The D 103.3 WLUV Radio

The D 103.3 WLUV Radio

WLUV Radio

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WLUV Radio is a Detroit based radio station geared towards enlightening and empowering the people through talk radio and music shows. WLUV is a professionally ran company with state of the art facilities as well as promos and production. No network compares to its witty and brilliant collections of personalities and producers

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This show's going to the dogs...and the cats, the lizards, the hamsters, the birds, the horses, the lions, the tigers, and the bears. Animals have long been part of God's creation since the beginning. They have a special place in our hearts... more

Bullying has increased significantly in the last several decades. No longer confined to childhood or playgrounds, bullies come in the form of young children and adults. College students and pre-teens. In the past, bullying was limited to... more

Lies do more than just hide the truth. They do more than just hurt other people. They eat away at you, consume you until there is nothing of the real person left. With an utterance, they dig their way into our bodies, festering and growing... more

I think a lot of people would agree that no one likes to be preached to. Except for when they are in a church. Then, they would like to be preached to. Even the term ?preach? brings to mind a variety of ways but all of them come down to no one... more

The secret everyone knows about is child sexual abuse. It is rampant in our society. Children are destroyed by the day because of one person's perverted sexual desire. Statistics show that crimes against children are on the rise. Is it... more

Join Amanda as she brings you the best in great gospel music taking you all the way up to your punch hour....

In a society saturated by images of bare-chested men and long legged women, the subject of modesty isn't one that comes up often. Is a topic we should really talk about? After all, we know that God isn't as interested in what we wear as... more

Join Amanda for the very best in great gospel music taking you into your weekend

Join Amanda for the best in great gospel music taking you to your 5pm punch out time.
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