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Obama's counterfeit Identification.

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My name is Gabor Zolna, i was born in Hungary Budapest, I moved from Canada to the United States in March of 1983, resided in Southern California for over twenty-eight years. I am well travelled, having worked for Rockwell International as the Managing Director of the Pacific Rim, I had over one million miles on American Airlines alone, and I flew on all of the major carriers. i travelled extensively throughout the Orient, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Australia for my employment. I also travelled to Rio De Janeiro, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, England, and countless other countries throughout Europe, and I visited every Province in Canada, and every state in America, other than Alaska, which is on my,?Bucket List. I am an avide outdoorsman, I ride motorcycles, I am a private pilot, both high-performance, and acrobatic certified. I spend a great deal of my time at the range, shooting one of my many weapons, both rifle, and pistol, I also have a Patriot Ordanance AR- 15, that I greatly enjoy shooting. I became politically involved in 07, when the,"Chosen One,?surfaced and eventually Barack Hussein Obama stole the Oval office. Western Journalism posted eighteen to twenty articles that I wrote, and submitted to them, they also posted hundred's of my YouTube video's. On YouTube under Gabe Zolna, I have 464 video's posted that have been viewed 0ver 178,000 times, under Gabor Zolna, on YouTube, I have posted over 8,200 video's, I have 3,511 subscriber's, and have been viewed 1,865,972 times. Google has been viewed close to 2,000,000 times as has my Facebook account. The video's I post are all of a political nature, Democrats beware. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq-oi5gaheWr5Ao_-49hthA
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Has there ever been a president whose personal history is so murky, so questionable, so baffling? Obama's personal history is replete with question marks. This Special two-hour panel discussion hosted by Andrea Shea King... more

Filmmaker and leader in getting the truth out, Joel Gilbert will be the guest. Joel Gilbert is the director and writer of the political documentaries, Dreams from My Real Father (2012), Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad's Coming War and Obama's... more

A veteran journalist and media critic, *Cliff Kincaid, *president of America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI),** concentrated in journalism and communications at the University of Toledo, where he graduated with a... more

Author and attorney, Phillip Berg, was a pioneer in exposing Obama's counterfeit identity. Berg has worked hard to expose Obama's Socialist and Communist connections. Berg's new book, ObamaScare, contains startling new revelations... more

Researcher, Linda Jordan,to reveal the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the former head of the Department of Health for the state of Hawaii, Loretta Fuddy. Officials have given many conflicting reasons for the death of... more

Scott Rohter is the author and publisher of www.lessgovisthebestgov.com. A website advocating for a return to the principles of limited Constitutional government and personal responsibility without which we cannot hope to retain... more

Noted Author and co-founder of North American Law Center will be the guest. Mr. Williams will give his views on The Natural Born Citizen requirement to hold the Office Of The President. Open Telephone lines. JB Williams is a writer... more

James Renwick Manship, Constitutionalist and Historian will be the guest. Mr. Manship's love for our Country has driven him to engage at events Dressed as President George Washington. He truly is a George Washington. He will provide... more

Since January of 1999, Crouere has been a radio talk show host based in New Orleans, LA. His programs are dedicated to examining the top issues of the day on the local, state and national levels. Crouere offers listeners political... more

The Betrayal Papers reveal Obama's submission to the Muslim Brotherhood. Joining guest host, Andrea Shea King, will be a panel of researchers who have come together to reveal the Muslim Brotherhood's ties to Obama, its... more