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Welcome to the Willie Lawson Show! The number one urban conservative show on the internet! The Willie Lawson show offers a common sense community based approach to conservatism. Forget the rest you've found the best.Check me out on your smartphone! Download the STITCHER App and take the Willie Lawson Show and Blogtalkradio with you!!

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Welcome to the Theatre of Distraction. No matter what is going on you can be sure that we will be distracted like a cat with a ball of yarn. The United States government just captured the internet and all that anyone can talk about is the... more

PTR 2/18/15

I don't know what more you need to see. Yesterday the 4th branch of government flexed their non-constitutional authority by essentally nationalizing the internet, in the same way China and Iraq does. I don't see the kind of urgency from the... more

Well soon if not today the FCC is ready to impose a socio-communist style of approach to the internet for Americans. This will be done in the name of "fairness" and "equity". When in reality, it is being done in the name of control... more

Today Florida congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL) joins us to talk DHS funding and the President's Executive action on immigration. We will also touch on The Keystone pipeline veto yesterday.

Often times I hear White conservatives tell me about the issues in the Urban community. Most times I try not to pay too much attenion to what they are saying, because it makes me sad and angry. Today I am going to hit on a few points... more


A hodge podge of subjects today to get you thinking about how and why you are becoming a paricipant in your community. We start with Jeb Bush and his take on Common-core education. Are you ready to stand up? We will switch to the terror... more
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