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Welcome to the re-launch of the Willie Lawson Show - FIGHT BACK! We have come to a tipping point in our nation that if there is a spirit of a patriot left it must rise up against those that are intent on destroying our society, our culture, and our nation. Join me if you are ready t0 FIGHT BACK!

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Pictures of interns, Trump's wife's speech, Pokemon GO dangers.... Ebola, Zika, the metric system.... All slight of hand to make us see something other then what is important.

With all we are seeing now, it is important, indeed vital for adults to take their rightful place in the conversation and dialouge. Our very nation is a stake if we do not. I will refuse to enter the toiletbowl of hyperbole! I know that this is an... more

So much to get to today, Mike Pence is the VP nominee? Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. Avoid those that are calling for Chaos.

Today I hope to present some insight of our nation got into this mess. I also hope to offer some ligt toward a solution. It seems that every opionion is being shouted at 1000 dbs. Almost too loud for anyone to effectively articulate or... more

Cap Black is Back! And not a moment too soon The original Hood conservative will spend some time talking with us this morning. We will hear about his take on the police shooting in Baton Rougue and the general tenor of the idea of race... more

Two days, two fatal shooting of Black suspects by police. Main stream media and social media are all over it! Everyone has an opinion they believe is the TRUTH. Most can not wait to climb up on the body of the deceased to shout their own... more

How ia this even possible that the American military has decided to allow so-called transgendered people serve "openly"? I am not even sure what the means. But this administration is open to forcing it agenda in every nook and... more

1786 Black children are murdered every day in abortion clincs through the United States. Will the #blacklivesmatter movement address the genocide of Black Children? Our answer is probably not.

Just as I predicted, the actions of House democrats were a signal to other democrats to stage their own madness on gun rights. Chris Salcedo from the BLAZE joins us today as well.
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