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Where Angels Play


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Please stay tuned as we will be back on the air soon... God Victory! Where Angels Play is still in the transitional stages of moving to Central Oregon. We are in the process of making living arrangements and getting the office setup. We have located and are finalizing a beautiful home at the base of Portia's retreat and within the auspices of the retreat of Faith. Ascended Masters, subjects on the light within all creation, the light that we all share as one. One common light of creation and the unification to that end; as the mystical body of God in Heaven and on Earth. Are you a friend of God? Then let us relate in the reasoning of the mind of God within us. We will cover an eclectic array of subjects involving the angelic technologies and the light, rays and fires of the creative force within us all.

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Love Compassion Mercy Aspects of God Reality

Our very first show ~ Join us for the Outflow ~ Sharing the Wisdom of the Ascended Masters and walking the talk.