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Welcome to the Willie Lawson Show! The number one urban conservative show on the internet! The Willie Lawson show offers a common sense community based approach to conservatism. Forget the rest you've found the best.Check me out on your smartphone! Download the STITCHER App and take the Willie Lawson Show and Blogtalkradio with you!!

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With all that is coming to this country it will truly be the class war that will tear act the nations core.

Please listen to one of the most important show in the history of the Willie Lawson Show.

Welcome to President Obama's Brave New World!

The credibility of the African American Conservative Republican. Why do we continue to hide and make excuses? Why do we allow ourselves to be pushed aside in the African American community?

Willie gets crazy! Willie is sick of the Obama love-fest that continues even in the face of reality. So if you are tired of it too tune in.

Willie's qualification to be a Republican.

What to do when they pass PORKULUS! 1. Who do we support! 2. Who do we blame! Willie talks about the never ending campaign of Obama. Support conservative BTR hosts.

The continued assault on faith. Does the president have to win in the passage of this pork bill? Is the world laughing at our president?

Willie talks about a recent survey that says the most important thing to get the economy going is letting the housing market "bottom out" and NOT the TARP!

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