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    Seeds of Destiny!

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    You and I have been created with destiny in mind. God knows how he wants to use our lives. He has a plan to grow and prosper us in our heart, mind, soul, and spirit. But his plan for us starts in seed form. It must take root and grow. So don't be discouraged--you have seeds of greatness in you! Stay rooted and grounded in God and his Word and you will see those seeds take off and flourish!

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    We Speak With Plus Size Model Ebony Walker Our #FFFWeek Sponsorship Runner Up

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    Women Obtaining Wealth  is an online entrepreneurial website helping others stream their financial dreams using online platforms. Urban Thick is one of Women Obtaining Wealth's creation.
    Urban Thick is an online plus size boutique and consignment store. On this episode, we'll discuss speak with plus size model Ebony Walker our #FFFWeek Sponsorship Contest runner up.
    Ebony Walker, originally from Richmond, VA , knew at an early age that she wanted to do something big in life. For years she was told she was beautiful and she should be on television. Ebony is one of the featured models for the  Miss Diva Kurves 2016 Kurves Calendar. You can purchase a calendar using this link: http://www.missdivakurves.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html Once you get to the Paypal page look for the line that says "Type Name of Model Who Referred You:" and type my name (Ebony)

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    Why Intentional Focus is the Key to an Abundantly Successful 2017

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    Recently, I was going through some old family photos and came across one from about 15 years ago which made me laugh. I remember that day so well because I wanted everything to be perfect and that didn’t happen. The whole family was together, including my stepson, his wife, and our granddaughter. During the photoshoot, the photographer did something to make my husband mad, so he wanted to leave and not continue with the shoot. In the picture, my one daughter has a funky smile, my other daughter’s hair was all messed, my husband has an angry look on his face, and my eyes are all red from crying. What a mess…our family pictures were ruined!!
    I think this story represents so many areas of our life. We want things to be perfect that we neglect to see the real beauty in the moment. We have to have things OUR way and when it doesn’t go according to plan, we freak out. Sometimes we forget to see the big picture and we are not intentional with making memories that we can enjoy for a lifetime. 
    My husband has since passed away and my kids are grown adults…what I wouldn’t give to have another opportunity of taking a family photo, even if it didn’t turn out so perfect. To be honest, it’s probably my favorite picture that I have with my family! You see, everything doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy your life! On the next episode of DivaTalkRadio, I will be sharing my three areas of intentional focus for 2017. You are personally invited to join me as I hope to encourage you to create areas of intentional focus in your life so that you, too, can enjoy #theblessedlife!

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    Meet The "Wealthy Yogi" Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

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    Meet Dr. Roshawnna Novellus. Author,Wealth & Mindfulness Multiplier, and Business Strategist. Dr. Novellus uses a  Holistic approach regarding your finances, Dr. Novellus is also known as The Wealthy Yogi. whose role is to apply an  insightful thoughtful leadership into guiding generation of people to financial balance.  Her goals as a Wealthy Yogi is to advocate for more mindful outlooks while pursuing strategic objectives.
    Dr. Nvellus holds a Doctor of Science in Systems Engineering, with a Minor in Finance from George Washington University; a Master of Science in Information Technology emphasizing Information System Engineering,  A Bachelor of Arts in Business Management Economics; and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering achieving Summa Cum Laude in each. 
    Hold on to your seats as we dive right in. The Women Are Worthy Radio show welcomes. Dr. Roshawnna Novellus. The Wealthy Yogi

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    The Invisible Woman!!

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    Feeling invisible and accepting it as the next reality phase of life?  CUT IT OUT!  But how?  It's actually easier than you think.  It's an inside and outside job.
    Join Sofia in a fun and frank chat with Psychotherapist, author Dr. Robi Ludwig who gives scientific proof that we’re not really stagnant or going downhill after 40… at least we don’t have to be!  She and Sofia explore what part do the messages we get from Hollywood, our pre-conceived ideas and the men in our lives play in how good or bad we feel about ourselves as time goes on.
    Sofia’s interview with author, international make-up artist Sally Van Sweringen had her own ah-ha moment when she got stuck in her mom-look and shares how she responded.   Sally tells us how to step it up, and own our beauty power for ourselves and (yes) the men in our lives. 
    Sofia uses Sofia Unleashed to help her own her true self... FINALLY!

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    It's YOUR Turn Radio Show- Nella Chikwe

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    Nella Chikwe knows what it takes to be UNSTOPPABLE in life & in business. Her unwavering relentless determination & resilience to live out her purpose driven life and expansive vision with confidence, certainty and conviction has made her a highly sought after International Acclaimed Speaker, Leader, Advisor & Purpose to Profit Strategist where she’s divinely called to raise up & revolutionize Visionary Women Leaders Globally. She is a Founder & CEO of multiple organizations, one of which she specializes as a leading authority on empowerment, leadership with power of influence & impact. Her extensive experience and professional background has made her an expert in areas of: personal power, women in leadership, wealth creation, financial literacy, mindset mastery, sales & networking, public speaking, personal & business development where she has received many Achievement & Acknowledgment Awards throughout the course of her Leadership, Sales & Speaking profession. 

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    The Female Entrepreneur Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser "We Can DO IT"

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    Today's Guest
    Maria O. James
    Health & Wellness Author / Speaker
    Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser has been described as a tenacious sales and marketing professional who is at the “Top of Her Game”. Her marketing skill has developed through an involvement with many direct selling organizations throughout the past 25 years.
    In August 2004 she founded and launched JMA Publishing. The first publication, The Fort Worth Small Business Times was launched in August 2004 with 27 prepaid ads. Her company is a 100% woman-owned minority business. In addition to the publications, in 2004 and 2006 she founded and sponsored The North Texas Christian Women’s Chamber, North Texas Christian Motivational Speaker’s Association & the National Motivational Speaker’s Association. Finally in 2005 she created the first radio talk show for small business owners. The Voice of Small Business focuses on providing critical information to assist small business owners in bisiness growth. Additionally, Janice produces five radio shows each week, Insight Christian Radio, Competitive Edge, The Female Entrepreneur, The Factor of “P” & My Millionaire Mindset.

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    Expressions of ... Women's lives, happiness and creativity! The gift of Laughter

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    In this pre- festive episode of 'Expressions of ....' Rosie Wall and Clara Gibson share the funny side of life and how relieving it is to have a near knicker-wetting, side-splitting, tear-streaming, laugh.   It's good if you are with others, but if you're not, it doesnt matter.  You can find humour in the most serious and the most light hearted situations.  Lighten your life, it's time to let yourself free with the gift of laughter! 
    So put the festive preparation lists down, and you feet up and listen in to this madly refreshing 30 minutes.
    If you want to help your immune system get through this 'festive' period and all the germs that are circulating, treat yourself here.

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    Suzanne Lorenz

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    Suzanne Lorenz

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    Author, Podcaster and Speaker, Tim "Timo" Olson and Author, Efia Leatham

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    Tim Olson or as his friends call him "Timo" tells his unique story in his book "Growing Up Nobody".  He shares his story about being raised in a dysfunctional home. Timo says, "My dad suffered from mental illness.  He was diagnosed with depression and paranoia. His insecurities made our home life difficult." Having spent a major part of his life overcoming many hardships life dealt him, he now uses his experiences to inspire others. He says, Because of forgiveness I was able to let go of the anger I carried around for my dad and many others. Timo also motivates others with his book, his podcast "The Timo Show," his blog, interviews, and speaking engagements. | www.timolson.info
    Author Spotlight
    Efia Leatham is the founder of Live Agape Love, an online source for inspiration for victorious living, by reframing your thinking one day at a time. She is also the author of her new inspirational book, The Daily Word – Frame Your Day for Victory in 60 Seconds. Her passion for helping others win is experienced when speaking on air, on stage, and one on one motivational sessions.  | www.FrameYourDayForVictory.com

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