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    Fake Friends

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    Don't ever miss former friends

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    When Suicide Hits Close to Home, with Beth Saadati

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    For 25 years, Beth Saadati has taught high school English in public school, private school, and home school settings. One of her greatest joys has been investing her time and heart into the lives of hundreds of teens.
    Three years ago, however, Beth’s world forever changed when Jenna, her firstborn daughter, chose to end her life. There were no warning signs, no previous attempts, no indicators of mental illness. Jenna was fourteen. Writings Jenna left behind show that lies spoken by peers had somehow lodged in her mind until living became more than she thought she could bear. 
    Now, through speaking and writing, Beth shares Jenna’s story in hopes that it will start conversation, speak life, and encourage others to fight through heartbreak and hurt.
    Four of Beth’s stories were published in Chicken Soup for the Soul books in 2015. She is working on a young adult novel, based on Jenna's true story. Beth also blogs about suicide, depression, and hope in Christ.
    You can find out more about Beth at her website: www.BethSaadati.com
    Please listen in on your computers and call in with questions when the phone lines are opened. Thank you.

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    Intro to Childbirth with Dr Edi-Osagie, Cheshire Fertility Centre

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    If there is one thing that seems to be on the increase, it's issues with fertility and childbirth. This may be down to marrying later in life, diet, health or just the fact that we're giving it a scientific name and seeing just how many couples it affects. Today, we have Dr Edi-Osagie in the studio. We will be discussing the issues that affect women - particularly of a Nigerian and ethnic minority background, what they have to deal with, and what options they might have. Join us!!!

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    Women in Wireless Interview Series with Executive Women: LAURA MARRIOTT

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    Welcome to Women in Wireless Interview Series with Executive Women.
    WOMEN IN WIRELESS is a global networking non-profit group of over 12,000 members with the mission to connect, inspire and empower women in mobile and digital.
    I'm Liz Horowitz,  Co-Chair of the Executive Women’s Initiative with WOMEN IN WIRELESS.  
    We created this podcast series to hear the stories of exceptional women who've advanced to an executive level in this often male dominated industry and gain inspiration from their journey. 

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    HR 2221 Girls protection act of 2011 in in Congress,<3

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    Every body should call their REPS and senators ask them to co-sponsor  our bill that we have worked for over a year HR 2221 girls protection act of 2011, FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION is form of sexual slavery as you will hear in one of our interviews as long a girl has undergone mutilation regradless of age she is suitable for marriage in some communities, This week we travel to WEST POKOT IN KENYA listen to our live interview with one man a journalist against FGM JIRONGO LUYALI reporting for Mashua voice for the voiceless international. What I am trying to say is FGM is a crime that young kids are sold to sexual slavery, having been there it is disgusting and very painful, in the US over 280,000 girls are at risk of undergoing FGM some of this girls when they are transported to their countries of orin for the purpose they never come back they are married off, some do this crime in their US kitchen this is unacceptable in a country like this build under human rights!!! please support this bill save life, save childhood,save the innocence,save the womanhood and save the future, let us send a message to those who still think it is they right to violate a woman's body.

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    The Female Entrepreneur Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser

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    We Can DO IT"  Positive Connection for Women Leadership Conference Dallas, TX
    Tameshia Matthews
    Lefoxx International
    The Female Entrepreneur focuses on personal and business development of female entrepreneurs under the umbrella of having fun in business, motivation and building our perseverace with diverse topics ranging from developing business tools to staying focused on your vision, this weekly show is devoted to working through and beyond obstacles and hurdles that women entrepreneurs deal with every day. Whether you are challenged by money, time, fear or lack of support, The Female Entrepreneur is committed to providing  solutions while having fun.
    WOMEN DO BUSINESS DIFFERENTLY THAN MEN: As women, we tend to juggle more than most men in business. Learning to balance our lives, feel fulfilled, make money and keep everything around us working can be quite a challenge.
    Show host and creator, Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser, described as a tenacious, passionate, radio show host, professional and entrepreneur has worked with the small business community, since 1993.
    Janice has coached and mentored more than 10,000 small business owners & professionals nationwide.
    Her career in ministry & business is driven with a desire to assist small business owners.

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    The Powder Room Bouncer

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    Guest: Court Pardue
    So you might be wondering what exactly is a Powder Room Bouncer.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  It's a bouncer who mostly stands in the women's restroom.  Why would anyone do such a thing? That, my friend, is a valid question.  I, a lady, recently picked up a second job as a bouncer in a West Texas dance hall.  You people not from Texas might have heard of them referred to as "honkey tonks" but seriously, no one from here, or that has lived since 1988 has called them that.  It's a curious thing apparently, to be a "lady bouncer" out here in West Texas.  To me it seems as very logical and most people that I have discussed it with have agreed that, in general, it makes perfect sense. 

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    PowHER Network Live

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    We're excited to bring an abbreviated version of our very popular Women & Wine gatherings to a computer, mobile device, tablet near you. We want to reach as many people as possible. Even men are invited to tune in to the live broadcast!  This weeks topic: He Said/She Said...we're going to let a man weigh in tonight... Get your questions ready. It's free and all you have to do is log ontoblogtalkradio.com/powhernetwork or call 929-477-3580

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    A Phenomenal Woman-Nikki Smith

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    This show is inspired by and dedicated to all the phenomenal women, whether someone recognizes your worth or not, know that you are awesome. 
    Where you've come from, where you are now and where you're going is a testament to your strength and fortitude.
    Your life will be an inspiration to others.

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    I Want It All with Pinky Redd

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    We will have a conversation with Pinky Redd, a successful business women.  We will find out her inspirations and her drive for the start of this business and what she has planned for the future.  In addition, we have Auteria Wally Winzer Jr., who is back with us today to share his new music.  And we will learn a little bit about him.

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    How Can We Save Children Turned Violent

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    Its the same old familiar story. A youth gets shot, police say its "gang related" mothers cry, friends mourn, then it's forgotten. Until the next shooting. Then we start the game all over again. What kind of insanity is this? Why are we waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to care that the most neglected, impoverished, education deprived, misguided young people among us have been purposely supplied with weapons of war in order to kill us? We lost our children. Whether we blame absent fathers or drug addicted mothers, poverty, joblessness, or bad schools, the fact is, our families fell apart and we lost our children. H I'm reminded of the story of Animal Farm written by George Orwell, when a group of six puppies were taken away from their mother to be raised by one of the pigs who led the animal rebellion, named Napoleon. He raised the, in secret and about a year later they emerged as his own personal vicious army of attack dogs who would kill instantly on his signal, a sharp, shrill whistle.  Somehow we have let our enemies take away our children, through movies, television and the Internet, raise them and send them back to our community as vicious killers. How do we identify every single person in our city, every single child, and find out who among us has become, either out of fear, anger, greed or ignorance, one of those who are now used as weapons of mass destruction? Do we try to save them as a group or address them as individuals? Today's guest, Yah Ammi Founder of the National Registry, discusses the strange silence that must be broken about the self inflicted genocide perpetrated by youth. Can we create our own database that can identify, classify and track every human being on the planet? Whose children are these that are being used to kill? How do we help them return to a state of conscious humanity?

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