion and are living abundant lives pursuing their dreams.  Learn how you can too.  Are you doing what you love?  Call in with your tips, or simply join each episode to learn how you can Wish it, Dream it, Do it too!

    Listen live from your desk or access the recorded episodes anytime.

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    Women's Bedtime Stories... What Women Want

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    Jump in bed with Maggie Love for Women's Bedtime Stories Sundays at 6:30pm EST to discover the Diamonds to being your Queeness!  
    Women today are working way too hard and taking too little time in caring for themselves.  We must shift our consciousness to QueenBeingness and be the leader of our Queendom.  
    The Diamonds are the gems of communication to have the life you desire.  Your high-ness is a result of disciplined communications that you will lead into your life, family, work and play.  We call it Playfulness Prosperity & Love!
    Relaxation, play and connection with other women is how we will lead our relationships with others including the men in our lives to guide our lives and create safe environments for our world we live in.  Please join us!
    Our sponsors include  BeverlyD,  Alive Playful Sensual Hair Care, www.BeverlyD.com  and 
    How To Talk to Men the seminar that teaches women the Diamonds of communication in a city near you!
    In Houston and Austin:  www.OpenHeartTraining.com
    In New York:  www.BusinessAsPleasure.com
    In Spain:  www.SageUniversity.com

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    M&M's - Mary and Martha

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    Are you juggling housework, career, ministry, and family?
    This is a  story of merging all as we walk in wisdom. We are not to forget the place of worship in our daily life. Likue 10:3842
    Worship means everything!
    Special Guest: My Mother, First Lady Evangeline M. Davis of Christ Pentecostal Church 815 Wood Street Norfolk, Virginia My Dad, Bishop Moses Lee Davis, Sr. Pastor

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    Men on Women Show: THE CONTRACEPTION DEBATE (preview)

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    The "Men on Women" (MOW) show tells it like it REALLY is, minus the spin and hyper political correctness.  If you want some down-to-earth, factual and toughtful commentary on the issues that face women in the 21st century, then tune in to get your realtiy fix, because "Men on Women" hold no punches - without domestic violence!!!

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    Want Ur X back? Listen in

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    Stressed out about a break up? Feel you can't do better?  listen in for some girl talk!

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    GS Tour to Europe

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    Joining us today is Ginny Youngblood, who will speak to us about the GS Tour to Europe and what Girl Scouts need to accomplish in order to sign up for this travel opportunity.

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