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Intelligent, hilarious, political pundits, give advice and wisdom for the ages, these no-nonsense gals will stimulate your funny glands and rock your brainwaves. Listen, learn, and smile, it's just life, people - Be part of it!

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The Great Compression is Wise Kitty's moniker for the stagnate economy. Are you feeling squeezed? Have you tightened your belt due to job loss or personal finances? How are you holding up? They say if life gives you lessons in... more

Have you ever "dodged a bullet"? What does this mean? Does it mean you are better off not facing the unpredictable future? Whose dodging a bullet these days? Has Congress dodged a bullet by temporarily raising the debt ceiling?... more

Dateline Los Angeles: Wise Kitty wants to know: Are you an A-Lister, a B-Lister or a What's a List-lister? Newsflash for you mid-Life Singles: You should've made a list! What, your Mamma didn't tell you? Wise Kitty will! Join wise... more

Quick Question: Where's your money, honey? That's what Wise Kitty wants to know! Is your money in the stock market, your upside down home or in your mattress? If you answered "yes" to any of the 3 previous questions, you're in... more

Countdown to Financial Meltdown - Is this the economic collapse of the US Federal Government? Are we at the 11th hour of a financial crisis? Come August experts predict we will be in a full depression. So, how's your job? How's your... more

In this week's abso-fabuloso episode, join the 2 Chicks Talkin', Becky and Bonnie as we find out what Wise Kitty has to say about the lack of dating rules for men and the no rules for retirement, see how we cleverly tie these 2... more

The 1st segment of this week's episode, Two Chicks Talkin' explores what women are doing to supplement their income in these recessionary times. What are you doing for extra income? Are you Whorish? Bore-ish? OR More-ish? We'll... more

Join The 2 Chicks Talkin' as they discuss the new face of employment: Is the old corporate model in or out? Is everyone going to be forced in the future to be an entrepreneur as manufacturing, middle-management and support services have... more

This week, 2 Chicks Talkin' explore the meaning behind the new hit film "eat pray love", what does it mean for women trying to find themselves: is it self indulgent, necessary, or complete hooey!? Is it possible to strike a balance in a... more

This episode will cover 3 topics on Men, Power & Money! First, segment producer Malyna will reveal to co-hosts Bonnie Lee and Becky Lou her undercover investigation of various "sugar daddy" websites. Malyna's discovered what it... more