Whos to Blame

Who's to Blame?


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Discussion about politics and pop culture. I will tell you Who's to Blame.

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Issue: Skin color and complexion is a hotly debated topic in the black community. It is not being debated again as a new up and coming Disney starlet has been cast to play the departed R & B Singer, Aaliyah. Someone will always think... more

So now we have a terrorism comprehension gap. I don't think we know what terrorism is. Who's to Blame? Did you think the shooting in Nevada was terrorism or patriotism? Do you only think Arabic people can be terrorist? All... more

Issue: I am pretty sure the kids are going crazy. Who's to Blame? Youth will always seem unruly to adults. But today's unruly children have become killers for stupid reasons. Are the parents to blame? Could it be something society as a... more

Last Friday, Elliot Rodger carried out a sinister plan to shoot up a sorority house and anyone in his way. Who's to Blame? Is it his mental illness; was he mentally ill? Is it the women who failed to love the perfect gentleman? Or is it us... more

The Common Core Standards are confusing to children and adults, Who's to Blame? Are people confused about the method just dumb and lazy? Or does the media do a bad job of informing the public about the standards? Have you... more

Bicycles and Black people in West Palm Beach have a complicated relationship. Who's to Blame? Do Blacks hate bikes? Is that why they get arrested more in West Palm Beach when riding them? I didn't even know biking while black was a... more

Well conservatives and their media have not stopped talking about Benghazi for the past 20 months. Who's to Blame? Is there "news" about Benghazi? Are there valid concerns about the handling of Benghazi? Or is it an intentional distraction... more

Thanks to Jon Stewart it has occured to me that people don't understand what racism is. Who's to blame? Racists never understand why they are racist. Why? And even when some do understand it, they defend it and those who spew... more

Issue: The republicans have a new hero; and he's a freeloader. Who's to Blame? In case you haven't heard, republicans have been lining up behind freeloader Cliven Bundy. The odd thing is, Cliven is not paying his grazing fees, but... more

Yet another mentally ill man shot up yet another public place. Who's to Blame? Is it the public through it's representatives, who can't progress the gun debate past, "they're taking our guns?" Could it be the NRA who promotes more guns, but... more