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Who's to Blame?


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Discussion about politics and pop culture. I will tell you Who's to Blame.

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Issue: Israel and Palestine are fightng again. Who's to Blame? A standing ceasfire between Israel and Gaza is over. Things have been relitively calm since 2012. Whose fault is it this time? Israel? Palestine? Obama? You tell me. Tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. eastern. Call me: 347.326.9598. Facebook me: facebook.com/blamegirl Twitter: @blamegirls
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Well conservatives and their media have not stopped talking about Benghazi for the past 20 months. Who's to Blame? Is there "news" about Benghazi? Are there valid concerns about the handling of Benghazi? Or is it an intentional distraction... more

Thanks to Jon Stewart it has occured to me that people don't understand what racism is. Who's to blame? Racists never understand why they are racist. Why? And even when some do understand it, they defend it and those who spew... more

Issue: The republicans have a new hero; and he's a freeloader. Who's to Blame? In case you haven't heard, republicans have been lining up behind freeloader Cliven Bundy. The odd thing is, Cliven is not paying his grazing fees, but... more

Yet another mentally ill man shot up yet another public place. Who's to Blame? Is it the public through it's representatives, who can't progress the gun debate past, "they're taking our guns?" Could it be the NRA who promotes more guns, but... more

Well, we did it America. Seven million of the uninsured used the new exchanges to get health insurance. The uninsured made a last minute dash to get coverage in 2014. But why did so many people make a last minute dash to... more

Corporations insist on being people, Who's to Blame? Again corporations have petitioned the Supreme Court for something unreasonable. Hobby Lobby doesn't want to cover the contraception of women who work for them because they... more

Issue: We've lost an entire airplane? Who's to Blame? Blame: Seriously, how does one lose an entire plane in the age of technology? I really don't think anyone knows where the plane is and there are multiple theories. Join me as I... more

Issue: Russia invaded the Ukraine by way of the Crimean peninsula. Who's to Blame? Blame: Sure the you could just Blame Russia or you can spin it into another way to Blame President Obama. Who do you think is to Blame? And... more

The religious right is losing to the courts on gay marriage, so now they are clinging to their god and using legislation as a way to exclude the potential gay couples from their businesses and organizations. Who's to Blame?

Want to know who's to blame on issues that range from political, to pop culture, to fashion, to local issues? Then come listen to me.