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Welcome to the Willie Lawson Show! The number one urban conservative show on the internet! The Willie Lawson show offers a common sense community based approach to conservatism. Forget the rest you've found the best.Check me out on your smartphone! Download the STITCHER App and take the Willie Lawson Show and Blogtalkradio with you!!

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Thank you to the great folks at The Red River Chronicle - for becoming a patron of the Willie Lawson Show and the Conservative Arts. http://www.theredriverchronicle.com/ Today's conversation surrounds the NFL... more

Are you tired of the sme names and face in politics? Well, so is evryone else except those involved in the major political parties. New names and faces are not the way of the political parties now days and most of America semms... more

A great number of conservatives often wonder aloud why Liberals win so many places around the country indeed around the world. They seem to win even in the face of failed programs and economies. Liberal ideas are failures but so many... more

Today we do a short shift and push some common sense across the table to conservatives. I hope that conservatives are ready to listen and act. The Willie Lawson Show is looking patrons. www.willielawsonshow.com. Thank you for... more

Ebone Cruz of the Tampa Tom Joyner -

Let's wrap up this week's event in a tight package to take into the weekend with you! Today we will hit on the weeks events and our take on them. Yes, and I will ask you a number of times to support the Willie Lawson Show with a donation.... more

Well, we are not done with te 1014 elections but there is no way to to look forward to 2016 and presidential choices. At this point it seems clear the Democrats have only Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to put as their standard baerers. Pretty sad... more

Minority conservatives are getting tired. Tired of fighting their own communities, and even famlies. Tired of the names and the horrible rmarks. Tired of being thought of as a novelty. Tired of being used for photo-ops. Just tired of the... more

Today we spend some time talking about domestic violence and how most of you have it wrong about the Ray rice situation. Willie has a up close and personal take on domestic violence and the mind of the abuser. Most of the focus in... more
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