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Coaching Conversations



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You host Life/Soul Coach Shawn Marie Cichowski and Co-Hosts August Shilz & Munni Visco join forces along with weekly featured guests to host "Coaching Conversations". Each week various life topics are discussed to help others connect, empower and create shifts for higher level of living.

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Living in the moment is not always easy. Sometimes our thoughts are overwhelmed by regrets about past events or anxiety about the future, which can make it hard to enjoy the present. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention... more

Going through adversity in life is inevitable. Adversity can make us stronger people and better leaders. Life Coaches Shawn Marie Cichowski and Munni Visco discuss strategies to overcome adversity and challenges. WNY Life Coaching... more

Today on "COACHING CONVERSATIONS" your life coaches; Shawn Marie Cichowski, Munni Visco and August Schilz will discuss the importance and benefits of self discipline. This essential skill efftects every area of life and... more

Leaving your comfort zone is not only rewarding but will help you live life less fearfully. Join Life Coaches Shawn Marie Cichowski and Munni Visco on "Coaching Conversation". They will explore ways to break out of your comfort... more

Many times guilt can be a source of unrelenting pain. Holding on to guilt can deter your enegry levels and result in happiness. By expanding your awareness and practing letting go you can learn to relate to gult in a healthy way. Listen in to... more

Friendships that come to a close whether abruptly or subtly: via a conflict or with words of silence need to be processed. Listen to your hosts from WNY Life Coaching Center, Life Coaches Shawn Marie Cichowski and Munni Visco as... more

Joining "Coaching Conversations" will be guest speaker: Linda Bucher: "Chasing someone else's definition of success is like trying to fit into someone else's skin: It never quite fits and it ultimately feels repulsive. Your host Life/Soul... more

Teaching your child to manage stress is a crucial life skill for future well-being. Life Coaches Shawn Marie Cichowski & Munni Visco discuss how to help your child understand, manage and cope with stress. Listen in to the coaching crew... more

Do you want everyone around you to be happy and do whatever is asked to maintain a sense of happiness? Do you put others ahead of yourself? Do you yearn for outside validation for security and self-confidence? People... more

Do you want to control your life rather than have life control you? To live life by design rather than default is a choice you can choose. The coaching crew from WNY Life Coaching Center will discuss how to be a creator in your own life and... more