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    Optimism Speaks Podcast starts March 14th at 10am

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    Optimism Speaks Podcast coming to you soon...set your calender's Tuesday, March 14th at 10am! 

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    Loving Yourself, Part 3: Ho Ho Ho, No No No... Holiday Time Management Tips

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    In Part 3 of the Loving Yourself series, Luci offers tips to beat the stress of the Holiday season when time is short and your to-do list is long. It's okay to say "NO" and learning an effective way will help you manage all you want and need to do without guilt or disappointment. Listent to this important episode now and again later because you can use these ideas throughout the year!

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    Women, Wealth & Wisdom: WOMEN BUILDING WEALTH ~ Guests: Terri Jones & Dr. Sa...

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    WISE WOMEN OF WEALTH TODAY with Dr. Minetta.  This show is designed to Educate, Empower and Equip Women and Girls on How to Achieve Financial Success, Money Management Strategies, Wealth Building Keys, Money Mastery Mindset, Entrepreneurial Skills and Business Ownership.  Wise Women of Wealth Today will host and sponsors Financial Experts, Consultants, Coaches and Business Leaders will share their knowledge and expertise on financial management, money management, financial planning and wealth creation on the show.  HOST: Dr Minetta Hare, Founder/President/CEO  Wise Women of Wealth Global Enterprises  Wise Women of Wealth Global Fund  Wise Women of Wealth Global Communications GUESTS:  Terri Jones, President/CEO, TJ & TJ Insurance Agency.  Author, Speaker, Financial Coach and Wealth Builder  Dr. Sabrina Jackson, President, Sabrina Jackson Enterprises. Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Trainer and Radio Personality. Topic:  Keys to Financial Success for Women  WISE WOMEN OF WEALTH ~ 2017 Global Tours, Conferences, Seminars and Programs March 1-31:  WWOW Daily WEALTH Affirmations  March 9-30:  WWOW Bible Study and Prayer Conference Call ~ Thursdays @ 8pm ET  March 8-31:  WWOW Today Radio Show ~ Wednesdays @ 6pm / Fridays @ 12pm ET  March 20: WWOW Mentoring and Coaching Mastermind Program ~ Mondays @ 7pm ET  March 23-24: WWOW Power Networking Events March 24-25:  Women Building Wealth: Million-Dollar Women Entrepreneurial Summit  VISIT: http://wisewomenofwealth1.wixsite.com/wealthmovement

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    Do Black Women Belong in the Feminist Movement?

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    As the women’s march has concluded in Washington DC on January 21, 2017 and the Day Without A Woman on March 8th, the international woman’s day,  there were many rumblings not only about why women are feminists at all mainly by men but also the question of should black women even be involved in the feminist movement at all. Many people have always felt that the feminist movement has only truly benefited white women and not women of color. Black women have even said that the battle cries of the feminist movement has not spoken to their trials and tribulations. Who is this, dare I say it, roar really for? So the main question has to be asked: Do black women belong in the feminist movement?
    Your Host: Crystal Hickerson, of The Crystal Show. Please follow me on social media on Twitter @thecrystalshow1, on Facebook at The Crystal Show, listen to more podcasts at thecrystalshow.com, purchase my novels and find more at the portal site of crystalhickerson.com. 

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    NABWIC Talks wLinda Louissaint, Project Engineer Altman Glenewinkel Construction

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    NABWIC Talks with Linda Louissaint, Project Engineer Altman Glenewinkel Construction.  Your host Rachel Moore and Linda discuss the NABWIC mission of building resilient relationships in the construction industry.

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    Picking A Business You Are Passionate About

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    Every entrepreneur has a different story about why he or she decided to start a business. Some may have grown from a family of business owners and entrepreneurship is in the blood while others come up with ideas while working for someone else and decide to take the entrepreneurial leap.
    Most business owners will agree on one thing -- being an entrepreneur is great, but the road to get there isn’t a paved one. But there’s one top quality that can make the journey bearable (and fruitful): passion for what you love doing.
    Our guest for today has been passionate with assisting moms-to-be during childbirth and providing support to the family after the baby is born. Having experienced postpartum depression and anxiety, it has been her utmost desire to educate parents about perinatal anxiety/OCD and depression.
    This led her to turn her passion into a business.   
    Sara Skiles is the CEO and owner of Wichita Doula, a labor and postpartum doula agency for the discerning parent. Sara is professionally trained and/or certified in labor support, postpartum support, placenta encapsulation, perinatal bereavement, and other skills.   Sara believes strongly in the value of nonjudgmental support and walks alongside families as they learn what methods of birthing and childrearing are the best fit for their unique needs.
    As a strong wife, mother, business woman, and doula, Sara is a pillar in her community and can always be counted on to add warmth, empathy, and humor to a situation.
    In this episode, Sara shares the freedom and flexibility she experiences being an entrepreneur as well as the rewards and challenges.

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    Launching the Get HIPP About Your Health Radio Show

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    This is the first show to give you a taste of what to expect at the Get HIPP about Your Health Women's Conference on Saturday 8th April 2017 at the Holiday Inn - Basildon from 10:00am
    With great pleasure, we introduce our talented, bubbly and professional show host, Jacqueline Malcolm. 
    Hear from the organisers of the Get HIPP about Your Health - Women's Conference, Denise Parris and Colleen Grimmond. Check out our website, www.hippabouthealth.org for more information 
    Other Guest
    Lillian Lartey is a Health Fitness Expert and Mind Body Coach, founder of I Want My Body Back.
    She has worked in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry for over 17 years, and helps men and women, mainly between the age of 35-65, to relieve pain, symptoms of stress, and get their bodies back in shape. 
    As a result of working with Lillian, her clients move freely with no pain, feel relaxed, calmer, lighter, slimmer and have healthier, fitter, stronger bodies.
    Lillian’s passion around health, fitness and wellness, has led her to speak on Premier Christian Radio, ABN’s popular TV Series – Family Time, as well as on other various platforms where she shares her message to help people be healthier, fitter and stronger.
    Get a free copy of her latest book "How to Detox Easily, Safely & Get the Results You Want" when you register for the Get HIPP about Your Health - Women's Conference, click here 

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    Divas That Care Welcomes to our Show Caroline A. Shearer

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    Join Diva Candace Gish weekly, as she interviews dynamic women, social entrepreneurs, who are creating positive change in the world! #DIVASTHATCARE
    Caroline A. Shearer is the founder of Absolute Love Publishing, which was born out of a mission to create and publish projects promoting goodness in the world. Known as a fresh, distinctive, spiritual voice, Caroline’s visionary leadership is uplifting, gently blending love and inspiration. She is regularly featured as a luminary in print, broadcast, and online media, offering guidance and sharing positive stories of her personal spiritual journey toward a more abundant, joyful, and light-filled life. Intuitively guided, Caroline has a remarkable ability to unite others along a path of progressing and celebrating the experience of humanity.
    A bestselling author, Caroline's popular books include, "Dead End Date," the first book in the Adventures of a Lightworker metaphysical mystery series; "Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love;" "Love Like God Companion Book;" "Raise Your Financial Vibration: Tips and Tools to Embrace Your Infinite Spiritual Abundance," a min-e-book™; "Raise Your Verbal Vibration: Create the Life You Want with Law of Attraction Language," a min-e-book™; "Raise Your Vibration: Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life," a min-e-book™; "Where Is the Gift? Discovering the Blessing in Every Situation," a min-e-book™; and "Women Will Save the World."
    Caroline's Social Meida Contacts:

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    Silence Your Inner Critic

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    We all have a story we tell ourselves. But sometimes there's a narration about our lives read by the inner critic--that voice that tells us be blew it again, we're no good, and we can't do anything right. It's time to shut the mouth of that destructie voice. In this podcast, Dawn and the sisterhood, tell you how.

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    Trailblazer Neytte Johnson - Put Your Faith Where Your Fork Is

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    Celebrating Women: Created For Greatness. Our 6th annual celebration. In celebration of National Women's History Month our theme this year is similar to the national theme - "Trailblazers" Recognizing Women Who Are Leading The Way Professioanlly, Spiritually and Personally.
    Featured on the show today is Trailblazer Nettye Johnson. Nettye is a wife, mother, author, speaker, Christian educator and certified health coach, committed to helping adults grow in spiritual and physical stewardship.    A former technical trainer, Nettye developed a passion for health education and promotion during her 10 years with the nation’s leading weight loss company, Weight Watchers Intl. Her work in training, business development and operations management on local, state and national levels impacted thousands. In this work, she was struck by the decline of health and wellness in our nation and the importance of holistic education, motivation, resources and support to effectively address this trend. 
    To meet this need, she founded Nettye Johnson Faith and Fitness Services LLC, (NJFFS), a Christian wellness organization providing a science-based, faith-empowered approach to health and wellness. Her first book, Put Your Faith Where Your Fork Is outlines principles to inform and inspire the body of Christ towards healthy weight management. 
    Nettye excels in the grassroots engagement of groups through faith and social channels for education, support, and advocacy. An energetic speaker and motivational leader, Nettye informs, inspires and coordinates collaborative action on local and regional levels.

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    What is the New Black Woman?

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    The New Black Woman will bridge the gap between what society thinks they know about vs hearing from our mouths! Dial in and become conscious that The New Black Woman is emerging......

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