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Truth Addicts Radio provides an open forum to ask questions and uncover the real truth concerning, policy, race, hatred, greed, abuse, deceit, crime, psychology, relationship, rights, resources, sexuality, religion, the future and more. Host Tony Wilde calls and privately investigates government, business, celebrities, groups, organizations all who will answer in a quest to make those responsible for our world accountable to their actions and the world they live in. Truth Addicts Radio is a place to give solutions to societies most pressing concerns and do so with the bottom line in mind.

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Why are we spending millions of dollars on Homeland Security to keep the illegals out when what has worked and been around for millennia are walls? What kind of government puts inordinate amounts of money into a system of utilizing man power to catch illegal aliens when no man need be present with the correct border in place? The logic to enact a secure border is too simple for even a sixth grader to overlook which leads to believe that there is either abject denial of the problem, amazing stupidity or a conspiratorial agenda at hand.
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