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Obama's counterfeit Identification.

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Montgomery Blair Sibley is probably best known to our audience as the attorney for the D.C. Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, whose clientele included some of the biggest names in Washington. But is, in fact, one of the country's foremost... more

First Hour Doctor Ted Noel returns to discuss the war on drugs. Is there a real solution? Doctor Noel's article in the American thinker says it... more

Doctor Ted Noel will discuss our crumbling Health Care System. Is it a scam? " With the pause in the ObamaCare drama, perhaps it's time to discuss a completely different perspective on health insurance. Health insurance as it is... more

Cody Robert Judy is the only Presidential Candidate in America who has a "Bi- Partisan" Record in Federal Courts filed to protect the "natural born Citizen" Clause for the Office of President. The 51 year old 3X Presidential Candidate... more

We have heard about a number of Sheriffs across the nation standing up for Gun Rights and the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. But now we are starting to see these same lawmen (that includes women who are sheriffs as well... more

60 Minutes did a hit job this week on Dr. Ted Noel's work that shows Hillary Clinton's serious illness. We have to ask why they picked on Mike Cernovich's reposting of the original analytical piece. Hillary lost the election, and appears to... more

WOBC reporter and investgative You Tube blogger Gabor Zolna will bring us up to date on the affairs of our government, which appears to be in total disarry. He will focus on President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John... more

Special Guest Former Lieutenant Col Terry Lakin Will Reflect His Effort To Get The Truth About Obama's Eligibilty And Counterfeit Documents. Doctor Lakin Fought the battle and ultimately lost and was incarcerated for simply asking for... more

Gabor Zolna who reported live on WOBC radio from the last Sheriff's news conference in Phoenix confirming Obama is using counterfeit documents will be live. Gabe has become a member of the WOBC team and is a great source of... more

Mark Gillar Owner of The Tea Party Power Hour will be the guest. Mr. Gillar Has been instrumental since the onset of the investigation of Obama's counterfeit documents. Not only did Mr. Gillar provide most of the video presentations and... more