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    Women's Q&A: Advice of the Day

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    Women have questions and we have advice. Join the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Women's Empowerment Launch on Saturday Mornings @ 8:30 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time) for Women's Q&A: Advice of the Day. Email your questions to beyou@beyoutifultransformation.com; for a feature on an upcoming show. Now, remember always to 
    ~Be Empowered & LIVE~ 

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    Intro for tonight

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    Doing Business In The City: A Conversation With Rebecca Hillegeist

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    Be Inspired and empowred. Learn to connect and collaborate for personal and professional success in 2017. Join Chloe Taylor Brown, founder, The Chloe Xperience, executive coach, author and host of I Am Woman Radio with Tia Buckham-White, principal, Notre Internationale, leadership consultant and busiess contributor for I Am Woman Radio as the engage in a dynamic converstion with Rebecca Hillegeist of the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber (Atlanta, GA). Find out what Rebecca says is "the heart" of any city and why it's important to building our connections annd turning our businesses into enterprises. Tia shares applicalbe tips and effective way to to connect, buid rapport at meetups and networking events.
    Connect with us for "Sophisticated fun... Because doing business doesn't have to be boring."
    ~Chloe Taylor Brown

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    Mz.Cherry Checking The Airwaves

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    MzCherry checking the airwaves for new host training. Getting ready for 2 new shows hitting the CherryRich Network! Dec. and Feb.

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    What did you do for your 21st birthday?

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    In this episode, Tay & Tea introduce themselves, reminisce on their 21st birthdays, discuss blood donation and their expectations for their new podcast!

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    Hoe Chronicles W/ Tiffany & Val

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    We just wanna talk about hoe shit!

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    What is Jealousy

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    Jealousy is an emotion that is typically associated with negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity. Jealousy is often a combination of anger, sadness and resentment. The experience of jealousy may include fear of loss, suspicion or anger about a perceived betrayal, uncertainty, loneliness and distrust.
    Jealousy has been scientifically defined as the fear of an anticipated loss of a valued aspect in a human relationship. Jealousy is often mistakenly confused with envy. Envy is the emotion that occurs when a person desires a quality, achievement or possession that another party enjoys. Envy does not refer to the relationship connoted by jealousy.
    The most often discussed and researched jealousy is romantic jealousy. In romantic jealousy, one partner becomes jealous if the second partner spends time and gives attention to an outsider. The jealous person believes that this attention detracts from the attention that he or she should be receiving from the other partner.
    Jealousy is often associated with vengeance. Studies have shown that people with high levels of jealousy often have a strong desire for revenge. Aligned with this finding is the fact that people with lower forgiveness scores also have greater vengeance scores. This fact may help people identify others who are jealous of them and most likely to perpetrate acts of revenge. Through early detection, these acts of revenge may be thwarted.

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    Life After Divorce

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    Alot of women feel insecure, less than and as if they are a failure after divorce. No matter who initiated the divorce. No matter who the blame has been applied to. Some women adapt to the spirit of depression and even bitterness towards all men. There is life after divorce and it does not have to be spent bitter, afraid to love/trust or in shame. Ladies you can live even after divorce.

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    Getting Over Your Past

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    5 Ways to Let Go of Past Hurts
    Make the decision to let it go. Things don't disappear on their own. ... Express your pain — and your responsibility. ... Stop being the victim and blaming others. ... Focus on the present — the here and now — and joy. ... Forgive them — and yourself.

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    Its lit

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    Co host

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    Sisters Supernatural

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