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WLUV Radio is a Detroit based radio station geared towards enlightening and empowering the people through talk radio and music shows. WLUV is a professionally ran company with state of the art facilities as well as promos and production. No network compares to its witty and brilliant collections of personalities and producers

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No one likes to be called a dumb animal. The idea of it smacks right in the face of our dignity. For one thing, contrary to popular scientific belief, we are not animals. For another thing, we're not dumb. Well, not all the time. But our Lord calls us sheep quite often and one has to wonder why. Sheep are considered not to be very bright animals. According to the people who make such distinctions, the IQ of sheep falls between a pig and cattle. Whatever that means... Sheep have a tendency to flock toward each other in groups and then they almost always need a leader. Enter the shepherd, the one who takes care of the flock by find food, leading them to safety, takes care of them, and all sorts things that shepherds. People are a lot like sheep. We have a higher IQ than a sheep but we're really not much different from them. We tend to flock together in groups. We get lost and need help finding our way. We also have the need for leaders. Enter the Good Shepherd...or the Other Shepherd. Ultimately we decided which shepherd we follow Join me as we discuss this topic with author Donovan Neal. You can call in 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app. Any way you can, join us.
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In a world overly pleased with itself, we have forgotten exactly what our true natural state is. Instead of blaming ourselves for the condition of the planet, with its wars, its anger, its ever continuing descent into madness, we tend... more

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One Christmas, I remember my mother had enrolled my twin sister and I into a pen pal program. We were very excited. My pen pal lived in a country called New Zealand, a faraway place I'd never heard about until that day. I must have been... more

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There's a common modern euphemism that is touted in today's post-modern world: "That's your truth, not my truth." With the advent of relativism, people in general want to embrace all worldviews as valid. This desire to be all inclusive... more

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