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Welcome to the re-launch of the Willie Lawson Show - FIGHT BACK! We have come to a tipping point in our nation that if there is a spirit of a patriot left it must rise up against those that are intent on destroying our society, our culture, and our nation. Join me if you are ready t0 FIGHT BACK!

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We are almost at the end of the month and the last week of any fundraising effort for 2016! It is super important that you pitchin what you can today. Simply go to www.fightbackmedia.com and click the donate button. Thank you so very... more

There is not a better time for the sports fans than now, NCAA football, NFL Football, World Series baseball, NBS Basketball, and NHL Hockey. It is all going on at the same time! It just don't get no better than this! Will will talk some... more

Even as the left and the lefist media continues to deny that there is any voter fraud going on we continue to find it pretty much everywhere. The same media is solidly in the pocket of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party and are getting... more

Well of course you didn't learn anything. These were not and have never been set up for you to learn anything. Is you are really undecided at this point you should just leave that answer blank. and go on to theother question on the test.... more

The main stream media is in a full assulat on the truth! They are freaking out that all of the "body blows" they have thrown at Donald Trump seem to make him stronger. So any semblence of journalistic integrity has been thrown to the wind.... more

What a great time for sports fans. Baseball, football( college, pro), basketball (pre-seaon), Hockey, all going on right now! Let's talk about it!

When you have an idea that you need to ask other people for money, you better have a clear purpose. And in this broadcast I explain why America need Fight Back Media!

The battle has never been more needed in the fight against the Main Stream Media's danerous and destructive narrative than it is today. The lies and ommissions from Major media sources are a danger to our way of life. Today... more

Do you think that the new college playoff for Div. 1 is the right way to go? Tell me of how you might do it different or just go back to what they did before. The playoff committee is soon to come out with their rankings and the controversy... more
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