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Pastor Linda Hillman

Pastor Linda Hillman

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Join us for biblical principles and real talk about overcoming hurt in relationships. You were created to be WHOLE. It's your time to stop having a fit and get fixed.

Dr. Inecir Matthis, Pastor of Victory of Deliverance Ministries and Pastor Linda Hillman of W.H.O.L.E. & Living Above Hurt Ministries are teaming up to host a series on wholeness and restoration.

Topics to be covered:
Week #1: Molestation, Rape, Addiction to .

Week #2: Low Self-Esteem, Identity Crisis, Spiritual Abuse from Leaders/Lay Members.

Week #3:Relationships with Pastors (married & unmarried, Relationships/marriage with those that are bisexual or who have been in homosexual relationships.

Week #4: Lack of trust, Depression, Drug Addiction.

Week #5:Domestic Violence: in and out of church, including sexual, financial, verbal, mental, and emotional, Denial, Suicide.

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