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obamas forged birth certificate

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Ed Noonan, founder of The American Resistance Party, candidate for Governor, US Senate, and Secretary of State for California to discuss Obama's ID Fraud. Noonan also was on a federal lawsuit against Obama and the U. S. Congress... more

Guest Erik Rush interviews investigative reseacher, Martha Trowbridge on "Stanley Ann Dunhams" identity fraud and Attorney Montgomer Blair Sibley on aka Obama's surreptitious activity in the fugitive, domestic terrorist "Elizabeth... more

Doctor Jim Garrow former CIA agent will appear on the show. Former High School Principal, College President, Teachers College Principal - Currently own schools in China - Have a philanthropic work saving baby girls from gendercide... more

Sheriff Richard Mack has been outspoken in the Obama counterfeit saga. He will offer his thoughts about the importance of the Sheriff Kits.

Richard Syrett the host of the popular and controversial television program, The Conspiracy Show will be the guest. He has been featured on numerous television programs.

Pete Santilli from the Guerillmedianetwork.com, will be the guest for the show. Pete will discuss a variety of topics including Obama's forged, counterfeit identity. This will be a no-holds barred show where Pete will take on callers. Pete... more

Don Fredrick, author of theobamatimeline.com has exposed Obamas past in an extremely well documented book and website. Don adds information daily as he forges ahead recording now thousands of pages of data. Don's work has been... more

Activist and patriot, Rudy Davis, will discuss his experience and involvement with the new, updated Sheriff's Kits.

Tonight's Guest will be Paul Irey. Mr. Irey will discuss the discovery of another Obama conterfeit document. CDR Charles Kerchner to co-host. Other special guest will appear.

Randy Foreman will discuss his meeting with Mike Zullo, take phone calls, and answer questions. Ed Sunderland to host.