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    We Speak With Plus Size Model Ebony Walker Our #FFFWeek Sponsorship Runner Up

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    Women Obtaining Wealth  is an online entrepreneurial website helping others stream their financial dreams using online platforms. Urban Thick is one of Women Obtaining Wealth's creation.
    Urban Thick is an online plus size boutique and consignment store. On this episode, we'll discuss speak with plus size model Ebony Walker our #FFFWeek Sponsorship Contest runner up.
    Ebony Walker, originally from Richmond, VA , knew at an early age that she wanted to do something big in life. For years she was told she was beautiful and she should be on television. Ebony is one of the featured models for the  Miss Diva Kurves 2016 Kurves Calendar. You can purchase a calendar using this link: http://www.missdivakurves.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html Once you get to the Paypal page look for the line that says "Type Name of Model Who Referred You:" and type my name (Ebony)

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    Why Black Men Walk Away From Black Women

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    This Sunday night's show was prompted by an article entitled, "Black Men, Walk Away From Black Women - 12 Good Reasons Why!" The article written September 23, 2016 was taken from it's author's book entitled; "Negro Wars" by Babatunde Umanah.
    This articles states 12 reasons why Black Women are no longer a viable dating and/or marriage option for Black Men! The 12 reasons stated by this article are as follows: 1. Violent, 2. Foul Attitudes, 3. Irresponsible and Disrespectful, 4. Weaves, Tatoos, and Fake Everything Else, 5. Hatred for Black Children, 6. Don't Value Good Black Men, 7. Unhygenic, STD's and Poor Health, 8. Preloaded w/Children, 9. Argumentative, 10. Materialistic, 11. Worship Feminism, 12. Worship White Men      
    Are these allegations true; or are these allegations a bunch of worthless empty propaganda and rhetoric? What was the author's intent? Did he write this article to use as an excuse to date white women? One thing that we doknow for sure, there is definitely tension between Black Male and Female relationships.
    Our guests tonight concerning this issue is cultural strategist Dr. Aundrea Matthews who holds a PhD from Rice University. Dr. Matthews is also an Educational Leader, Coordinator Diversity Manager, Strategic Engagement, and Program Designer.
    Helen "Myeka" Edmond-Bevel, she is the Chairperson of The Institute for the Study & Advancement of Nonviolence. Myeka (as she is affectionately called), is also the former wife of the late Rev. James Bevel who worked in conjunction with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by organizing the march from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery during the Civil Rights Movement.
    Our third panel guest is Mr. Charles Tyler. Mr. Tyler is the Creator and Organizer of African American Men for Afro Brazilian Women. Mr. Tyler has over 15,000 followers and has taken up residence in Brazil!

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    Using Facebook to Target Prospective Clients!

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    Join me on Successful Woman Radio as I continue with the theme, "Getting New Clients!"  There is still much to be accomplished in this 4th quarter of 2017 and that includes attracting new prospects for your business.  Today, I'll be sharing "Using Facebook to Target Prospective Clients"
    Book of the Month
    Our Book of the month sii "Get Clients Now" by C.J. Hayden. This is definitely a book you want in your success library!  The author shares in a clear and concise manner a step-by-step system for attracting and getting new prospects!  
    Here's the book link on Amazon: 

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    Special moments designed especially for you...

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    Ladies, this is one of those special segments that you will not want to miss.  You will also want to share the archived link with many in your circles because I guarantee that Mrs. Ala Yvonne Corbin, author of From Me to You will reach your heart with hers. Yvonne, as she's known, has experienced a full and rich life; one with bumps, twirls, twists, pains, losses, fears, hurts, scars hopes, dreams, and joys - just like us. 
    She is a counselor, motivational speaker, and holds many certifications for her work and ministry involving youth and women, in various stages of life, including crisis pregnancies, teen suicide, domestic violence, homelessness, penal correction, as well as hospice and pallative care.
    During our chat, Yvonne will share choice sections of From Me to You which can be purchased from a number of outlets, including Christian Books, eBay, and Amazon.  
    Plan to join us for an extended 30 minute program on Monday, October 2nd at 3:30 pm, PST. During the show, you may call in with your questions and comments (646) 716.8344. Or, you can leave a message at (650) 741.4137 for a return call, afterwards.   

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    WWD 135 ABC List

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    ABC List

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    Double Up With Kenji Kumara the Quantum Lightweaver & Power Hour With DC Love

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    eFactor Media is bringing you media that matters.   
    Hour 1 - Step Into The Gap with Kenji Kumara and Quantum Light-Weaving.  Kenji brings practical Shamanism to assist with getting through the day to day world, and transcending troubles.  So many people are seeking enlightenment and empowerment, and feel that they need to follow guru's and experiencing life-altering events or hit rock bottom to become a healer or teacher, but is that necessary.  How about if you just want to live more authentically while living in this world...   Come and find out more, experience an activation, hear Kenji share his wisdom in this  candid conversation...
    Free gift:  https://kenjikumara.com/efactor-show/
    Hour 2 - Come and experience magic and miracles through the intuitive guidance given through DC Love.  DC Love shares the beauty of communications that come through her from departed loved ones, angels, and the Divine.  One never knows when Joan Rivers will come in as well as her departed guide-dog Ginger.    Find out more about DC Love, her products and services, visit www.therealdclove.com 
    **The information shared on these interviews does not replace medical diagnosis or treatment.  This broadcast is brought to you through the Freedom of Speech.  All participants must be 18 years of age or older**

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    Conscious Communications with Hay House Author, Mary Shores

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    If you own a business, or are struggling to create a life in alignment with your desires, then this is the show for you. Author, Mary Shores, will discuss key points from her new book, Conscious Communications. In her book, Mary shares her own experiences and provides relatable lessons for you to apply to your own personal and professional goals. Join us... You are sure to come away with useful tools that you can put into action right away!

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    Why Bringing Women Together Will Change the World

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    Women are amazing! And together we can accomplish the impossible. But there's still so much jealousy and negative competition between women... Like Taylor Swift and Katie Perry. But what happens when women put that aside and lift each other up? Listen in as Crystal Kelly (Founder of Power of Your Purse) talks with us about why women coming together will change the world.
    Follow Crystal on Twitter and Instagram
    And learn more about us at www.SisterRadio.com

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    Welcome To How Do I Know I Love Myself

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    It's time to take a course about you. This conversation is not about who you have become....this is about who you are....authentically!! 
    Should you be arrested for loving yourself....would there be enough evidence to convict you? 

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    Meet MERCEDITA Noland, CEO/Founder VeriDiva Women's Business Networking Group.

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    MERCEDITA (MERCY) NOLAND.known as Mercy is the Founder/CEO of VeriDiva Women's Business Network.
    Mercy is Founder and C.E.O. of VeriDiva Women's Business Networking Group. 
    After year serving in top leadership positions in other women's networking groups, Mercy went back to the drawing board and reviewed the effectiveness of each of those groups, and decided to establish VeriDiva in 2010.  The Group's membership guidelines are based on Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People",  using the Synergistic Collaborative & Transformational Relationship Model.  VeriDiva's mission is to develop and establish a truly transformational relationship-based networking for women that will provide and enhance values to each member both on a personal and professional level.  VeriDiva is coined after two special words - "Veritas"  which means "Truth" in Latin, and "Diva" which is Italian feminine for a "Leading Star".  VeriDiva has a strict one core business or profession per member per chapter.
                Mercy is also  a 21-year career registered financial professional.  She is a Financial Advisor with LPL Financial.  Mercy is a highly-trained Specialist who is dedicated to helping her clients define and achieve their financial goals.   As a passionate lifetime advocate for women and children's rights. Mercy is actively involved in various charities in Temecula Valley
    Mercy can be reached via email mercynoland777@gmail.com, 714-393-6739, Send a tfiend request on Facebook  (mercedita Noland) Follow on Instagram (veridivamercy. Also through the contact page of www.veridiva.com, connect also via Linkedin.

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    LIVE After Dark! "In Search Of Mr Goodbar - Looking For Love After 50"

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    The Falsehood of Romance..
    Tonight we talk about "Looking For Love" after 50/The Good Man Challenge. People are always saying: There are good men out there! What's the basis for these widespread, consistent accusations that there's not any GOOD men out there? We hear it all the time. Some say there are some. Others say there are not any. Let's delve into the ins and outs of this convo and see what we can dig up. It's Friday the 13th! And Halloween is just around the corner. Who's your BOO?
    So what IS the definition of a GOOD MAN? And ARE there any out there? Now, before you answer, one rule. You have to be a women to truely answer that. Or do you?  Does a man really know... "What Women Want?"
    Because we want it all! Romance, courtship, chivalry, respect, love and your loyalty.
    Why did LOVE die? And how are we going to rebuild it? How do we put the ROMANCE back into relationships? Where have all the gentlemen gone?
    And women. We have we played our part in running them off. 
    The second have of the hour of our show we are going to talk about "The Falsehoods of Love" We will talk about stepping outside the house, and believing the arms you are running to, are safer than the ones at home.
    Tonight as we get Live After Dark on this Friday the 13th.. we gonna get the BOO on you!
    Sitting in the LIVE! studio is our own Ms. Diamond RyanQ
    And yours truly ONYX!
    With Conversations With Onyx!

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