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In the pursuit of love through dreams fulfilled! Join in as Rakale shares wisdom on the topics of love and manifesting your dream life. www.wishmelove.com

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Most of us know the importance of having conversations with those we are in relationship with. Whether it be business or personal the best way to make progress or move through hard times is through communication. The same... more
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Many times the hard experiences of our lives become sad stories that we keep on rewind. In order to liberate yourself you must crucify that dreadful story and reinvent a new one that you actually want to live. Tune in and I'll show you how!... more

All of us will be a victim at some point in our lives; it may be in business or in our personal lives but it's bound to happen. What do we do to break free from the fear and victim mentality that often creep in as a result of these... more

Today we are discussing one of my favorite topics with Rev Deborah Scott! If you've never heard of the Law of Attraction tune in to learn about it and if you have you'll want to join us to learn better how to harness its power! This is... more

One day I was sitting at my desk thinking about how much charge I feel when I hear the word cancer. Using my imagination I decided to spell cancer backwards and came up with Recnac. I giggled a little and instantly realized that the word... more

As we discussed on our January 5th show, discomfort in our outer world is often a product of some unfinished business in our inner world. When we only go without when changing the circumstances of our lives, we go without the changes... more

Ever lift your head to see that nothing in your life has changed? Do you find yourself asking questions like, ?When is my life going to get better? Where is the relationship I've been waiting for? Will I ever have more money?? Many of us... more

I recently had a face and birthdate reading with Jean Haner http://www.wisdomofyourface.com/ which was centered around relationships. Her advice for me was that I needed to learn how to receive if I was to ever have the... more

Got some new fresh goals to improve the quality of your life in 2014? Step into the New Year with determination to Never Ever Give Up! Life is a gift. How we use it dictates how much joy we experience daily and how much we have to... more

Our relationship with food, one of the most intimate relationships we have, can often be among the most challenging. Our relationship with food impacts every area of our lives whether we are conscious of this truth or not. It's time to take a... more

I've had the privilege of taking a clutter buster course with my life coach Kerri Richardson this month (check her out http://www.kerririchardson.com) and it has helped me move mountains. After years of feeling embarrassed and shameful of... more