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The Whisper Out Loud Radio Network is proud to present The Whisper Lounge where you kick back and enjoi the old skool R+B classics of the 70's, 80's and 90's. Sundays 6pm-8pm EST JUSTICE NOW! the home of social and political and economical reform. Listen up cause we got something to say. Tuesdays 6pm-8pm EST The LOUDEST Whisper Out Loud Talk Show + Forum. A new panel each week to hit on all the topics that matter. Special Guest and Special Co-Host. Thursdays 7pm-9pm EST

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test show

This is the final chapter in the Ex-Offender Files for now, but trust me we will be back. Tonight we do what we do,what we bring to the table is what you think you know. The questions that keep you on your toes about all things truth. Love -... more

Tonight we pick up where we left off Thursday, your conviction and why it effects your future. Meet the panel that may be able to help you solve some issues with you getting back into society..

On tonights show we will have guest speakers who will/can provide information regarding re-entry programs, recovery programs and available assistance for ex-offenders

Tonight we discuss relationship problems, you know it's breaking or maybe already broken! There are plenty of reasons to stay in it , but arn't there just as many reasons why you should get out of it?

New things are on the horizon and I.B.Wise is at the head of it all. The Whisper is all new and the show is all about you... Come join me as I hit the topics that make you say humh...I am working on an album of Erotic SpokenWord Poetry.....

Tonight we ask two questions 1) Should corporal punishment be allowed in our schools? 2) What effect does child services have on how we decipline our children? Two very important issues that have very serious concequences on our... more

Tonight we are bringing down the house with some of the most exciting writers of our time. All authors and writter's are welcome to promote your books and writtings.

The biggest issue right now is the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare as it is known... Is is a mistake, how will it effect you as a consumer?
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