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    DID YOU SEE THE MOVIE? DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT? DO YOU NEED TO PROCESS IT? Grab your alcoholic or non alcoholic drink of choice and lets discuss with WOC and Allies.
    This will be a non-academic facilitation of the movie "Get Out"
    Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy and Dean. At first, Chris reads the family's overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter's interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined.
    Prior to the event, you need to see the movie or their will be spoilers.

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    Healthy Eating on the Go for PCOS

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    Many women with polycystic ovary syndrome find that their busy schedules make it difficult to eat healthfully. With nutrition being an essential part of PCOS management, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Martha McKittrick, R.D., C.D.E  joins Sasha Ottey on the PCOS Challenge radio show to give tips for healthy eating on the go.
    Martha McKittrick is a registered dietitian, certified dietitian-nutritionist and certified diabetes educator in New York City. She specializes in weight control, cardiovascular health, diabetes, sports nutrition, PCOS, GI issues including IBS, women’s health and preventive nutrition. She has worked at a major New York City  Hospital for over 20 years as well as in private practice. Martha has appeared on numerous television, radio and webcast programs. She has written for publications and serves as a nutrition expert on sites including EveryDayHealth,  About.com, and CafeMom.  Martha also lectures on a regular and has been a spokesperson for several major companies. She also served as the nutritionist for a New York City Marathon.
    Join other women and girls with polycystic ovary syndrome at PCOSChallenge.com.

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    HPV: Should I be Afraid? The Truth Behind the "STD" w/ Dr. Diane Harper, Ep. 66

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    T&A, both diagnosed with HPV at varying points in their lives, get to the bottom of why there's so much conflicting information around HPV out there.  Expert, Dr. Diane Harper, who has been heard on NPR, Katie Couric, CNN, and other sites, fills us in on the 101 of HPV to the research and why it's important to have regular checkups for healthcare and prevention.  How does HPV work? Why is it so common? How can I prevent it? Do the vaccines work? Why don't they test men?! All of your questions are answered in a clear, concise way, thanks to Dr. Harper!  We know you'll feel as relieved as we do after listening to this episode.  
    Show Notes
    HPV is a tiny virus that has been with us forever-literally since the time of dinosaurs! (4:15)
    It literally bounces around on skin.  It does not live in blood or other bodily fluids (5:53)
    What are the avenues of transmission for HPV?  Hint: it’s not only our sexual organs (06:04)
    It’s definitely a survivor.  The way  it infects the skin cells allows it to hide from the immune system (06:54)
    Find relevant links & FULL Show Notes HERE: http://www.tatalksex.com/hpv-should-i-be-afraid-of-it-the-truth-behind-the-std-with-dr-diane-harper-ep-66/

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    Real Men Have Real Issues: Raw and Uncut A Real Man Reveals

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    Stop crying. Boys don't cry. It's your responsibility to take care of your sister.? Since daddy is gone, you're the man of the house... but he's 6! You're momma's big boy. Stop acting like a girl...you're gone grow up to be a... 
    There are so many more of these statements that so many boys have heard growing up and so did some girls. Is it possible that some of these statements may have molded some of the men in to what they are today? Should we consider the boys being raised today will one day become someone's husband and father? Should we consider what they’re being taught? 
    What about behaviors and patterns being demonstrated in fron of them such as addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, and more; are they contributing factors to the real issues that real men are dealing with today? Who do they talk to? Another man? Do they have another man to safely confide in? If so, how does that conversation begin? 
    Who teaches them how to be fathers, providers, husband's, role-models, friends and true men of God? Who? Do they know they were created to be kings?
    Well, tonight we're going to have real, raw conversation about all of these questions and more. Get prepared to be educated as we take a  journey with a real man willing to get raw about his own real issues. He's the host of the new and upcoming Blog Talk Show "A Band of Brothers", Mr. Marc A. Henderson. 
    Join us! This is an episode you do not want to miss!!!

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    Your Magnificent and Mysterious Brain on Fire

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    The brain is a magnificent and complicated instrument.  Everything we do either involuntary or voluntary is driven by the brain. Aging, stress, gender all play a part in how optimal our brain is working. It’s obvious that to be successful in life and in our business, we need to have our brain firing on all cylinders. Join me as I pick the brain of the eWN Podcast Host of "Brain Lady Speaks," Julie Anderson, about how our brain works and how to optimize our brain's capacity so we can have a thriving business.
    You will learn:
    The difference between the male and female brain (and why that matters!) Tips on how to energize our brain and be more productive Understand how your boss' brain works How positive feedback affects your brain  

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    Cocoa Convo: It's Richer Than Just Tea

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    This Week on COCOA CONVO, we’re discussing the phenomenon of Black Girl Magic, how we define it and why we celebrate it. We'll also dive into the backlash of it.. and why some black women are saying they feel excluded. We'll speak with Starr Crosby, a black woman who is magical in her own right but sometimes feel excluded by the respectability politics that sometimes comes along with BGM. TUNE IN at www.wllfradio.com or call in at (929) 477-2416 to listen or comment.

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    Jeanie Tomanek: Everywoman Art

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    Artist Jeanie Tomanek says, “I love to show the strength and optimistic attributes of women. Even when they are in a quandary or in danger, I always try to show a glimmer of hope and wisdom—that they will solve the riddle and make it through, stronger and with dignity. Being bald and shorn of any particular identity, they become all women.”
    Recently, Linda Lombardo, producer and host of Voice of Evolution Radio, commissioned a work of art from Tomanek at Everywoman Art to be the image for In The Souls Waiting Room, Linda's radio drama series. The experience was so amazing, Linda wanted to share Jeanie Tomanek's work in the only way she knew how: invite her to be a guest on Voice of Evolution Radio. 
    What you'll hear is a conversation designed to awaken, inspire and activate. 

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    Beauty Isn't Flawless Introduction show with Hairstylist Daffiney Thomas

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    Today I'm introducing myself to the world. I'm A Queen of Beauty. Cosmetologist, Beauty consultant.
    I’m from fabulous Las Vegas, NV. I’m a freelance hair and make-up artist specializing in hair weaving and extensions with over 15 years of experience. I received my cosmetology license from Marinello’s school of beauty. I started my business A QUEEN OF BEAUTY in 2006. I have worked with some of  Las Vegas best entertainers, models and photographers. I’ve competed in hair and fashion shows. I was recognized as one of Las Vegas RAW NATURAL BORN ARTISTS and in 2014 I was a judge for the MISS TEEN LAS VEGAS PAGEANT. I started my organization A BEAUTY BOOST IN 2011 providing underprivileged families with free beauty services. I have donated my time and craft to helping others with the SURVIVOR GLAM SQUAD, O.M.G CANCER SUMMIT and FASHION FOR A CAUSE.
    Now I'm talking with women all over the world about beauty. Professionals of the beauty industry as well as everyday clients who are sharing it all. I'm talking HOT TOPICS, Live client consultations, product recommendations for hair, skin, makeup, nails, fashion and more.
    I want every woman to know they are BEAUTIFUL no matter their COLOR, SIZE or FLAWS. Beauty isn't just a look it's also a feeling and it sure isn't FLAWLESS!
    Welcoming DAFFINEY THOMAS here as my very first guest. She's a very talented hairstylist from Las Vegas, Nevada with great news to share with her family, friends and new listeners. Please welcome her by listening to her full interview. She's a inspiration to myself and other woman in the great city of Las Vegas.

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    How To Increase Radio Listenership*

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    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Frankie Picasso, you'll discover 
    5 Easy Steps to starting your Own Successful Radio Show The Secret to Getting Famous Guests How to make your show LOOK & Sound Memorable on a Budget Improve your GROWTH rate with this Simple RULE!  The  8 Questions you need to ask yourself before during and after Going on Air What you need to consider in the Live vs Download debate!  5 Critical Steps necessary to CREATING a Large Radio Audience 7 Important Reasons to  Establish Yourself as a Radio Host Guest, Frankie Picasso, is the Founder & Host of The Good Radio Network, an Author, Artist, Intuitive Therapist & Coach, plus an Advocate for a Socially Conscious Planet. Learn more at www.UnstoppableFrankiePicasso.com
    Host, Marnie Swedberg, is the online mentor to over 14,000 leaders from 30 countries, a syndicated radio talk show host, the author of 13 "how-to" books, plus she personally oversees two businesses in the retail and restaurant industries. She consistently shares practical, doable success strategies to shorten your learning curve, increase your productivity, and skyrocket your delight in life. Learn more at www.Marnie.com
    *Replay of one of our most popular shows.

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    African American Women Have The Authority To Check AA Men

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    Greetings 9MIND Sacred Sisterhood Klan and Family. Peace. protection, prosperity and most o all wisdom be upon we all and those we love. Somewhere in time African American women have been made to feel bad and out of place for checking Black men and making them do right by them. And so over time to appease them and be seen more like their Caucasian conterpart they began to remove their standards of demanding that the men around them and among them be held to the HIGHEST standard of what a man is and should be until they eventually FORGET that they had [any] standards at all. African American (black) women have the right to DEMAND how their males and men should view them as well as a treat them. The lowering of these standards based off what I have researched and have been told was accomplished via rampant child abuse, child explotation as well as child rape and molestation. It is a fact that children having been victims of said astroities grow up incapable of knowing or understanding the required sexual lines and boundaries that where supposedly put in place to PROTECT all children. ADULTS if abiding by proper social order and conduct are supposed to be the GUARDIANS. But when this is no longer the [standard] in society, the protection of [ all ] children. Then such a society is DOOMED to be perpetually damned and if there is a GOD observing such a society and has not decreeded it's destruction. Then GOD him or herself should be immediately ...FIRED! Child Abuse, Child Rape, Child Neglect, Child Trafficking, Child Molestation and Child Abandonement are all a result of a Society where the ADULTS have all become deviant DEVILS. so·ci·e·ty - 1.) the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. 2.) an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.

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    FOCUS Females Global Chat Cafe with C. Maria (Knowing Your WHY)

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    KNOW THY WORTH Series 2017 (do you know your why?)
    Many people use this simple three letter word all wrong.  Many use it to keep themselves in a victim mentality i.e., why is this happening, why cant I or why should I and so on.  Instead consider using your why as your solution, your springboard or your power.  Join me tonight as we delve into the power of your why.  You will be surprised at what you discover.  Once you know your why you will never ask the question why becasue your why will become your answer and solution. 
    C. Maria and the Sisters of FOCUS Females Global
    Get my book

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