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Wild West Radio, was started, by an old guy, born in a barn and raised by wolves, oh, 'bout a thousand years ago, to promote American value's, our way of life, and to expose the cold hard facts, as I find them, on what is happening in America and around the World, that effects our daily lives. I love a mystery, and the American people, so, this program, as always, is for you. Wild West Radio is now a subsidiary of Talk Radio America, a new company, owned and operated by High Desert Productions. We are in the process of moving our operations to the South East, but, I assure you, this will in no way effect the quality of content you have relied on over these many years. We are updating our web site, changing the shows format and relocating and none of this will ever have any detrimental effect on your listening pleasure. Thank you for your continued support. The management of High Desert Productions!

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No friends, there is not a state called LIBERTY, however,that may not be a bad idea, but, that may be another episode. Our LIBERTY is on the line today, and the Democrats in the U.S. Senate are hell bent on snatching it away from each of... more

What is becoming of my AMERICA? Why? That should be the question we are all asking? Not, what's in it for me! During this program, I will explain to you, whats in it for you, and WHY! I am sick and tired of hearing that O`Bama is the... more

As questions concerning the eligibility of Barack Hussein O`Bama to sit as The President of The United States of America persist, it is becoming more and more obvious, at least to this observer, that questions outweigh answers 10 to 1! As... more

So, here we are, toward the end of 2009, and all we have from this administration is excuses! To date, the ONLY thing that has been accomplished , other than the quadrupling of our debt, the loss of more than three million jobs, the failure in... more

Barack O'Bama, who has held The Office of The President of The United States of America has been awarded The Nobel Peace Prize! For what? An idea! He has been in his position for less than 10 months, and has done accomplished... more

What a couple of weeks I have had! Some very exciting discoveries, some, a bit un nerving, but, so be it! Perhaps this show is laced with paranoia, perhaps not. You decide. Many thing's are happening, very quickly, and are difficult to stay... more

This Program is DEDICATED to the MEN and WOMEN, who, for more than 200 years, fought to keep US free! Hey America, we are in big trouble. The Patriot Tea Party, held recently in D.C., with an estimated 1.7 million in attendance, was... more

This is part 22 of my continuing series on "Fluoride;The Poisoning of America," with a new twist. As many of you know, we as being mass medicated, without our consent. Today, we have a White House Czar who believe's this is ok! He would... more

Racism, in my America exists today, and is being perpetuated by the Left Wing Liberal's, and progressives in America. Why? What is their goal? WHAT is their agenda for America? For you? For the World at large? Racism is a mindset... more

I have been away for a bit, and had time to reflect on what makes America great. Tonight, I want to share my thoughts with you on The Soul of America! The people of this great Nation, are the most generous on this planet, in more ways... more