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Whisper Out Loud Radio Network

Whisper Out Loud Radio Network

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W.O.L.Radio Network consist's of two shows The Dr. Kim Show and The Ex-Offender Files The Dr. Kim Show Talk Radio is dedicated to uncovering the naked truth about current controversial topics, relationships, political views, crime and criminality, and global economy. Listen and learn how to inspire Justice Now! The Ex-Offender Files reaches out to a population of people that have been put into a struggle for survival.. Helping ex-offenders help themselves to get back in to society.

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Today on The Dr. Kim Show we are in the studio with Pastor David w/ Project Relief Ministry. There are many impoverished Native American who are homeless due to their parents being in jail or prison due to drug and alcohol... more

The State of Prisons Prisoners in the United States and elsewhere have always confronted a unique set of contingencies and pressures to which they were required to react and adapt in order to survive the prison experience. However,... more

Hip Hop Alley Keeping Da Name but Changing Da Game!! Hip Hop Alley is the new concept that we are bringing to the arena. When we talk about Hip Hop there are visions and views that people have been subjected too that some might... more

Rufus and Jenny Triplett are ?changing the game? in every way possible. Not only are they one of very few professional husband and wife teams who do just about everything together, they have survived twenty plus years of... more

Last night the discussion was riveting and informative. Tonight we continue where we left off. The effects of governments approach to poverty in this country, is it productive or not? We can talk about what we see and what is wrong but what... more

More than 46 million Americans live in Poverty USA. Americans families were having a difficult time making ends meet before the recession. With continuing unemployment and increasing costs of living, more and more families have to... more

WOL Radio has had some very informative shows on some very informative issues from ex-offender re-entry to abolishment of the death penalty to requesting that DNA testing being done in McLean Co. Illinois. We have talked to a lot of... more

Today on the Dr. Kim Show The new health care law builds on what works in our health care system. And it fixes what's broken by making improvements in several key areas. It protects you from the worst insurance company abuses. It makes... more

Tonight we are doing two segments 1) The effects of the Death Penalty in Society 2) Will Banning the Box make a difference?

Hold on to your seats because what you are about to hear is totally different from what WOL Radio has been bringing you before. Ernest Rucker Jr. (AKA) Uncle Ernie is hosting the Ruckus Room and he is bringing you Paterson N.J. raw and... more