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Tune in to discuss life's many challenges and issues and learn how to overcome them by THE WORD of GOD. By walking in love and walking by faith.

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Tonight's broadcast is a part 2 of last week's broadcast. We highly recommand that after hearing tonight's message, that you go back into the archives under "On Demand" and listen to part 1. Until then, thanks for listening!

Where ever there is a kingdom, there is a king. How are we representing the King of kings as a body? Or shall I ask, how can we "Re-Present" The King to the world? In tonight's discussion Pastor Will explains exactly how to be Kingdom... more

tonight's broadcast is a rerun of faith: to do or not. sorry for the inconvenience

When it comes to The Word of GOD which of the following do you have? Head knowledge, Heart Knowledge, Borrowed Knowledge, or NO KNOWLEDGE? Still not sure? Well in this broadcast Pastor Will breaks down the difference... more

How do you know when you are in faith? That question will be answered in tonight's broadcast by Pastor Will as he go through the bible to see what The Word of God has to say about the subject of faith. That way you can judge and... more

We all have some kind of a "Leah's Complex". What is a Leah's Complex you ask? Well you will find out in tonight's broadcast with Pastor Maisha as she touch on some "Real", "Personal", and "Serious" subjects like self esteem, sex, and... more

Sometimes in life we lose momentum, excitement, and interest in certain things. But when it comes to the mission that GOD has assigned you, you must not lose focus. You must "Put the Mission First".

Thanks for listening to Pasor Will continue on the message "The Truth about the Anointing"

Thanks for tuning in to hear Pastor teach on The Truth About the Anointing. For so long we sit in the church and we hear this word Anointing tossed around with no true meaning or value. Well tonight Pastor Will is going to answer some... more