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Mr. Jack Mathews, is an Orange Sash instructor with Phoenix Health Defense Systems. While Jack Mathews expertise in the Martial arts or of note his true concerns are with the health and welfare of people in general. This week we will speak with Jack Mathews and discover some very eye opening and troubling concerns we all need to be aware of. Please tune into this informative interview with renowned Orange Sash instructor Mr. Jack Mathews. Call into show number 408-418-5050 access code 81810#
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Born in Louisiana, Wes Ricks' music is a by-product of his Choctaw Indian roots, but oddly enough, his musical journey began in Vietnam. From 1966 to 1967 he was a "River Rat" for the U.S. Navy patrolling the waters -- "a sitting duck" in a... more

My guest for this week's show will be Ms. Phyllis Cochran. Ms. Cochran will share with us information on how to start our own family tree search. Who know you might discover a long lost family member or you might find out your... more

My guest for this weeks show will be Mrs. Vickie Herring. I will be speaking with Vickie Herring about the healthy and soothing effects of natural oils on body and soul. How many times have you walked from one room to another and then... more

(Ad·o·ni′jah) [Jehovah Is Lord]. 1. David's fourth son, born of Haggith in Hebron.—2Sa 3:4, 5. Though of a different mother, Adonijah was quite similar to Absalom in being ?very good-looking in form? and in his... more

This is a refreshing and appealing story of friendship and the coming of age it will leave you feeling good. The story is set in a small town in eastern Arkansas during the Fourth of July holiday of 1967. The book deals with the day to day... more

Screen writer Sophia Stewart, better known as The Mother of the Matrix and author of the books "The Third Eye," AND "Matrix 4 The Evolution, Cracking the Codes", finally got her day in court on June 25, 2014, with damages In the... more