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Welcome to the Willie Lawson Show! The number one urban conservative show on the internet! The Willie Lawson show offers a common sense community based approach to conservatism. Forget the rest you've found the best.Check me out on your smartphone! Download the STITCHER App and take the Willie Lawson Show and Blogtalkradio with you!!

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So, Indiana makes a move to protect businesses from being destroyed AND protect my right to believe what I want. And to participate in what I want. And to NOT participate in things I don't. Wow... earth-shattering! today's show is... more

Some of you can not wait to take any opportunity to play petty politics. I get it, you don't like Michelle Obama, She isn't Laura Bush, whatever the hell you have in mind as a FLOTUS. But let me help you with something. Everytime you post... more

Ted Cruz and Ben Carson made announcements that they are running for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Both of these men have been held up as the kind of conservatives we "need" in Washington D.C. Well it seems... more

Awarrd winning blogger Javier Manjarres joins Willie today. Javier understands Florida politics like noone else. Today you will get the 411 on Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. We will talk about Florida moving thier primary back 14 days. And... more

To be focused is a positive thing for sure. To be so focused on a particular thing that you miss that everything about it is falling apart however is not a good thing. This morning we will have a conversation about conservative myopic... more

Today we are going throught the definitions as well how they all play out in America and in American politics. What are the effects of these concepts on the a sucessful society? I trust that you are ready for a frank, but rational discussion... more

I have called it before and it seems to getting bigger and mor pervasive, th "The Theare of Distraction!" It is what is done to the American public on a daily basis. No matter what, give them something else to look at. The government takes... more

Today we spend some time talking about Hillary Clinton's press conference "explaining" her email troubles while she was Sec. of State. It is a shame that Clinton thinks that she can really pull this one by the America Tech Public. Yes,... more

I "Be for something! Instead of just being against Common-Core, Be for School choice. Instead of just being against amnesty, be for secure borders. Instead of just being against OBAMACARE, be for free-market solutions to improving... more
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